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Found 4 results

  1. We dig a tunnel under the mountain to connect from the south to Encode. Is this basically possible? We get stuck at one point. See for yourself: The cave entrance on the other side of the mountain which may be the problem. In the cave. You can see that in the tunnel. It's said "A dangerous crack is starting to form on the floor. You will have to find another way." at left side of this tile.
  2. Sorry about the long title, hard to explain. I have a canal i just spent 2 weeks surface mining. I made a mine entrance on its west side at 25 depth. (max surface mining depth, the floor is totaly flat) I then turned to the east side of the canal to make one directly opposite the west entrance.. I was told the water is too deep. It wasn't too deep for the west side. Could someone please check the implementation of the patch? it's working for west but not for east. ty
  3. If I had money I would definitely pay in for this idea. So: The concept is that, like leveling and flattening, the 'tunnel' action would continue indefinitely until one of these events occurred: - There's too much stuff on the ground; you can't keep mining here - You're forbidden from tunneling here (priest restrictions, gm protected tiles, deed shenanigans, whatever) - The wall breaks - The wall sends the message that it cannot be broken for x reason. - You're too hungry/thirsty to perform that action Furthermore, I'd like to add a 'tunnel,' 'tunnel up,' and 'tunnel down' option underground. Basically the same as tunneling aboveground, I'd like the mining action to continue until: - There's too much stuff on the ground - You're forbidden from mining here (priest restrictions, gm protected tiles, deed shenanigans, whatever) - This tile breaks - This tile cannot be broken for x reason (reinforced, side shafts, whatever) - You're too hungry/thirsty to perform that action I would also like a configuration option to prevent using the 'tunnel' action on ore veins. Optionally, there could also be a config option to stop tunneling when you run out of stamina ('You must rest' from the flattening/leveling actions). I would rather not have this active by default though; being out of stamina doesn't stop the default mining action after all. One more thing - I'd prefer that tunneling still give you a chance to dump gems/salt/etc on the ground, the same as mining. Thanks for your consideration! ( Edit: Oh, and of course, as the title says, I want this mod to be server side with ago's modloader.)
  4. Playing on Affliction with my alt. Tried to open cave entrance beneath some mountain and getting weird results. Tunneling on 23 slope tile dropped down rock under me for 240+ dirts and created 262 slope tunnel entrance: Tile I was tunneling into in front of me: 23 slope right border, left one is even lower: after i opened it, i slided down in cave: Happened two times today. Also trying to open tile with 38 slope left border and 48 slope right border, standing on flat dirt, with 90+ slope borders on tiles above and around tile i was trying to tunnel, was giving me messages: The mountainside would risk crumbling. You can't open a hole here. Occurs when attempting to create a mine entrance on a rock tile that is too steep. The maximum slope is 270. Is server reading wrong slope values on tile borders while tunneling?