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Found 20 results

  1. A savage troll king attacked my alliance members. Now they are safe and waiting for revenge. You are welcome to come and help us! When? Saturday, January 29, 3 PM ET Where? Central Harmony. Use the highway system to Libiland. Please leave your tents on the peat hill. You will get Troll king blood (Ointment of stonecutting) The title "Trollslayer" (If you do not have one already) Rules Do not enter the slaying pen with wagons and hell horses. Do not forget to collect all your belongings after the slaying. Have fun!
  2. Me and Laval were setting up for the upcoming rift and kept getting attacked by Greenish Trolls. So I went after their king. Saturday May 22nd at 9PM Central a public slaying will be held and you are invited! The location will be disclosed 12 Hours before the slaying (Noon Central), however it would behoove you to land at "Dune" or "The Old Folks Home" and be prepared for a 10-20 minute inland ride. Huge thanks to Ajana, Taikee, and Rhunenfor their help!
  3. big thanks for Camel for finding it, thanks for Sleepys, Bezdech and Camel for good cooperation when inprisoning it in cave time of slaying: after end of today's rift on Pristine where: there should still be pointing signs after blue dragon slaying what has been happen some time ago edit: and thanks Pastor for sending small nail forgot to mention before: loot not rolled, come for blood(stonecutting potion), and to get 1 more to your journal
  4. 1x Kyklops - 1.2s/ea obo 10x Troll King - 1.2s/ea obo (or all 11 for 9s)
  5. The Troll King has been captured and is scheduled for execution this coming Saturday! Bring you alts for bloods, Location will be announced 24h prior. Location is: T20, Dock at S20, dock location is within local of the Fight, but out of harms way. Follow the 1 wide pottery road up the hill directly to the pen. P/R Loot rules
  6. Troll King Slay

    Good day wurmians! We found Mr.Green Cows Eater (Troll King) He have very bad mood, and we plan to kill him... Free blood ♥ Conspiracy to liquidate † planned on 31.08.2017 Meet Point at i21 (New Heaven Bay ruins) Special Gratefulness to Mr. Job becouse of he slay anonnced and all players invited!
  7. Hello every1. After looking for a bit of time, we managed to spot that green funky looking cow head in the woods of Cele. We decided to make it public for bloods, Stone cutting potions if Im not wrong. Fight will be at D 15. Just North of the small lake there. Deed is called Zaptojas. Due to start in Have fun yall
  8. Hellu yall, would like to invite every one to slay our very tiny Young Troll King, the Cow master Slay in our deed Darkness Falls in Pristine P 8 (in game map) Scheduled for Saturday night for me, in around Welcome to come and land a hit on it and gain a blood to make a nice stone cutting potion
  9. ---> <--- Fresh ripped from the head of the Troll king himself. This "special" cow helmet is said to have the same protection as a steel plate helmet! I dont think it can be improved. It has been examined. It can be mailed. It can be enchanted. Start price: 29s Min. inc: 1s Buyout: 40s Buyer pays COD. Happy bidding, and may the true king win! (If i by some strange reason have forgotten anything, please notify me and i will correct the flaws)
  10. Troll King Skull for auction. [18:05:40] The skull of a special animal can be a great trophy. Starting Bid - 10s Increments - 1s Snipe Protection - 1Hr Buyout - Offers Item can be mailed.
  11. Hey Everyone! It's news time again! You may have already noticed a change of title under my name, and that's because earlier this week Wossoo stepped down as Public Relations Officer (PRO). Wossoo stepped in a few months to cover the position at short notice, and I'm sure you'll agree that he did a great job of keeping everything ticking! He's currently too busy with his real-life PR job, but will remain on the team as a Public Relations Assistant so we won't lose his know-how. I've been heavily involved in Wurm's PR for a few months now as the Deputy PRO, and so you shouldn't notice any change in quality on your end with things like the weekly news. Without further ado, here's a bumper crop of more small improvements, many of which you actually haven't heard anything about before... The Week in Patch Notes This week, the stable client went Java 8! You can find a full changelog below of the things that Java 8 allows us to bring to Wurm, along with many more improvements in the future that will be facilitated by the new coding options. In addition, we unfortunately made a databse error with the premium awards system, meaning that we can't retro-fix the system entirely as we had intended to. We decided to continue to work on other things, as it would take up too much time to solve the error. Only a small number of people should be affected; you can find out more here. 19/08/15:The game client now requires java 8, which is the latest available version from Download and install unless you have already.There is now an ingame map of Valrei, the home of the gods (and a keybind for it).Fix for shearing sheep.Fix to make failing to make cheese consistent (should reduce the weight in all three cases)A reason for not being able to remove walls considered to be supporting floors was fixed.Fixed bug related to auto-selection of items in creation window.Added possibility to repair stationary tools in creation window.Added total weight value display on weight icon hover.Added weight thresholds calculator on weight icon hover (100%, 75%, 25% speed and max weight).Added inventory windows positions remembering.Made wall collisions longer and wider so cant see through the corners now.Fixed the hide Inactive Friends setting.Added functionality to make private messages make a plonk sound and added an option to enable/disable it (disabled by default).Selecting multiple items in an inventory container window will now show how many items you have selected.Added a ‘DROP_AS_PILE’ key bind and have it appear in the keybindings tab in the client.Reordering the the escape menu, added a new button Hud Settings and move a lot of hud windows toggles to Hud settings.On main menu bar buttons removed all underscores and made the text lower case except the first letter.Added word selection in text fields on double-click.Added key binds for ‘WINCH’, ‘WINCH5′, ‘WINCH10′, ‘UNWIND’, ‘LOAD’,’UNLOAD’,’FIRE’ for war machines.Fixed polish keyboard layout “select all†shortcut bug when typing letter “ąâ€.Added character name display on game title bar.Added wounds sorting in character window.Added visible damage in equipment slots in character window.Fixed windows height caching for minimized windows.Added remembering of windows state (minimized).Added keybind for toggle hud settings.20/08/15: Some collision issues were fixed which should affect creatures pathing and players teleporting.Removed scenario karma bonus when moving a deity on Valrei.Removed negative reputation restriction for joining HOTS villages.Below surface creatures are now more properly counted towards village ratio.Fixed so sheep and bison are able to be milked.Fix for bridge decay. New Launcher UI Warlander, Saroman and Budda, not satisfied with the client's looks, have been working on a new UI for the launcher. It will use the same style as the website while being an overall improvement to the launcher's looks, which haven't changed in many years. There's a sneak preview below, though we expect any changes to the launcher's appearance to be a while away yet: Village Plan View & Export Ever wanted to have a plan of your deed but don't have the time to make one? Do you ever want to know what your deed looks like without leaving your house? Well there's soon going to be an in-game solution! It's in early stages of development like the visual improvements above, but the village plan view will allow you to see a 2D plan of your deed from in the game. What's maybe even better is that you'll be able to export a plan of your deed (including things like relative terrain heights) in a file format readable by software like Warlander's widely popular Deed Planner - so it'll be easier than ever to have and play around with a virtual plan of your deed before you make anything solid (well, solid in virtual space that is.) I Take My Hat Off to You Last week, we showed you some new graphics for the mighty goblin leader, including a stylish feather hat. This week, we've developed making them wearable! The Crown of the Troll King and the Goblin War Bonnet will be dropped when said uniques are slain, ready for use on your own head as a trophy or style icon. They'll be added to the game imminently! Permissions Lastly this week for developer news, Tich continues to ask for more feedback on her permissions improvements currently in development, this week for the village permissions window. Your feedback would be appreciated! Screenshot of the Week This week's screenshot comes from Hauler, of his massive deed Salodurum on Independence. Apparently, it took a whole 3 years to build in its entirety! The one picture below of seating outside his Inn was our favourite but doesn't do the entire deed justice - you can look at more pictures of the deed here. So that concludes this week's news! *puts on a fancy new goblin hat*
  12. Hello Wurmians, today im selling a rare unfinished stone altar, 2x Troll King blood and various gems Prices: -rare unfiinished stone altar - 5s (or best offer) -Troll King blood - 1.5s 1s each -Gems - 8s for all (see below for amount) total ql: about 880 I will deliver all items for free to a freedom coast as long as you either buy the blood or the gems in package.
  13. Countdown to the Fight: Hunt Date/Time: Friday, 8 May 2015 2:30 PM CST (Please be there 15-20 minutes prior) Fighters: 70FS, 70ql weapon, 40 in the appropriate weaponskill, wearing armour during fight. Bystanders: All welcome to come watch the fights and get free blood! Loot: We will do a number of /random rolls equal to the number of items butchered. Each winner gets to choose 1 item. Limit 1 item per fight per person. Valrei items are considered to be 1 item per charge (three raffle draws instead of one, more loot to share!). Meat/eye/teeth are rolled also rolled as 1 item. There will be unlimited slots, one per RL person. Every fighter who is signed up (two hours before the fight) with qualifying stats and gets on the twitter kill list will be given a raffle slot.. (We are not responsible if Twitter does not list you) Everyone is welcome to attend to get blood from the unique.(You need to be in local range, and be a premium player)Signup Sheet - Be sure to post on this thread to get your name added. Rally Point: Foxden, G12 (North of Solitudos Shores), Pristine
  14. To reduce further debate about the uniques butchering items then I think the pages for them should be updated. Blood and scales/hides or other things that are now only spread among the premium local players should be removed from the list of butchered items. It is my understanding that these items are not butchered anymore from the uniques. This would reduce that people think they are being cheated and the butcher keeping the bulk for him self.
  15. one dark night. an shape enters one of the few inns around the land of Independance, orders a drink and turns to the crowd present. hear hear! gather round me good fellas, and come share the story that hapened upon thy humble servant upon this fair day. this all started on a cool eve. the bright Sol was still hot but started ta feel the day's work tiring him and gettin' ready ta go fer some well earned rest, when yers truly was making a wee run ta meet with sum friends that had sum guuds fer trade, but this be non matter ta what hapened next. on me way back, here i was called at by a group of heavy armed knights. whum i didn' recognise the faces nor voices. and whom spoke ta me of a common friend, and how they would go out soon ta meet with a mighty beasty, and thus decided ta grab yers truly fer the ride. i then quickly took me old creaky cart home. knowing it be no good fer a fight. and took me good old horse, and me armor. then returning ta meet tha compagny. from here on we rode shortly. before entaring one mighty dark and tall tunnel. turning and twisting in the bellies of da mountain like yer belly afta eating that old grub sum serve 'round there parts. the man gives a sly grin to the barkeep, and grabs a refill for his mug. afta wunderin' where yers truly wos gunna pop out, i came out ta see a sight yer dun' see eve'y day.... there stood. all clad in them mighty gear. bout a dozen 'nd half knights and amazons, frum tribes spread all over this fair land of Independance. few still hadnt gotten them helmets on and yers truly recognised a few familiar faces. 'fter that was told ta grab a bite at the lil fire by tha cave, takin' tha chance ta look 'round a bit. i's noticed i knew that spot. i'd been passing thru that tunnel only a fews days ago. and nuw was full of live. wi'h a smull road 'nd a house. sum fences and all. looking quite like a fancy lil house. but i quickly learned the compagny had not met there fer sharing a meal and a drin' only! nay me good fellas. they hast met fer a purpose! and that purpose wos that sone nasty beast wus around. yes! fer just a ston'throw 'way wus one of them foulest beast. one of yet old troll king. this a nasty one that is... strong...but nut as strong as tha compagny wus. and with the guud help of the forest god, Fo. his priests hulped us all nut take hits taa nasty... yers truly could nut tell yer much bout tham troll king looks tho in case ye evar see on'... looke' bit like an old nurmal troll. only smelled stronger. and covere' in all kinda junk 'nd crap them trolls nasties luv su much. will. most reason nun' cald git a look wos 's soon 's yer uld troll driped its list bit uf red. coverin' the compagny and making us all clean up fast be'ore it ate at ours armors... one of them took the carcass ta be carved up by his gal. and thus ends tha stury of the troll kings. But do not despair! cause the compagny's adventure dids't nut end here. cause as suun 's the trull yelled its lust yell. a mighty roar be heard. and them most experienced than meself. someof them strongest warrior me seem int he realm, clung hard inta there swords, mauls and axes... they knew the beast tha' made the roar! and yea guessed be right lil one! fer it wus a dwagun. one 'd them nasty lizzurds that be spittin' fire, blowing yer ferm 'nd stealing yer cattle...if ye lit 't gruw 'ld. 'f c'urse ye dun' git rushin' a mighty beasty like thi' one, nut if ye wan' ta live ta tell the tale. nu nu nu. se furst. tha ban' 'f wurriurs rude closer ta tha noise. and when f'und a guu' spot. begun ta clear tha land a wee bit ta get a good sput ta fi't tha beast. plunnin' wus guu', we cleared them trees. ma'e few plankies 'nd shifs. tha sume rider tha' tuuk the troll corpse tuuk a ri'e ba'k ta the h'use. rattared wit' sum guud nails ta make sum fencing. so he could git good footin' ta go hoot at tham dwagun the man seems to become more drunk as time passes, probably from drinking more and more as the story goes on unce we all git re'dy tha one whu git the n'ils sturte' ta clim' 'p tha mo'ntai'. guy wus a muge tuu. summone' une biig duggy ur wulfy. twice da 'sual si'e! me neigh*hic*bur' he cime ta see... nut a bi' wurruir l'ke da rist. tha get pisse' he be he'e....whun tha dwagun git duwn frum thi muntai'*hic* th'y till h'm ta ittic' 'nd puur guy gits tur' 'n hulf in nu time. hi unly hud wea' 'rmur... dum sc'lly 'llmust git me taa.. our now almost fully drunk man points to his arm, doning a large bandage covering almost all of it. and coveredin a strong smelling balm nurly list 'n urm ta tha beast! 'nd it wus guud cuvered. 'n plutes 'nd ull! b't whut tha dudn tull 's wus this be'sty h't hurd. 'nd much fathe' thun uther...this whut nea'ly git me 'nd tuuk me poor neig'bur....luckly them guud gods been wutching 'ver him 'nd grunted h'm wit' a n'w chun'e. 'ftur tha' thi cumpagny tu'k tham beasty duw' r'ther 'k. lutt'e dwagun wosn' mush bugg'r th'n dug but culd fig't ug'in sum' lad 's befur' tuuk tha beasty's curc'ss . ull we 's gut wos w'und 'nd bluud. nut 'ur uwn tha. buth beasties bleed lut. but wos it. with this the man takes a last sip as yet an other mug full of drink, and pulls out a folder paper. upon which was drawn some pictures of a small drake. after a hiccup and a loud burp the man spoke again. th'wis ull i's culd git frem da luuks of all bitt' be carefil of 'hem beasties! ye'll know...thi' guy thut took them curp'e ...whun yers truly ask'd.. bun tol' ta shush 't! then finnaly goes quiet, sleeping off the alcohol and the wounds 'proper' english version (no more drunken slumber for those who find reading above a bit too difficult ) : one dark night. an shape enters one of the few inns around the land of Independance, orders a drink and turns to the crowd present. hear hear! gather round my good friends, and come share the story that hapened upon your humble servant on this fair day. it all started on a cool evening. the bright Sol was still hot but started to feel the day's work tiring him and getting ready to go for some well earned rest, when yours truly was making a short run to meet with some friends that had some goods for trade, but this shall not be the subject of this fair tale. on my way back,i was called at by a group of heavy armed knights. whom i did not recognise the faces nor voices. and who spoke to me of a common friend, and how they would go out soon to meet with a mighty beast, and choose to take yours truly for the ride. i then quickly took my old creaky cart home. knowing it would be of no good for the coming fight. and took my good old horse, and my armor. then returning to meet the compagny. from here on we rode shortly. before entering one very dark and tall tunnel. turning and twisting in the gut of the mountain like your stomach after eating that old mixture hey call food some serve around there parts. the man gives a sly grin to the barkeep, and grabs a refill for his mug. after wondering where yours truly was going to come out, i came to see a vision one does not see every day .... there stood, all clad in there mighty gear, about a dozen and half knights and amazons, from tribes spread all over this fair land of Independance. a few still had not gotten there helmets on and yours truly recognised a few familiar faces. after that i was told to grab a bite at the little fire by the cave, taking the chance to look around a bit. i noticed i knew that spot! i had been passing thru that same tunnel only a fews days ago. and now the area was full of life. with a small road and a house. some fences and all. looking quite like a fancy lil house. but i quickly learned the compagny had not met there in order to share a meal and a drink ! no my good friends. they had met for a purpose! and that purpose was that some nasty beast was around. yes! for just a stone's throw away was one of the foulest beast there is..a troll king. it is a nasty one that one... strong...but not as strong as the compagny was. and with the good help of the forest god, Fo. his priests helped us all not take hits too cripling... yours truly could not tell you much about what a troll king looks like in case you ever see one... it appeared akin to an old normal troll. only it smelled stronger. and covered in all kinda junk and tinkets the trolls kind appears to enjoy so much. that aside. the main reason it was hard to get a loog look was that the creature bled a lot, covering the compagny and making us all clean up fast before the nasty substance started to corode ours armors... one of the compagny men took the carcass to be butchered by his love. and so ends the story of the troll king. But do not despair! because the compagny's adventure did not end here. for as soon as the troll shouted its last scream, a roar just as mighty would be heard. and the ones more experienced than myself, some amongst the strongest warrior i had seem in the realm, clung hard to there swords, mauls and axes... they knew what sort of beast had made such sound! and you have guessed correctly my young friend ! for it was a drake. one of the nasty lizzards that would be spitting fire, blowing up your farms and stealing your cattle.... if you let it grow old. for obvious reasons one does not go rushing head first against such creatures, not if you value your live and your compagnions so that the tale may be told. no no no. in order to prepare, the band of warriors rode closer to the source of the roar in order to seek a proper battle ground. once found some of us got off our horses and began to clean up the land to get a clear view when the fight would begin. while others kept watch for the drake. the planning went well, and within minutes, we had cleared a large enough area, made planks and shafts from the trees, and the same rider that took the troll's body earlier rode back to get nails in order to build fences to get a proper footing to lure the beast down from the top of the montain. the man seems to become more drunk as time passes, probably from drinking more and more as the story goes on once all where ready, the nail rider started to climb the mountain and target the beast. the man was also a mage and after a few arrows failed to pierce the drake's shells, he summoned a worg to lure it closer down. my neighbour came to see the fight.he was not a big warrior. but wished to take the risk of the drake's wrath to gaze on the beast. several of the warriors grew angry at having a stranger nearby. but when the fight began they told him to join in. didnt him too much good however as the wild beast tore him in half without even paying him attention. and i nearly was the beast's second prey! our now almost fully drunk man points to his arm, doning a large bandage covering almost all of it. and coveredin a strong smelling balm the beast nearly took my arm. and i had some rather fine plating cover.. what nearly killed me tho is information the warriors had forgotten to give. it is that a drake, small as it is. has an incredible reach, and while i thaught myself to be a safe distance away, a second hit came. this time i only managed to get out thanks to my good old horse draging me away while i was half gone and feeling the icy fingers of death closing upon me allready. for luck. the mercyful Gods had been watching the fight and returned the fallen man to the land of the living. after that little trouble. the rest of the compagny took out of the beast rather easily. the drake was not much bigger than a dog...but it sure could fight... again like before, the same man took the beast's carcass . all the rest of us got was wounds and blood covering our weapons and armors. not our own tho, as both beasts had bleed quite a lot. with this the man takes a last sip as yet an other mug full of drink, and pulls out a folder paper. upon which was drawn some pictures of a small drake. after a hiccup and a loud burp the man spoke again. this was all i could get of the way those look. you all might want to be watchful of those beasts and you know that man who took the corpses? when asked what was going to be done with them an other told me to shush it then finnaly goes quiet, sleeping off the alcohol and the wounds ((for now only the raw pictures. couldnt figure out how to turn it into charcoal/pencil looking drawings for now ))
  16. Joe Dirt, the Troll King, has been re-captured after a brief prison break, and will no longer terrorize unsuspecting travelers headed along Birch Forest Road on the way to MDE Market. Joe Dirt's accomplices, Forest Gump and Depth Perception, are still at large. Footage of Joe Dirt's capture can be found here: UPDATE: Depth Perception, the Kyklops, has been re-penned at Fort Huntsman. Newbies rejoice as this terror near Sloping Sands is no longer a threat.
  18. UPDATES: On Sunday 30/09/2011 at 21:31:58 (UCT) the map of Deliverance lost one of its Biggest problems. [23:31:58] The venerable troll king is dead. R.I.P. What We Got: Killers/Healers/Chearleaders: Becket Blinksyrevived Bobmcknob Cerber Cienio Daash Embolism Jaytee Jimdeflear Kameo (Smiter + Mass Stamina) Lancelot Lizabeth Nyteshade Pilotbrah (Wound Checker + Troll King Feader) Roman Rudie Sincor (Smiter + Mass Stamina) Snoo Webbler (Wound Checker + Chearleader) Zaz (TANK - and ONLY Tank) Zivirt (GOT LAST HIT) [23:49:01] <Bobmcknob> so which TK is next?