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Found 5 results

  1. After update 1.3 - brown bear and troll can't deal damage. Restart doesn't help. Please fix this.
  2. On my test for 1 million creatures, I was flying around to look at the spawns. I found one of the least populated spots on my server (image below). I also found my first dead creatures. I wonder what happened to them?
  3. So I am going through the painstaking task of trying to breed champ trolls. Rough sketch up of the pens (inside a mine), the red tiles are the ones I collapse after dominating them and putting them on their one tile out of water (I want to leave the one tile of water so they cant naturally run away (which they don't) and I can feed them easier). I thought this was perfect and mined down the water section to maximum depth to reduce the chances of them slipping out somehow, then when I went down to check on one it just straight up waddled through the deep water to get to me... this should not happen as you cannot lead the troll through an inch of water in the first place... This only happens when aggroed, they do not wander through water normally. Fix please! Edit 1: It only aggros and chases through the water when i'm on land myself.
  4. Starting Bid: 7s Increments: 1s Buyout: 10s No reserve, 1h sniper Note: Right now these are just for decoration but maybe later on they will be used to make helmets out of...well that's my theory on them anyway.
  5. I seen this on my YouTube this morning and also on Twitter it is a video of the new trolls thought i would share it here for anyone that did not see it yet,