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Found 10 results

  1. Here's a chance to say what you're looking forward to in Wurm... My favourites are: Malena's 5 new horse colours - I can hardly wait for the little foals to be born! End of year gifts - whatever they may be! Let's keep it positive! What are you awaiting? Have your say here...
  2. I am running two dedicated servers in Wurm Unlimited and have two Steam Accounts. It's a pain but for updates I copy one of the servers to a second computer where I run my second account get the client and server updated, then copy it back to the normal host server and that has worked fine until May. With the last update I forgot to change the Steam user account I was running and the end result is that I have a Dedicated Server running, but the client for that account is already updated to How can I get the dedicated server to update to the current version?
  3. WTS Odds N' Ends

    Odds n' Ends: 80.40QL Fine Fishing Rod Willow - 71CoC - 40c 80.73QL Oak Mallet - 79CoC 77W - 75c 3.81QL Chisel - 79 CoC - 60c 3.82QL Chisel - 73 CoC - 55c Whetstones: 84.43QL - 67CoC - 25c 87.62QL - 68 CoC - 25c 87.62QL - 80 CoC - 40c 87.37QL - 63 CoC - 20c 87.37QL - 78 CoC - 30c
  4. Returning to WO

    So, I've been browsing forums lately, as I work my way back in to a playing status for WO. I'm seeing a lot of subtle, sometimes noisy pointers in the direction of changes and content that I have absolutely zero information on. For instance, bridges. They were myth when I stopped playing, though I caught a news update shortly after. I see how they come together, based on a few examples I've seen in my travels. I see that underground dwellings are a thing, now. I cannot express my joy fully in regards to this. I'm really eager to dig in, if you catch my meaning. More to the point: There are many things I'm not sure I'm up to date on. I'd really appreciate some advice and news flashes from the community. What have I missed? ...what is this mailable limit...?
  5. Hello fellow wurmians today I need your knowledge!, One of the greatest mysteries today in wurm online is that we dont really know anything about one of the oldest gods Libila. Suggestions, myths have spread what kind of affinity/bonus Libila really has but none have found proof through testing or searching in the code for it. Follower bonuses/Kingdom bonuses What we do know now is that if u are a follower of libila and part of HOTS you can: 1. Absorb Mycelium that heals a wound and removes the mycelium (no diety required) 2. Fills the Nutrition bar/Food bar while standing on mycelium over a long peroid of time to 99 (max) Priest bonuses We got codes like: deity.enemyBonus = 30.0f; deity.monsterBonus = 20.0f; deity.destroyWallBonus = 10.0f; (At 60 faith and 30 favor it cuts your effective weight in half on mycelium, /wood/road/rock for Fo/Vyn/Mag gods, this should work for either of the gods as far as anyone can tell) But they never check/activate, aswell as the myth about having 10% fighting skill bonus that there is no real proof for either. Wurm Unlimited have a 25% dmg bonus for libila but it doesnt apply in Wurm Online. So what really is Libilas priest bonus?
  6. Weekly Updates?

    I sure do miss the weekly updates lets just hope RedBaron comes back soon. I can see where every week might be much when they are not really doing things but getting a steady update on what the developers are doing was sure nice and something i hope continues.
  7. Deliverance Map

    Map Link : Permanent Link If you want to report aditions,disbands,old disbands that i missed or whatever else,you can reply here,on forum pm to me or ingame pm to tpikol.when adding or changing roads,canals or tunnels a little sketch usually make it much easier for me to get it right. i recreated the map from scratch and its not yet finished but im opening this now to start getting feedback. feel free to report any roads,deeds,old disbands,public traders,or whatever else that its not on the map, My current plan for this is to update the map as much as posible for some time and then look for someone else to take over,who will get the source files from me,which i can just make public in case that person eventually disappears the full psd files will be there and there will be no need to recreate from scratch again.
  8. Is there somewhere the pack updates can be downloaded in a zip archive, and then just unzipped on our machine? I am trying to download Wurm on an older computer on a public connection, and the download is taking forever because it is trying to download each image individually. It would be much faster if there were an option to download the whole thing as a single archive, is that available by any chance? Thanks.
  9. Useless updates? Forges: At least 3 times in the past few years. Appearance change did not enhance function for the player. Guard towers: Appearance changed 2 times at least, and now a 3rd change coming. Why? Appearance change did not enhance function for player. Other Eye candy: How many changes do spiders, crocs, trolls etc need? Appearance change did not enhance function or enjoyement for player/customer. More trees, great, no new uses other than walnuts, and those give no enhanced or new function to players do they? Food? I get food from my crops and cooked meat/fish. Updates that have no use or funtion other than changing appearance. Sigh. Now we are going to be getting some "prettier" ships. Are they going to sail faster, hold more? Do the new ships add more function to the game? Bridges! How long have bridges been on the distant horizon? Years, if I recall correctly. What updates and additions have players asked for, for years, and yet time and resources are spent on more eye candy? Sure, we got multistory buildings, looks good, and they seem to have added some usefulness to the game. Planting BSB's seems to have helped usefulness. Here's a thought. Add some more usefulness to the game. More swimming animals. Stop putting limits on livestock and breeding, find a way for those who enjoy breeding and having livestock to have more. Or are you too busy redesigning the 4th, 5th 6th generation of Guard tower artwork? (Why are there animal spawns on impossible to climb rock cliffs? There's a waste of bandwidth/space. Every critter has mountain goat like capabilities on wurm.) Make a new weapon! How about Ballistas? How about Ships equiped with One or more ballista's? Or Wagons with a Ballista...etc. Hitch horses to catapalts or ballista... How about releasing something when it's ready, such as wagons, instead of waiting to release a HUGE update, which most assuredly will result in crashes and down time going on past performances. Smaller releases might make it easier to track down problems when they occur. When having a Q and A session (sadly,only once per year), how about better answers instead of dodging, or maybe's, or the one word we can all count on, "soon". Soon is half an eternity on wurm it seems. Giving a reasonable ballpark date of a month or six months or so would be nice. Example: Question: When is X going to be released? Answer: X is ready to to be released, but we want to wait and release X along with Y and Z. We expect Y and Z to be ready in about 30 to 60 days depending on complications. Someone suggested in game a non aggro server. I think that is a great idea. Would be a good server for new players to skill up on. Then they could sail to aggro servers when they feel they are ready. A similar idea was posted here. Titles or achievements. Rewards! How about instead of a useless graphic that you can do nothing with. The player gets something useful! Example: Say a player hits 50 blacksmithing. They get a very nice tool, such as an anvil, or pelt, high QL (99-100) as a useful reward? Those are my thoughts, ideas, and questions. I FULLY expect much of this post to be flamed, trolled, shilled, or just a lot of bad mannered replies. But, I felt like putting this out there. I'm sure many have the same thoughts as I've written here. Now it's out there. Take it or leave it. (PS, I really don't care if some or all of this has been mentioned a million times before, if so, make this a million and one. If some of this has been mentioned a lot of times before and nothing has changed or improved for the better, then this million and one mention needed to be done. Until "they" get it.) T
  10. Issues Since The Update

    keeps freezing when i drop stuff. when going to collect sprouts, if i get to close to the trees i have to use the /stuck command to move away. when i lit my rare oven, the textures failed and it turned black trying to drop some cooked meat to cool down caused the game to lock up and freeze will add more as i discover