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Found 1 result

  1. Black dog isle - Lyhrinae Greetings Wurmians! It’s been a busy two weeks for us, as I’m prepping for the first official Wurm devstream, and we get everything ready for the update going live next week. So let’s get to it. Devstream! That’s right, we’re down to less than 3 days until we go live with our first Wurm Online devstream! This devstream will be an introduction to the devs on the stream (who will be rotating depending on availability, hosted by me), our history with Wurm, and go into what’s coming in Mays update while we show it off and start our very own developer deed in Wurm! We’ll also be unveiling and discussing the roadmap for the rest of this year, which is a big thing and we know you’ve all wanted it, and finishing off with a quick Q&A for all your burning questions. We’ll be doing this regularly so make sure to follow us below! Coming update With the planned update on the 30th of May I’ve snuck behind the scenes and grabbed a list of patch notes early! Please note this is not the full list, as usual anything sensitive would not be shared and other things currently in testing may not be confirmed as of yet, but here goes: Change: Some Journal issues addressed. (see notes) Added % value to skill points needed. Made adjustments so some past legendary kills are credited. Previously built colossi should now count. Previously built guard towers should now count. Bugfix: You can no longer drag paper from bulk containers into an archaeology journal. Bugfix: Fixed an issue which prevented you from drinking from a well if it had an item placed upon it. See note below. Bugfix: Adjusted threshold for actions while moving preventing spell casting while in motion in addition to other actions. Bugfix: Fixed a placing issue for one per tile items when being placed on same tile. Bugfix: Fixed a bug which caused siege machines to play animation even if the firing was unsuccessful. Bugfix: 20+ fighting skill is no longer required to repair guard towers on PvE servers. Bugfix: A hot, unfuelled bee smoker will no longer say (smoking). Client Changes New: Distant tree rendering has been greatly improved with the modern renderer. New: Rarity and detail normal maps have been added for player textures with the modern renderer. New: Added an option in settings under the game tab to Swap Mouse Buttons for left and right click options. Bugfix: Fixed an issue which caused planted buoys in deep water to be invisible if you enabled contribution culling in adv. Graphics. As you can see, there’s a lot of bug fixes in this update, along with the huge distant tree view, check it out! Keybinds One thing in suggestions for a long time is the addition of more keybinds, and we’d like to see them too! So we’ve catalogued a lot and kept on the lookout, if you can think of any to add please add them in this thread so they’re all in one place! I’m off to do my hair, put on my makeup (takes forever, always gets clogged in the beard), paint my nails, get everything ready for the devstream coming up this Saturday, there’s lots to do and I’m already otterly exhausted! Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team