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Found 1 result

  1. A long time ago, I would say 2-3 years ago I was in the village of Mount Rustlemoar. It was a village in the heart of Serenity, quite some distance from the shore and fairly secluded. I was playing the game with my good friend at the time Jackburton, and while we were enjoying time crafting and digging around the deed we both heard a strange noise that no one else seemed to hear. Now granted I have about 8 years of game time, and Jack has 8-9 as well, so 16 between the both of us. We know the sounds things make, we know the game in and out. That sound we heard, could be compared to a woman screaming in the distance. Now, I know many of you may try to come up with an explanation but let me dispel some of them It was not a pig or unique death noise, it was unmistakable in origin it sounded like an actual shrill scream almost horror movie in nature. It was not related to ambient sounds that mycelium deliver, again we were on Serenity (JK Home) and mycelium is just non-existent. In relation to the mycelium, neither of us play with ambient sounds, but we do play with ingame sounds like action based ones, meaning the scream was an action of some sort. We also lived in an extremely remote area, and were the only ones in the area. Now my question to you, have you heard anything in Wurm Online that might be classified as spooky like our event? To this day I cannot think of an explanation, and Jack and I still reminisce about it on occasion.