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Found 2 results

  1. Welcome to Neotori Outfitters! Feel free to browse our steadily increasing stock of horsegear, hunting related bulk wares and selected goodies. Enchanted horse equipment All saddles, horse shoes and bardings come at 80ql. Cast is WoA an saddles and shoes, AosP on bardings. Item Power Count Price/piece Saddle 60-69 0 70c 70-89 0 80c 90+ 0 1s Horse shoe 60-69 26 60c 70-89 6 70c 90+ 2 1s Leather barding 70+ 1 80c Groceries Item Quality Count Price Honey 50+ 80kg 5c/kg Wax 50+ 190 3c/piece Cow Milk 100 1 20c/small barrel Stock 80+ 2 15c/small barrel Hunted gobbins Stored in large crates. Located at O19 on Pristine. Item Quality Count Price/Crate Hides <50 5 40c Hides 50-69 2 60c Hides 70-89 - 1s Hides 90+ pm Nekoras Cochineals <50 - 30c Teeth ~50 - 40c Glands ~50 - 40c Large crates are not included but optional for 5c/crate. Gathered treasures Shoulder pads: Buffs and Pictures Name Quality Count Price/Piece boar shoulder pad 75 1 4s crafted shoulder pad 50 1 1s crafted shoulder pad 75 1 1.5s curved shoulder pad, cotton 75 2 2s double shoulder pad, cotton 75 3 2s left basic shoulder pad, iron 75 1 2s left elaborate shoulder pad, leather 75 2 2s left layered shoulder pad, steel (2.14dmg) 75 1 1.5s ribboned shoulder pad 75 1 2s right elaborate shoulder pad, leather 75 1 2s right layered shoulder pad, steel 75 3 2s skull shoulder pad 75 1 4s small shoulder pad, cotton 75 1 2s Discounts, deals and delivery We are open for offers and discounts for larger purchases. Non-bulk purchases will be send via cod. Alternate payments are gems at 1c/ql, sleep powders at 1s/piece and sometimes on site work. (always in need of kindlings or clay :P) Coastal delivery is available for 1s. (Chaos excluded)
  2. Does anyone know how to check the amount of money the kingdom treasury has in it? I looked in wurmeconomy.db and the 'economy' table seems to be the best bet, but I really don't know. :/ I'm running into a problem where it seems the traders' accounts aren't refilling, so I think the kingdom bank might be empty, but I've no way of checking or refilling it, haha. Thanks! -Llurendt