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Found 12 results

  1. Hey yall, would like to invite every1 to come and slay the Pristine Goblin Leader on sunday... His blood can be used to make mining potions and it also gives the Fearless title if u never slayed one and manage to land a hit on him The loot is private, but its really close to water so u dont even need to walk the alts out of the boat Will post the location saturday in the first comment!!!
  2. Crafting Product Profitability Wurm has a plethora of wonderful skills, each one with it's own functions, uses, and perks. I prefer to separate skills into four categories:Gathering, Crafting, Combat, and Leisure. I want to focus here on the crafting skills. The crafting skill category consists of 8 crafting skills. These are skills that take items from gathering skills and use them to produce a product in the game. The seven skills include: Carpentry, Smithing, Tailoring, Masonry, Pottery, Alchemy, Rope-making, and Cooking. Each one is unique to the products it produces, and many of them have sub-skills. However, even though the products from each skill are unique to itself, only two of the skills have high-end products. Smithing and Tailoring, both of which have products that sell for high-coinage value. Smithing has the creation of dragon scale armor with the use of its sub-skill, Plate Armor Smithing. Tailoring, just the same, has the production of dragon hide armor, which uses the sub-skill Leather-working. Unless an item is won or given as a reward, or maybe if an item is fantastic, no other items sell for as much as the dragon armors do. Which sort of makes those sub-skills the best skills to have if you want to participate in the economy. What I'm suggesting here is that maybe the other skills could get an economy handout. To think about how to do this, we can track back to why smithing and tailoring are profitable. They each take items dropped by uniques, and turn it into a very useful item to have. So its gathering process is the product of a unique fight. Perhaps the other skills lacking profitable products could get a gathering item from the result of a unique fight too. For example, maybe the troll king could drop a felled tree(its club) of a wood type unobtainable by any other source. This when used in the creation of a weapon (think combat stave, fancy clubs[expand that club skill gains!] or like the Staff of Land) could allow the player to have the advantage in combat, and then be both rare, and therefore valuable. ideally the item would be of equal value to that of dragon armors. That of course is just an example of what could be done. Wurm's economy fluctuates and for the devs to know what adding any given item will do to the market and to the game is nearly impossible. Personally I would just like to see all the crafting skills be equally as profitable, and therefore equally useful. Making that happen would help balance both the economy and the professions within the game, and I think may even make the skill system feel more vast than it already is. Tell me below what you think of making all the crafting skills profitable! ~Lei
  3. Unique Reward Points (URP) are a currency that is automatically spent when you are present for a unique kill. URP are accumulated without limit and spent only at Unique kills. The intention is to encourage public kills and discourage vast numbers of “blood sponge” alts, which lag out the server. Spending URP When a Unique is killed, the game checks everyone’s URP. Anyone with 0 or negative URP get nothing. Anyone with 1 or more URP receive rewards, both guaranteed rewards (blood, hide/scale) and random rewards (tomes, bones, skulls, etc.) which can be traded/sold afterward normally. Each reward has a URP price, which is deducted when all rewards are distributed. This can plunge a player’s URP into the negative. Under this design, every qualifying player would receive the same amount of hide/scale (no matter how much it added up to), instead of having a certain amount divided among participants. Zero or Negative URP There is no penalty for having a zero or negative URP score other than not receiving rewards at a Unique kill. The moment accumulated URP reaches 1 or greater, full rewards from a kill are granted. Ways to get URP Premium Time, bought with silver or money or referal, should reward URP. Mission Participation, scaling with level of participation and difficulty of the mission. Beat Enki in a dance off, or a rap battle with Retrograde. Purchased directly from the WO store (whenever it comes). Trade karma for URP. I’m sure there are plenty of other ideas. Example (with random prices). Bob has 11 URP. At a dragon kill, because he has a URP of 1 or greater, he receives the guaranteed blood (0 URP), guaranteed scale (15 URP) and Bob is lucky and wins a rare bone (25 URP) which all appear in his inventory when the dragon drops dead. The game then deducts 40 URP, leaving Bob with -29 URP. He can show up at unique kills, but until he earns 30 URP to bring his URP total to 1, he won’t get any rewards other than the appreciation of his fellow warriors for his sword arm.
  4. Hellu yall, would like to invite every one to slay our very tiny Young Troll King, the Cow master Slay in our deed Darkness Falls in Pristine P 8 (in game map) Scheduled for Saturday night for me, in around Welcome to come and land a hit on it and gain a blood to make a nice stone cutting potion
  5. Hello yall, we got the Goblin Leader in Pristine and we wanted to invite everyone to attend to the slay. Your welcome to try to land a hit, maybe gain a title if u dont have it yet and ofc get the blood to make some tasty mining potions Its not in local from water, meeting point is at Clay Harbour in J 14, we will then proceed from there to the slay site. Meeting Sunday night for me in:
  6. More fun - Adventure - Play - Events - No Drama Come join us!!! WU Mythmoor Avatar & Uniques Fun in Moors Rest Wurm Unlimited Mythmoor 1st Raceway Obsticle Event Wurm Unlimited Mythmoor Xype hosts Aquatic Event at Moor's Rest Docks
  7. Hello all, public FG slay in Pristine this next Saturday. Come and get your Woodcutting pots to chop those 100ql logs Loot is private, but a rare enchanted tool will be rolled for those who hit the beast! It should be in local from water, for those lazy alts. Slay at our deed, Darkness Falls in P8, in game map. Have fun!!
  8. Prices are as follows: 1c per quality. Enchant costs from 0-69 are no cost. 70-89 is 1c per power. 90+ is 2c per power. Demise enchants are no cost. Shielding enchants are no cost. UPDATE: All listed weapons, armor, and shields are now 25% off (Not including rares/uniques). Original prices are shown on the listings, 25% will be deducted from the total sales cost during shipping. Weapons: 78.29ql iron shortsword CoC 81 FA 74 - 2s33c 77.74ql iron shortsword CoC 72 - 1s49c 84.09ql iron shortsword AD Nim 85 CoC 89 - 2s58c 77.55ql iron shortsword CoC 59 FA 95 - 2s67c 78.39ql iron two handed sword CoC 72 FA 34 - 1s50c 83.17ql iron two handed sword AD Nim 75 CoC 74 - 2s32c 77.96ql iron small maul WoA 18 RT 41 CoC 71 - 1s48c 83.98ql iron small maul AD Nim 80 CoC 81 - 2s44c 77.64ql iron medium maul CoC 76 - 1s53c 77.68ql iron medium maul WoA 68 CoC 70 - 1s47c 80.06ql iron medium maul Nim 74 FB 14 - 1s54c 77.95ql iron medium maul WoA 72 FB 35 CoC 48 - 1s49c 86.05ql iron medium maul AD Nim 70 CoC 82 - 2s38c 77.68ql iron large maul BotD 71 - 1s48c 84.71ql iron large maul AD Nim 67 CoC 70 - 1s54c Armor: 80.55ql studded leather cap AoSP 96 - 2s72c 80.33ql studded leather jacket MS AoSP 99 - 2s78c 80.85ql studded leather jacket AoSP 83 - 1s63c 81.15ql studded leather jacket AoSP 79 - 1s60c 80.83ql studded leather pants AoSP 70 - 1s50c 81.47ql studded leather pants AoSP 78 - 1s59c 80.55ql studded leather sleeve MS AoSP 92 - 2s64c 81.50ql studded leather sleeve MS AoSP 88 - 1s69c 80.29ql studded leather glove AoSP 86 - 1s66c 80.88ql studded leather glove MS AoSP 99 - 2s78c 80.89ql studded leather glove AoSP 85 - 1s65c 81.01ql studded leather glove AoSP 86 - 1s67c 81.27ql studded leather glove AoSP 80 -1s61c 81.29ql studded leather glove MS AoSP 73 -1s54c 81.32ql studded leather glove AoSP 80 - 1s61c 82.04ql studded leather glove MS AoSP 92 - 2s66c 80.40ql studded leather boot AoSP 73 - 1s53c 80.83ql studded leather boot AoSP 73 - 1s53c 81.15ql studded leather boot MS AoSP 93 - 2s67c 81.20ql studded leather boot MS AoSP 82 - 1s63c 81.40ql studded leather boot MS AosP 76 - 1s57c 81.46ql studded leather boot MS AoSP 87 - 1s68c 80.49ql iron chain coif VH AoSP 85 - 1s65c 80.39ql iron chain jacket AoSP 80 - 1s60c 80.33ql iron chain pants AoSP 79 - 1s59c 80.54ql iron chain pants VH AoSP 82 - 1s62c 80.55ql iron chain pants MS AoSP 77 - 1s57c 80.26ql iron chain sleeve FT AoSP 78 - 1s58c 80.78ql iron chain sleeve MS AoSP 71 - 1s51c 80.25ql iron chain gauntlet AoSP 71 - 1s51c 80.30ql iron chain gauntlet AoSP 88 - 1s68c 82.60ql iron chain gauntlet LS AoSP 73 - 1s55c 80.26ql iron chain boot AoSP 74 - 1s54c 80.29ql iron chain boot AoSP 70 - 1s50c Shields: 80.48ql cedarwood small shield CoC 79 - 1s59c 80.32ql cedarwood shield CoC 82 - 1s62c 80.65ql iron small shield CoC 70 - 1s50c Rares: 77.55ql rare iron large maul - 6s 77.62ql rare iron large maul - 6s 81.93ql rare studded leather sleeve AoSP 80 - 2s 80.73ql rare cedarwood large shield CoC 73 - 5s 80.29ql rare cedarwood rope tool - 5s 80.49ql rare pinewood rope tool - 5s 80.70ql rare cedarwood rope tool - 5s Uniques: 80.00ql fireworks - 75c 56.87ql clay garden gnome - 4s 99.00ql snow lantern - 50c 2x 100ql white dragon hatchling blood - 1s each 100ql green dragon hatchling blood - 1s 100ql green dragon blood - 1s 97.09ql white dragon hatchling skull - 7.5s All sales mailed from Chaos. All purchasers must have either never joined the Wild / Chaos server or have joined the Empire of Mol-Rehan to be able to use the mailing system as is. All sales final.
  9. eWars Studios Server

    search for ewars studios server. with a dedicated host and gms we plan on expanding as people start to join. we have epic settings and are currently pvp. once we expand we will setup pve servers to sail to. come check it out. almost nothing built yet. but come and join a kingdom and help us build an empire. we will be spawning in uniques every so often on a set schedule regardless if the previous on has been killed. 4k map skill gain is 10 ( i think) starting skills at 10 chars at 25 and 23 fight at 15 any questions or comments let me know. any requests and i'll see what i can make happen map below The map for dl
  10. Content : The goal of this thread is still planning the next uniques kill, gathering the interested fighters and fixing the rules of this hunting team. So, following the recent drama in freedom chat, hunts will be announced to anyone listed here*, but the loot will be private and shared amongst those who helped to make the kill happen. Want to fight the beasts, what do you have to do : 1/ Follow the team rules and directive or you will be removed from the listing. 2/ Deliverance active citizens will have the priority on the invites, in case of nasty monsters the outsiders will be called as well. 3/ At least 70 FS and 50 skill in one of the huge weapons (huge axe - 2handed sword - large or medium maul). 4/ Come at the fight site with said huge weapon (80QL) and a plate set at least (70QL) 4-A/If you plan to die (or respawn at least), bring your tent! 4-B/If you want to avoid dying, bring some cotton as well. 5/ Loot will be awarded with a randomised list of the helpers (published on pastebin) and with the /random function in game, winner will choose their items. Only one possible gain per hunt, valrei charges count as 3 items. Else, you can always show for the blood. Why the changes ? Because the players managing those hunts do it without help from the community. Uniques are not served on a plate sadly and we have to invest time and money to do it. You can read bellow how you could and can still help. Hunters list (will be updated and checked once in a while) : Deliverance : Shadowronin(MIA) DoctorAngus (02/06/15) Odynn (02/06/15) Mith Clasin (02/06/15) Cieno (02/06/15) Nicrolis (02/06/15) Martynas(MIA) Neem Stevelee (12/06/15) pugwash Dizzylexia (12/06/15) LorainneJ Subie (02/06/15) TheShawv (02/06/15) jaytee (12/06/15) mrcoolman (02/06/15) genocide (02/06/15) daash (12/06/15) starr/styxx Lisabeth / Delara (12/06/15) koroth & Awen Theonis drsatan cita eratosthenes thijs thetashman (07/06/15) niki kochinac (12/06/15) angrywalter wilca (12/05/15) mishia/jessicame (22/07/15) spif (02/06/15) Deividasv bakeruss (02/06/15) Jaz (12/06/15) sighx (02/06/15) comodo (07/06/15) Jberg (07/06/15) turmoil (07/06/15) redbearing (12/06/15) yaga (12/06/15) quasiwud (12/06/15) rasu (13/06/15) aarontx (03/07/15) pingvinen (03/07/15) guruen (03/07/15) Thorakkanath(23/07/2015) Inspira(23/07/2015) Neanderthol(25/072015) wulfgar(14/08/2015) picotto gunnerkiba metsaloom faster(gaul) stannis dalvin lunn ruukuegg bloodscythe Azraelofdeath tikki Outsiders : Roman bigbuoy bdew cerber GorgonKain Niki Klinge Thorgot Zerku Fraeya griper Sowrecked chiqa dimmi zarkadi sagis nusty pagani yamuliss Sanrina majqo tuga bunnyman spyte Zachariah jukimo Nota Bene : *If you are not online when we try to pm you, please do PM us when you log in and check if a hunt is going on. We are unable to know if you are online or not after we PMed you a first time. **If you want to be sure to be included in the loot list : help find the unique. As said above, those are community events, killing it is one thing, finding it is another. To be continued / updated
  11. Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that the public hunts, open to all, have gone away? For those 2-3 wonderful months, it was great to be part of the crew, taking down those awesome creatures. However, it seems to have changed and become private, invitation only hunt groups. Why did this change? Being part of the greater community effort was pretty awesome. Is it because of the massive lag? Too hard to coordinate? Too hard to share the wealth? Keeping the number of bloods to a minimum to help inflate the price of potions? I'm just curious, because I miss those days. It was so much nicer than the old, old days of private penning for massive wealth generation.
  12. With the all new information about the uniques being respawned on the old servers at the same time as Xanadu opening and the trader change confirmed i was wondering if it has changed anyones mind on moving. I know i am still going but was just wondering if these new announcements has changed anyones mind?