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Found 12 results

  1. Fo/Libila spells to enchant unicorns/hell horses to be passive and hitchable/rideable while untamed. In reality I'm just bored to death on Epic and I want to make use of my absolutely useless unicorn farm.
  2. Moonhollow Cove Horse Market (Self Service) SW Xanadu - P9 Just outside Absolution CLOSED - NO RESTOCK UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE Xanadu Community Map 4 Draft Horses - 50c each (Ebony Black - 60c) 4 Draft Bison - 50c each 4 Draft Hell Horses - 50c each (Molten - 75c) 4 Speed Horses - 50c each (Ebony Black - 60c) Molten 4 Speed Hell Horses - 75c each 4 Speed Unicorns - 75c each Lead, Push/Pull, Load/Unload, Tame and Charm Perms set for all Champion Dogs and Champion Tortoises - 1s each 90ql Creature Cages - 1s each 4 Speed Champion Unicorns on request Delivery 1-2s depending on location - PM Millammber, Knoodle or Aliciia for details Specials (PM Millammber to arrange Pickup/Delivery, or see Miscellaneous pens) Current Stock (Updated 30/03)
  3. Glasfryn Self-Service Livestock Market Situated in the picturesque deed of Glasfryn on the lake shore of G17 (Cadence) we are easy to reach both by land or, water. We are a very small, family run market who strive to offer animals of quality to you. None of our animals have negative traits, and once they are venerable, they are removed from sale and left to live out their days in our "retirement paddocks" (we discount old animals in the hopes they will still find their perfect home). Our pens are self-service to allow you the convenience of collecting the animals whenever you are ready, but we can deliver to anywhere in the NFI for a small cost. If visiting our market in person, look for our merchant Connah in the middle of the market pens - there is a chest in front of his stall for the "used" keys to be returned - if you are buying remotely, contact me either here or in game (Heddwyn) and I will mail you the key out for you to come collect, or bring you the animal if we have agreed a delivery. Any questions please contact me either here or in game (Heddwyn) and I will get back to you as soon as I can (I am UK based). For free animals - please check out my other deed right next door to Glasfryn. Put "Free animals - bring ropes" into your nearest waystone for directions - large stocks of all animals, no vens or neg traits. Horse Colours: Traits: (these are the same for all animals we sell) Pricing: To make life easier for all, I have come up with the following pricing strategy - Current Stock: Please note if there is no P# in front of a listing this animal is NOT in a self service pen (space constraints - I am working to expand) and will need you to contact me directly to arrange purchase!! Horses:- Bison:- Sheep/Rams:- 5 Output :- P27 - Adolescent (Ram) - White - Male - MR/PW/RB/PU/V/SH/SM - 40c P38 - Adolescent (Ram) - White - Male - MR/PW/RB/PU/V/GE - 40c P39 - Adolescent (Ram) - White - Male - MR/PW/RB/PU/V/S - 40c P41 - Mature (Ram) - White - Male - MR/PW/RB/PU/V/S - 40c Donkeys:- P25 - Fern - Adolescent - Male - FM/LM/SL/GE - 1s P26 - Sad - Young - Male - FM/SL/AW/GE/EG - 1s Hell Horses:- (see further notes before commiting to purchase) Unicorns:- (see further notes before commiting to purchase) Deer:- (see further notes before commiting to purchase) Further Notes:- The cost of any animal that incurs injury or death that occurs because you have not read/understood this information will not be refunded. Animal Ages: Equipment Bonuses:
  4. 4 Speed Champion Unicorn Foals, Young Adults and Adolescent Adults - 5s each Males and Females available Pm me here or in game
  5. I may update this a bit more because I'm probably forgetting a few things I've thought of before: Separate forum for people selling accounts as the WTS thread is gets littered with account sales Change dispel so that it dispels priest spells first and runes last (avoids inadvertently destroying runes on items just to dispel priest casts) Ability to plant kingdom flags on tile corners rather than having to manually place them on tile corners Taming mechanics need an overhaul due to several undesirable outcomes Hell horses and unicorns are not practical hunting mounts because they need to be tamed, draw aggro easily and die Same goes for other animals that can be tamed, they are good to stick in a pen to look at but not very useful otherwise Unicorns could be more useful for something but due to taming mechanics they are unsuitable even as a 2-person mount Build rounded structures or parts of structures (e.g., medieval castles often had rounded towers; the closest wurm logic gets to this is paved corners) and pointed roofs New wall type that combines jaw bridges and portcullises (the jaw bridge portion can be locked separately from the portcullis but both would appear on the same wall and use a single wall type) Build floors with murder holes just like medieval castles had used in rooms separated by two portcullises to trap and kill enemies Author books, guides and store them on bookshelves with the option to chain them to the bookshelves for security (just like the medieval chained library IRL; would require hardcover book binding made of oak and blacksmith to make the chain and lock to attach to the book) Farming implements that can be used with animals to increase crop yields (e.g., ploughs, cultivatiors, etc.) Frozen lakes in the winter with ability to use dogs, dog sleds, go ice fishing, etc. Allow QL of bridles affect how well horses and wagons can be turned, WoA increases turn rate and rare bridles turn even better Quenching container that can be used with water or oil (higher chance for successful action) to temper items for blacksmithing, WoA increases speed of tempering Mortar made out of lime (new stone type) baked in a kiln to create quicklime (byproduct) that can then be mixed with sand and water, possibly using a wooden device with a wheel and turning handle to create mortar. The wooden device could be casted with WoA to speed up the process. New rune to increase the age of foals so they can reach the age to be hitched a lot sooner (would only work/apply to foal stages)
  6. Suggestion 1: We are currently limited to transporting 1 unicorn at a time due to the taming error messages encountered when trying to tame/load another unicorn. Remove this restriction? Suggestion 2: Remove this restriction for all creatures? (be able to untame a creature while it's in a crate, for example) It doesn't stop someone from transporting many tamed creatures. They just need another player with taming to load a creature crate onto the boat to get around this feature. Also, the number of tamed creatures transported is not limited by this function - it just takes a single player longer to do it himself, or makes him go to different servers for each tamed pet. The number of transported creatures is already reasonably limited by the capacity of vehicles used (knarr fits 4 creature crates). This is a reasonable limitation. I don't like that the taming limitation exists though, since it can be worked around by players with more resources (multiple taming accounts on the boat, loading 1 critter each) or require a single player multiple trips to work around the 'only 1 pet at a time' feature for loading animals into crates on the same server. As it is, we cannot untame crated creatures.
  7. Please could we have back multi-coloured unicorns for the different conditions? Rainbows and unicorns just go together! Perhaps we could upgrade the colours of unicorns and hell horses in the same update? Here are my ideas: Normal: white Champion: gold Greenish: green Raging: red Angry: orange Scared: purple Slow: blue Sly: pink Lurking: black Alert: silver Hardened: brown Fierce: yellow
  8. Looking for a female uni, female champ deer and ram. I also have a male uni I can trade. At 43x 30y on community map of Indy. I'm wondering if anyone has an alt with a spare care for slot? Tired of having to keep buying animals.
  9. I've been searching for months, I've been on all the forums, talked to Wurm Online officials, and still I can't find a single unicorn on Chaos. From everything I've heard, they're pretty much extinct there, though I gather they are around on other servers. I don't know what's stopped their spawning (or reduced it so low that hardly anyone remembers seeing one) - I've heard lots of theories - but I'd like to put in a request for them to be brought back. They don't even have to be common, but it would be nice to be able to find one after searching for hours. It would be such a pity for such a wonderful magical creature to disappear completely. We have trolls, goblins, dragons and other mythical creatures, but unicorns are the only peaceful ones that don't attack on sight. I see a day when Chaos players will come across unicorns walking in the forest, even if only once in a while, which adds to the magic and beauty of the game, not to mention variety in mounts, the properties of unicorn horns, and many other benefits. Wurm is an all round amazing game, but one of the things I love most about it is the fantasy elements - from the mythical animals to the magic to the special powers you can get from praying or meditating. Unicorns represent purity and goodness, showing magic at its best and brightest. Please help bring the magic back to Chaos - bring back the unicorns!
  10. Unicorn Proof!

    Just some proof that there are indeed unicorns roaming the wilds of Xanadu. At least one anyways.
  11. Unicorns?

    Where have all the unicorns gone on Chaos? I have not seen a single one in over 3 months.... :C
  12. Bring riding unicorns back. Stop friendly and neutral guards attack domestic hell horses. Copy and alter code so that we can sit on cows and such properly. ... and yeah, other thread, I said there are other ways than size to show that these are champions. Would like to ride other things, such as bison. Also, I want a war cow, barding, shoes, saddle!