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Found 7 results

  1. I just witnessed one of my baby horses walk through the wall of my house at Dirty Business (Deli) from the locked pen that sits against my house underground. Then proceed to try and make it to freedom. Edit: Seems more frequent when animals are seeking food. 9 escapees so far.
  2. Ok this is new underground issue. When I (or my alt or other citizen) examine a 'cave ceiling' tile, it shows the message for what would normally show up for it's associated mine floor tile. If the floor tile is reinforced, the message we all get when examining the ceiling tile is : "[06:49:25] You see a cave floor has been reinforced with thick wooden beams and metal bands." In that case, if they try to mine that ceiling tile, they get the following message (because they do not have the 'add/remove reinforcement'): "[06:54:11] This action is not allowed here, because the tile is on a player owned deed that has disallowed it." When any of us cursor over the ceiling tile, the pop up cursor over message still says "Cave ceiling". So there. The problem is the game thinks we are trying to mine out the reinforced floor tile, when we are actually trying to mine up on a ceiling tile. When the mayor (who does have 'add/remove reinforcement' permission) tries to mine up on such a ceiling (has reinforced floor underneath it), the mayor's attempt mines normally up and the ceiling will lift normally. Can you repair this ceiling tile thing. It has been a problem for us in Cornersville on Independence server for last day or so. It may have been a problem longer that that. I am not sure when this issue 1st came up. Just we noticed it here when my citizen tried to mine the ceiling on a tile that had a reinforced floor. Thanks your time :-)
  3. So built 2 pottery brick extensions on my warehouse, the walls for under the ends of the bridge are solid with no openings. When bridge planning is done is say's the walls are too weak to support the bridge, which has to be some form of bug.
  4. For those of you who desire to burrow into the earth and never emerge into the cursed surface again, I present you the Lichen Garden. Lichen Garden 10 rock shards, 2 moss OR 2 lichen. Must be underground on a flat rock tile, not inside a building. Works like cultivated land that can only grow one crop. Plant some lichen or moss (moss to get new underground colonists started) like you would crops on the surface. Wait for it to grow then harvest. Lichen: Works just like any other crop (corn, potatoes, ec) for cooking, can go in FSBs. Combine it with fish or meat for tasty dwarf food.
  5. As the topic says, Basements? I think it would be great to be able to build under our houses and create basements. What do you think?
  6. This is only my second topic now, please forgive me If I put it in the wrong section. Has anyone else noticed the spiders underground? No, not in a cave... the spiders are walking around with just their abdomen sticking out. They look a bit like a rock, but they move around very quickly and attack you. This is on Chaos, near The Landing. It's rather annoying, since it's harder to see the spiders.... I guess I could post a screenshot if anyone feels it's necessary.
  7. So, i have idea.I wanted to make a big cave, and there make a hideout.It will be an underground, so i dont know the rules for that. 1.Can i build house in caves? 2.What about animals and such (Horse)