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Found 12 results

  1. The trellis in this case is singular not plural, so a single trellis needs nails: [15:34:51] You see an ivy trellis under construction. Ql: 9.255478, Dam: 0.0. The ivy trellis need 1 small metal nails, and 5 shafts to be finished. Should be: [15:34:51] You see an ivy trellis under construction. Ql: 9.255478, Dam: 0.0. The ivy trellis needs 1 small metal nails, and 5 shafts to be finished.
  2. All the items are unfinished, so you can put your own signature; if you prefer, I can complete them for you. If you are interested in more than one item, send me a private message here or contact me in game. Rare oven 5s. Rare epic portal 5.5s. Rare marble planter 3s. Rare strange device 5s. Rare round marble tabl 4s. Rare explorer tent 5s. Rare floor loom 5s. Rare ivy trellis 4s.
  3. Trellis has a problem. All 4 trellis types are affected (all 4 shown in bottom image).
  4. 5000 Hops Seedlings 97+ql Offers in a pm please, or to Muse in game - if you want a different quantity or different type of seedlings or sprouts just ask Start your own hop garden! UPDATE: Will split and sell any amount - if 5000 is too many!
  5. Right now, other than ivy, trellises are productive and thus only show their products during harvest season. Decorative trellises would show their roses, hops or grapes year round but cannot be harvested. Patterns: Rose Trellis + rose = Decorative Rose Trellis Hops Trellis + hops = Decorative Hops Trellis Grape Trellis + grapes = Decorative Grape Trellis Everything would use the gardening skill as normal. No new art assets required.
  6. I've been noticing something missing from rose trellises lately: flowers! So my suggestion is to make them bloom more often, or at least have flowers persistently like the rose bushes in game. One way to do this might be to make them like herb/spice planters where they bloom during certain times of the year, such as late spring through early fall, and can be harvested more often, maybe weekly or monthly. Or perhaps players can choose not to harvest them. In either case, after a certain time interval the flowers would disappear, and then reappear at the next time interval simulating the flowers dying or being picked and then re-blooming. Another cool idea might be to make different rose colors available.
  7. I would love to be able to construct trellises over wild grape plants to turn them into "cultivated" plants which could be tended to increase output. I have large grape fields planted for wine making but they take up a lot of space as is for only 200 grapes. I would love to see a yield bonus in place to encourage making more than a bottle's worth of wine and hopefully a better market for wine.
  8. while working on creating and moving trellis' around, a friend well beyond the local chat area was able to see event messages stating i was picking up a trellis, or that my partner was creating new ones. We are around K12 on the Deliverance map, and he is around L14. There is no way he should be able to receive these messages in his event window with us so far apart... Edit: have also noticed when pushed up against a building wall (only stone so far) you can see the sky through the wall. this has the effect of making the walls semi transparent.
  9. I have a roof patio and it wont let me build trellis's on it as it within house, can you make it so we can build trellis's within a house please can you fix this thnx
  10. Object Name : Blackberry Bramble Type : Bush Thorns : True Season : Autumn months Fruit : Blackberry Item Name : Blackberry Information : Strawberry clone Item Name : Blackberry Trellis Information : A different kind of trellis using blackberry sprouts Optional Extra : Thorns effect (only one triggers per tile) Simples
  11. Non-harvestable decorations to compliment new trellises. Allow bush sprouts to be planted in flowerpot with appropriate graphic scale. New item: Tub; scaled down graphic of huge tub, allow tree sprouts to be planted, scaled down graphic of adult tree = bonsai trees Also please, climbing-rose seedling for trellis.
  12. Hiya, grape trellis dont have a texture, looks like a bag with ? . I guess somone forgot update texture pack