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Found 16 results

  1. Buying treasure maps for harmony & cadence for 3c/ql. COD Libelle please
  2. 20 Treasure Maps on Melody (692 Total QL - Starting Bid is about 5c per QL) Starting bid: 35s Increment (minimum): 1s Reserve: No Buyout: No Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: Not Accepted
  3. Could anyone please give me a hint on where to dig? I am completely clueless. The server is Cadence
  4. I recently had a 93ql treasure map clue that sent me there and I knew I could get up part of the way and the fact that there was once a deed up there seemed to indicate a route up. It took all day but I got to my clue. A Path up/down mostly paved but turning to grass at the end. B Follow this ridge until you see the peat at C. C Peat, with steppe turning to grass with Willow trees. D The most awkward part imo thick willow trees and slopes, try and get to the paved area someone's old base camp (West of the letter D). E Try and go directly South-east to the base of the mountain path. From E up I've paved most of it but it was a grass/sand path route (Path should show better on future map dumps.) F Path is partly the peat heading up It is a beautiful area, I rode the wagon up there. Note* You will need to be mounted or on a cart/wagon to get up, the old path is way more that walking steep in places. The top Coming down Need help? give me a shout I live nearby
  5. Xanadu treasure map. [20:51:57] This is a difficult clue. You have completed 0 steps of this treasure hunt. This clue may have between 4 and 6 steps. [20:51:57] A dirty looking casket. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It is made from birchwood. Starting bid: 7s Increment (minimum): 0,50s Buyout: 20s Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: Accepted
  6. Struggling with this one. Any help appreciated. Around Akiba .. I think.
  7. I have a serious problem with the only one treasure map I have got *sad noises*. Red is where I have been Does anyone know anything about this fripping tower? I have been trying to find that place several times. Even had people trying to help me to find it but no visual of suitable tower. Or guards in areas where haven't yet noticed a tower. And this is supposed to be a novice chest. This is the third step to find it and I feel really sad and stupid of not finding it. Any help is much appreciated.
  8. Hey guys. I'm having trouble matching the clue. I've been staring at the topographic map of Xanadu for 2h and I cannot match the clue. Can you find it? Its Xanadu around Greymead.
  9. I am in possession of 1 of a total of 20 rare 80ql adamantine longswords with a reduced weight totaling at 2.25kgs compared to the standard 3kgs. This was awarded by GM Spellcast aka Vali during the Chaos Treasure Hunt event. Starting bid: 50s Min bid: 1s Sniper Protection: 1h Buyout: None Reserve: None
  10. rare chain boots 3s seryll open helm 3s SOLD acid potions 50c each seryll chainmaul gauntlet set 2s each 4s for pair SOLD rare short sword silver (made by enki , treasure hunt reward) 9s SOLD supreme chain coif copper (can be imped to 70 if wanted) 10s obo seryll necklace of protection 75 ql (removes hurting effect faster) 5s adamantine lump 2.5s obo drake hide piece offer SOLD silver rare trowel (treasure hunt item made by enki) 9s OBO Thank you, Killroth
  11. Maybe it not bad to have a new forum "Events" for info abaut new rifts, slaying uniques, treasure hunts, impalong and other events?
  12. Greetings, I plan on setting up a exquisite treasure hunt type game around the Summerholt area and beyond ! The Summerholt Community Alliance has a market right next to Summerholt starting Deed which shall be the starting point. Update: I will be parking alts and having friends and family park there alts or mains in there secret hidden spots. . Treasure Hunters will be required to solve a hint / clue to there whereabouts and locate said name of the alts / persons name given. ( clues will be in the form of an AFK message ) once you message said person you will receive your 1st clue.automatically via afk message. no need to write down clues just message the name your given to refresh your memory of the clue at any time if you forget anything. once you locate that person you will open trade to receive your 1st item needed to claim rewards / treasure the more items collected via finding more people the better the rewards when you decide to turn in or quit the hunt, ( quality controlled ) once all toons / persons have been found and all items received you will be required to bring all the items to me @ the starting point and trade for your rewards. I will then confirm the quality and name of all items which were handed out once you trade with me. you may turn in items at any time if you have to quit the game / treasure hunt. however your name will be excluded from any future rewards but you will at least get a reward for turning in any items you earned during the hunt. ( Each item will be tagged with the name of the next person you have to message for your next clue which will be the person you have to find next. ) Quality Control Examples : the quality for example Large Nail 4.56 QL or another example 99.22 quality onions / etc these are just examples not items I will be handing out this will prevent people from sharing the item/s needed for reward/s and trying to turn in item needed for reward. and harder to duplicate the quality's for anyone attempting to take a short cut etc (subject to be adjusted and minor changes as any more ideas come to mind etc please stay tuned for updates ( there will be a very nice few days advance before this is started to give everyone plenty of time to prepare ) ( a special prize ( DOOR PRIZE ) will be handed out after the event has ended ) how do you get the door prize? ( your name will be wrote down and thrown into a HAT every time your collect a clue / item needed for the next clue your name will be added ) the more items you receive / people you find the more times your name will be added to the HAT ) My daughter will be picking the name out of the hat here at my house ( this person will receive the DOOR prize ) at the end of the game / Treasure Hunt even if said person already earned a prize / reward for turning in items for the game. please stay tuned for future updated and schedule As I am still coordinating this Event and others as well ! ! ---- Rewards will be hidden until handed out ----- ( Rare's / Supremes / Collectables and Unique items will be handed out as rewards ) ----- Tools / Armour / Decorations / Etc ----- The door prize will also be revealed if the winner wants to share what he or she receives Participants may need to work as a team: Items you may want to have access too Cart / Wagon / Boat A Mount to out run the occasional hell hound or Troll during your traveling from clue to clue Food And Drink Cotton / healing covers ( wine or Sandwiches for Stamina recovery ) " you may be required to climb or swim " A Decent Weapon with life transfer for self healing and Armor to defend yourself or to take a few hits while running ( Some areas may be troll and hell hound infested during traveling not responsible for deaths ) ( will assist with corpse recovery if needed after the treasure hunt has ended )
  13. 5s each. Can deliver to Goblin/Drake slaying this weekend or Treasure Hunt next weekend. Or we can arrange something else. These are non-mailable items.
  14. Hey Everyone! > As you may have noticed, the weekly news has now moved to a Friday. In the past, Thursdays were the best time because Johan could deal with feedback on the Friday after the news came out. Now, however, I am much more available to do that on weekends rather than Fridays. It also gives the developers an extra day to submit news for the week! Sorry this was unannounced. I meant to mention it last week! This week the developers have been scaling back development in time for the Easter Holidays but there have still been things going on behind the scenes with feature implementations and tweaks. There are no major feature announcements today. Without too much delay, here's the news... Elevation Trader Reimbursements As everyone is aware, the reset for the Elevation server is fast approaching. To facilitate the transition players are now able to request reimbursement for traders that they own using the in-game /support reporting system. These traders will be removed and reimbursed at a value of 20 silver coins each. To qualify for reimbursement a trader must either: Be located on a deed (Reimbursement to Mayor or designated alternate) Be located within a house (Reimbursement to Writholder or designated alternate)Traders not meeting either of the 2 above requirements are not qualified for reimbursement.Players will have until April 8th to make claims after which all traders will be removed from the server. Original thread for this can be found here. Elevation Map Under Construction One of the tasks the development team have been working on is the new map for Elevation. I don't have any detailed information yet but as mentioned previously it is planned to include a central landmass with smaller islands near the borders with the existing home servers. Don't forget that "small islands" in this case could turn out to be pretty big relative to what players are used to on Elevation. War Machines Implemented After an initial introduction on the Challenge servers, the Trebuchet, Ballista, Siege Shield, Spike Barrier, Magical Turrets and Archery towers were implemented on all servers, although the towers do not attack enemies (except KoS players on PvP servers). There were a few issues to begin with whereby players were able to block each other using siege shields on the PvE servers, although they should now be easier to push and pull to avoid this. The game rules were amended to make it very clear that it is against the rules to "block access to deeds, merchants, or structures not belonging to you" or to "intentionally create player traps", using siege shields or any other method, on the Freedom cluster (excluding Chaos). Initial feedback showed that the trebuchet was overpowered at first so there is now a delay in firing it to make it more reasonable. Xanadu and Chaos Map Dump Progress We are hoping to use various methods of distributing the fresh map dumps of Xanadu and Chaos soon. Our primary distribution will be in the form of a Google Maps style interface as part of the Wurm site, possibly even with map markers for the start deeds etc. and the potential for more information to be added over time. Many thanks to Mamadarkness and MaxC for working on this over the past week! We also expect that some players will want to be able to download the image file itself for use in community maps, or to re-host on their own servers, or to view offline. We hope to make the map dumps freely available as torrents. If you have a specific need for the raw file (to make a community map, or to re-host it on your own servers) you may also message me once they are released and I will send you instructions on downloading the raw image file. A direct download link on our own site would be our favourite option but at the moment there's no way we would have enough bandwidth. The files are pretty big indeed! Bridge Debugging Continues There is not much to say about bridges right now other than they are coming along nicely and debugging is going very well. We still expect that they will be released in mid-April for all to enjoy! Bridges still very much under construction! Click for a larger version. Successful Treasure Hunt Congratulations to all who took part in the latest Game Master organised treasure hunt which took part on the Exodus server last Saturday. The turnout was really great and I hear it was well organised so good job all round! I also heard that some people enjoyed exploring a new server they had never been on much, or at all, before even if they didn't win one of the big prizes so that's great to hear. Stay tuned for future treasure hunts on other servers and in different timezones! PR Team is Recruiting Would you like to help write the weekly news, publicise Wurm, maintain our social media pages and much more? Consider volunteering as a Public Relations Assistant! You can find the full recruitment thread here. There is no closing date but I expect to start appointing people within the next week or two. Happy Easter And last, but by no means least, Happy Easter Wurmians! Whether you celebrate Easter the traditional way or you just want the excuse to eat tons of chocolate, or whether you don't celebrate it at all, we hope you have a great weekend. That's all for this week, Happy Wurming!
  15. Hey Everyone! The team has been working very hard this week to make sure that bridges are as good as they can be before their release in mid-April so there are no major gameplay announcements. The art developers have been working on some snazzy new weapon models (see below) too! I can also reveal that we now have a Community Manager in the form of Retrograde who will be the main link between the community and the developers and handle feedback, suggestions and more. We wish him the very best of luck in the role. And with that said, here's the news in full! New Community Manager We are pleased to announce that Retrograde will be stepping into the new role of Community Manager and will be working with you all on the forums and in-game. In his new role he will act as a link between you and the development team to discuss suggestions and changes, collect feedback, and provide feedback from the developers when possible. You'll also see him in-game from time to time and in IRC so don't hesitate to drop by and say hi! Map Dumps By popular demand, I asked the developers about the possibility of a fresh set of map dumps for all servers. Each map dump takes some time to produce so we are aiming to release approximately two per week until all servers have been covered. So far I have been provided with fresh map dumps for Xanadu and Chaos. I expect to release the map dump for Xanadu as soon as we find a reliable place to host it. The maps are very large files and so this is a lot easier said than done! Releasing the map dump of Chaos is still under discussion because it is a PvP server and some people there may want to remain hidden in the fog of war. However, I am also aware of recent forum polls which show overwhelming support for a map dump. Either way, I'd appreciate feedback on this from Chaos! Here is a preview of the Xanadu map dump. The full quality dump is more than ten times higher resolution than the preview. Bridge Progress Continuing our recent pattern, the developers have spent most of this week working on straightening out a few stubborn bridge-related bugs here and there. Just to give you a flavour, one of the bugs this week involved players teleporting to ground floors when they entered buildings from a bridge while on a cart or horseback, and some other minor bugs related to mounting and dismounting on bridges. We are still confident that these kinks will be worked out very soon and bridges are on track to be released in the spring update in mid-April. New Weapon Models The Art developers have been working hard on new models for various weapons. Progress is coming along extremely well on the new small maul (pictured below). They're also working on updated models for the medium maul, and axes. Treasure Hunt On Saturday 28th March, the Game Masters' monthly treasure hunt will begin at approximately 03:00 (am) GMT at Esert, the starter deed on the Exodus server. There are a number of valuable prizes to be won by being one of the first to solve the treasure hunt and we're sure it's going to be a lot of fun! Further information and clues, once released, can be found in this thread. That's all for this week, Happy Wurming!
  16. Since the Pristine Treasure Hunt has been officially won, and since it seems that the group who won it had a village working together, not to mention that it also seems that there were other groups also working together to win the prize, though Xallo's group ultimately came out on top, I figured that now would be a good time for the rest of us poor schmucks who don't have a village to rely on, to post what we have and 'group' up with the remaining people who are trying to complete the Treasure Hunt. And hey, working as a community is a good thing, right? If a village is good, then a whole community is even BETTER! NOTE: The clues and solutions should be posted behind spoiler tags, that way if someone does not want to read the clue or solution, they won't have to. Totally, 100% voluntary participation. Don't wanna participate, don't click the spoiler tags. Simple as that. This is also for people STILL WORKING on the Treasure Hunt. If you are one of those folks who already solved it with the help of your group. Good for you. Now let the rest of us enjoy the hunt please. First Clue: First Clue Comments and Solution: Find your happy place and travel there then nearby find the fountain square tho you cannot drink do not despair go ten steps south and start a fire rare The first location is just east of Bliss. Y16 - X4/X5 on the Pristine Community Map. There will be a dry fountain. Walk 10 squares due south, and look to the east. A few more steps, you will see a rare torch. Light the torch to get the second clue. Second Clue: Second Clue Comments and Solution: At the end of the wasteland, Find a square of life surrounded by sand. By a baileys entrance you should now stand, and read from the plaque that is near to hand. The second location is roughly Y13 - X11 in the MIDDLE of the Pristine Wasteland, not the end. This threw many folks for a loop, I'm sure. I got lucky on this one and just went straight for the green spot in the middle. (Though I overshot it in the dark surrounded by a zillion hostile mobs, and ended up near Viper's Vantage and had to backtrack.) You will see two pallisade gates, the westernmost one is the one you want. It's near FOUR whole squares of grass. The 'plaque' is BS there is none. I thought it would be a sign. You have to walk THROUGH the gates, then it pops up. Third Clue: Third Clue Comments and Solution: In a pit right down to waters line, Under eastern hill with a light green shine. Enter the realm magranon finds divine. Saturns metal should thee then make thine. The first line is supposed to lead you to the location The second line could be anything without the first line location figured out. Seems like this should be in a mine. Also, Saturn's metal is lead. So, apparently, you have to mine lead in a mine that's in Magranon's domain. I found plenty of hills with light green shine on them, including covered by olive trees (olive is light green), where the cave went right to water. One had a mag altar right inside. But these mines had only silver and a crap ton of scorpions inside. Update: Solution. The third location is in the 'pit' to the just west of Foxden. Y33 - X10 on the Pristine Community Map. Coming from Blossom you will need to follow the road North, past Blossom market, and follow the coastal road West. Then follow the coastal roads Southwest past Roseguard. Keep folowing the coastal road Northwest, past Coastis. Not on the map, but you'll see it in your event screen. Then the nighway will turn North, up a hill. Follow that highway, taking the first sharp right turn and follow all the way to Foxden. Going westward from Foxden along the road, you will see a road south into 'The Pit'. Go all the way down to the bottom of the pit. To the west is a single tile mine with a lead vein inside. You will need to mine this. Though I do think it was said that it was fixed to be 'examined', so that Priests don't lose anything. That's between you and your diety. I mined it. Fourth Clue: Fourth Clue Comments and Solution: Near an island on which mortuary figures prominently. Start where the black that burns doth reach the sea. From thence you should travel the coast most southernly. To find what you seek look in the roots of a Quercus tree. The fourth location is X39 - X27. I couldn't belive this one myself. I was on a totally different track searching for 'the black that burns', which to me meant TAR, and there is one in the water close to the island in question. The black that burns is peat. An item I didn't even know exists in Wurm, and never saw a single square of it until today, despite being all across Pristine and even explored a bit of Xanadu. First, start at the Northernmost part of the peninsula at Y34 - X23. The road terminates at open ocean, you can start there. This one's a bit tricky. And in my opinion, kinda BS, considering it was stated that no boats would be required. This is pushing it, as it requires you to swim over open sea, with your horse in tow. Be sure to take your armor off, lest you go down to Davy Jones' locker. Cross the open ocean to the island directly North of your location. Best to do this in daytime and no fog if possible. You will end up at the ruins of a defunct and rotting deed. Also, on my way out I repaired and lit the lantern, so you should see that shining there. It'll likely be the only one lit. This place is mob city. There are hundreds of things that want to eat you in very close proximity to each other. Your best bet is to haul keester and don't stop. And a 5 speed doesn't hurt either, if you have one. Follow the double highway North. You'll notice on the map that it branches East towards Graves End. North of Graves End, the red line on the map is a landbridge. You'll want to take this across to the smaller island to the Northeast. You should now notice the peat everywhere on the cliff. This is the 'black that burns'. Follow the twisty, winding road up to the guard tower, then follow the hillock East. It'll hit road again. Follow the road all the way to the East, up, until it hits another defunct deed with another guard tower, then all the way back down. (You'll want to use this tower with the mobs if you like breathing.) All the way to the East at the very edge, overlooking the sea, is a lone 'Quercus'. (Which is Oak in Latin. My foraging and botany knowledge came in handy on this one.) Now, if you played your cards right, you murdered all the hostile mobs on the way in, and should not have a problem getting out.... until you have to go through the hundreds of spawns back down to your entry point on the island and swim back across the channel. That's when I decided to call it a night. I'll tackle the next one tomorrow. Fifth Clue: Fifth Clue Comments and Solution: (Haven't started this one yet.) Where the dominant lake to another connects, on the odd stone near where you pay your respects. Sample the water and ensure no defects, to see what part of your search it affects. General Critique: The problem with riddles like these, is that the creator thinks they're clear as day. Yea, they're SUPPOSED to be riddles. But I'd go more Tolkien-esque myself rather than vague and things that could many multiple places that could be the location. The goal is to eventually get the folks to the end. Not have them circle the monster infested globe fifty times because you thought the 'end' meant one thing and everyone else thought that the end and the middle certainly weren't the same thing. It might not hurt to have someone trusted, a fellow GM for example, run through these and see just how clear the clues are. I found no less than ten locations that could have fit the third riddle perfectly, yet are not it. My advice for the next hunts? Don't make the clue locations so goram far apart. Having to travel from Blossom to the first location was insane. Like an hour + one way trip, and that's assuming you semi-know where you are going and don't get clubbed to death by trolls first. For a last location, fine. The last one should be tough to get to and fraught with peril. But the first location? Come on now. Way too far, and way too dangerous to get there. And if you want more people to play these, they have to be more accessible. To all players. 2nd clue location? Fricking Death Valley Deluxe, man. Bring cotton, and lots of it. And pray your FS is enough to handle multiple high level mobs including hell scorpinus and bunches of trolls. If mine hadn't been 70+, I'd never made it out of there alive. Not exactly accessible for a newer guy/gal who wants to run the treasure hunt, now is it? I can't even imagine having died out there and having to walk back to my corpse. The 4th and 5th locations are pure nightmare. I had to easily kill 50+ mobs at location 4 and about 30 or so at location 5. Just to get the clues. The areas they are in are total deathtraps. If you go, bring a fast horse. And friends. Lastly, speed should be less of an issue. The contest should not be partly based on he or she who has the fastest hellhorse wins. These are ridable only by a very small number of people, and the amount of time one has been playing should not affect one's chances at the contest. it's an effective form of 'pay to win' and it's crappy. Now by all means, those who can ride hellhorses, use them. I just mean that it shouldn't be a land speed race that's predetermined by the fact that the rest of the competitors have one leg tied behind their back before the race even starts. That's not a fair race. Actually a FAIR race, would be to have the GMs spawn horses for everyone, and use those horses. Then they'd all be equal. Everyone leaves their mount/cart at the starting location, and the GM spawns new horsies and everyone climbs aboard. Have the horses auto-despawn in like... oh... a week or some such. That way folks can't have a perma-free horse. An option would be to make the clue locations CLOSER together, foot traffic only, and make anyone found on a horse disqualified. Honestly, I think that doing these on existing maps presents a very difficult situation where you need to make the locations far enough apart to be interesting, but yet close enough so that people can get there in a reasonable time frame without being mauled to death by the local fauna.