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Found 23 results

  1. New Artwork! Canadian Lake Freighter (Mississagi)colored pencil on 9x12 paper | 12.8.2021 - 12.21.2021
  2. Remember to like this post if you like what you see, a +1 post is ignored by the team. Current Observations: It seems as though 90% of the Wurm Population will use standard Horses for the majority if not all of their needs. Those who choose to use an alternative method typically choose Hell Horses as their main mode of transportation whether it's by Horse-Back or Cart/Transport pulling. Bison seem to receive very little love when it comes to much of anything! Bison are unable to be equipped with any sort of equipment and because Horses are more popular they are rarely Bred for their Traits, making them equally hard to obtain for those of us who do prefer to use a Bison for one reason or another. What I propose: Expand the Bonus a Bison receives from pulling a load to other "Large Transports" from just the wagon to also include Ship Transporter, perhaps even the Large Cart too. Bison are huge, durable beasts and should be able to pull larger loads much easier than a Horse or Hell-horse for that matter. Grant Bison other Colors Many new Horse Colors were added, making collecting all of the different coats an achievement for many Horse Breeders. Everyone appears to have their preferred Horse Coat and prefers to obtain that particular coat when obtaining a Horse for themselves Providing Bison alternative colors such as White, Black, Deep Brown, Light Brown, Grey, etc; would give Bison a variety and help add to their appeal Allow Bison to be equipped with even basic equipment Horse Shoes don't make a whole lot of sense on a Bison Bridles would be just as helpful on a Bison as they are for a Horse or Hell-horse. Bison are the only original intended Transportation Creature that cannot use a Bridle. (We're not counting the Bull here only because they are still "a cow") Give the Large Saddle a purpose again! Allow us to put a Large Saddle on the Bison! Allow us to ride Bison I was surprised to learn that Bison could in-fact not be ridden, they aren't even an option no matter what your Body Control is! I believe this also makes Bison less appealing to many players as Horses (of any kind) are a Swiss-army-knife of the Wurm World's transportation. Why have a Bison when your Horse can do everything a Bison can and then some? Conclusion: Bison were a wonderful addition and a great idea to be paired with the Wagon of course! Currently the Wagon bonus is barely enough reason to make them a viable option and as is hardly worth obtaining for that purpose alone. I feel our "Fluffy Cows" need some serious love to make them a viable option and a loved and welcome member to any Deed. Even half of these proposed suggestions I feel would allow the Bison to "claim more real estate" on Deeds and in our daily lives than they do now. We have a member of our Deed who has been playing Wurm with us for many years now and he loves his "Fluffy Cows". We are all saddened to see that he is only able to use them on his Cart and not able to be excited as the rest of us are when a new color appears in our Herd, his Bison just don't have that to offer him. Remember to like this post if you like what you see, a +1 post is ignored by the team.
  3. Quite curious on this. I know with Wagoneers the ability to do so has been ripped out of any aspiring transporter. I'm assuming the Wagoneers came about because no one ever created such a shipping service for bulk goods? Why is that? What were the hurdles? Certainly some sort of game mechanic could be developed to keep people from ripping each other off. (Insurance or Escrow accounts?) Also. Mailing items.. Why is that here? Isn't it more "Wurmy" to get out and travel to a market? These game mechanics seem to reinforce the hermit lifestyle. Never a need to leave your Deed.
  4. No, this is not another topic for animals to cross servers!!! Here is my plight: I own an island deed. - Wow... that's great! What's so bad about that? - Well, here's the thing: As a breeder, I like to have a diversity of animals and own different types of animals on my deed. I like to breed 5-speed horses and hell horses, but I also like to breed 5-speed bulls and war-traited pigs and all kinds of other "useless" well-traited animals just for fun or my own private enjoyment. Unfortunately on an island deed, my possibility to breed a variety of animals is extremely limited. Now, in a realm like Wurm where bulk storage bins and knarrs filled with large crates are standard, I feel like the lack of possibility to transport animals in crates is extremely annoying and unnecessary. I therefore have this proposal: Implement Animal Transport Boxes A possible crafting recipe: 1x Iron Fence Bars, 5x Large Nails, 50 Planks // Uses Fine Carpentry - Possible Skill Requirement To Build: 50 A possible variation: 3 different types of transport boxes, one small, one medium and one large depending on the size of the animal one wishes to transport. A possible loading capacity: Large Cart - 2 // Corbita - 5 // Cog - 3 // Knarr - 8 // Caravel - 10 A possible error message when trying to cross servers: You are not allowed to cross servers with animals on board. Please unload all animal transport boxes before trying to cross servers. Now, with this system, animal transport boxes would help people not only transport animals to island deeds that have no possible way of obtaining animals that can't swim at this point in time, but it would also solve another important issue: Currently, when trading with horses or other animals, if one gets disconnected while leading horses for example, the horses are un-lead and by the time one reconnects they might have run off into all different directions. With this system in place, animals would be safely loaded into ships and trading would be safer. If not animal transport boxes, maybe at least let us hitch animals to large carts and ships so they don't get lost when we get disconnected while sailing with them. Some Suggestions Added By Thorinoakshield
  5. There's been a lot of discussion around transporting animals, and I think the devs always find a way out saying that there's technical issues around moving animals across servers. Well, I'm sure some people would like to move/trade animals across servers but, I also think that most people would agree that just being able to transport them by the coast would be enough. Not being able to move animals across big distances also makes sense, 'cause it's difficult to keep them alive and healthy while they're shaking in the ocean and enclosured for a long time. I have a suggestion and some options for animal transport that might please both players and devs: 1. Animal Cage. A simple plank and iron bars cage that can be locked with a gate lock and loaded into ships and wagons. Each animal requires his own cage regardless of which animal you're transporting. It takes the same space as 4 large crates, so a wagon would be able to transport 3 animals. Animals inside animal cages can not be groomed, fed or interact in any way, so players would need to move them efficiently or make stops to tend them, I guess that just makes sense and saves the devs a lot of headache. Now there's two options: Option 1.1 Once a animal cage is loaded into a ship, whether it is occupied or not, whether it is inside another container (like a wagon) or not, it disables the ship ability to move from one server to another. Option 1.2 Animal cages can only be loaded into wagons and a new specific type of ship named Ark, which is unable to sail across servers. It would be pretty much a corbita in most characteristics, but lower, wider, slower and require 22 Mind Logic to command. It's a big ship, difficult to maneuver and ok as a cargo ship, a little worse than the Corbita, so people wouldn't want it unless they plan to move a lot of animals around. That would encourage a new market for the transporting business and stimulate the economy. Those two option are independent, choose the one you like the most. Hope you enjoy. With enough support we can make it happen, so leave your comments below.
  6. War machines are very slow to drag anywhere. The ship transporter can even have a heavy caravel loaded. We need a war machine transporter. At least let battering rams be loaded onto an empty wagon (or an oversized one )
  7. I have 3 silver in my bank I would like to move from chaos to independance. A few years ago the servers were switched to what they are now. for some reason I was placed on chaos server. Im a crafter not a fighter. I played wurm because I love all the crafting. I dont know why they put me on chaos. I did leather working to over 70 and I did a lot of terraforming and carpentry to 50 skill or so. I might join a village for a short time but I really like building up my own place if possible. I really just want to craft not participate in pvp. I do a little combat as needed but thats not my focus. if 3s is not enough I will make payments on a boat or buy some silver and pay. my gaming budget is around 20 a month. i buy a row boat for a few silver if it can be brought to me. I havent priced boats yet. sailboat be better if thats doable. i know how to survive on wurm just was hoping someone would be kind. I cover any expenses the next few weeks or I just grind my way out of here. Thanks i have a crude knife and mallet so far just need to make a regular carving knife then make a boat i guess.
  8. Hello, A domestic hive I had planted next to a wild hive finally went active today (01 Dec 16). My character Liam loaded it onto a large cart and we set off back to my deed (Paradise Cove) on Newspring Island. The hive was on Xanadu mainland somewhat north and east of Maple Valley Retreat, probably west side of p11. When we arrived at the bay west of Maple Valley Retreat, q10, and unloaded the beehive, it was now an empty bee hive, applewood. I looked through the logs for both characters, but there is no mention of the bees leaving the hive: [21:58:29] The active bee hive can not be taken when it has a queen in it, try loading it. [21:59:59] You feel rested. [22:02:02] You unlock the active bee hive. [22:02:15] Liam starts to load the active bee hive. [22:02:19] Liam finish loading the active bee hive. [22:04:15] You leave the venerable fat Honeyclip. [22:04:20] You ride on the "MVR One" as a passenger. [22:04:47] The venerable fat Honeyclip now follows Liam. [22:05:48] You hear bees, maybe you are getting close to a hive. [22:06:45] The bees noise is getting louder, maybe you are getting closer to their hive. [22:06:51] The sounds of bees decreases as you move further away from the hive. [22:07:01] An aged scorpion stops following Liam. [22:08:40] The bees noise is getting louder, maybe you are getting closer to their hive. [22:08:43] The sounds of bees decreases as you move further away from the hive. [22:10:38] The sounds of bees disappears in the distance. [22:16:48] You are now too far away to attack an old wild cat. [22:22:07] Liam drinks some water. [22:22:17] The water is refreshing and it cools you down. [22:24:28] You feel the presence of Magranon. [22:25:22] You feel the presence of Vynora. [22:26:51] You no longer feel the presence of Vynora. [22:27:32] You feel the presence of Vynora. [22:29:20] You hold a halberd in your two hands. [22:29:25] You wear an open helm. [22:30:23] Theria lost link. [22:30:24] Theria left the world. [22:30:27] You stop attacking. [22:30:27] An old crocodile is dead. R.I.P. [22:30:34] Liam gets a corpse of old crocodile. [22:30:40] Liam drops a corpse. [22:30:54] Liam starts to unload the empty bee hive from the "MVR One". [22:30:58] Liam finishes unloading the empty bee hive from the "MVR One". As you can see, the transport took about only 30 minutes, and there is no mention of the bees leaving the hive. Also, the bee hive is QL 55.01 and weighs 60.11 kg, and contained 0.11 kg of honey when I found it active. The honey is still in the hive. Hopefully you can help find out what happened to the bees. Alendhor
  9. Ferry Service I notice it's frustrating to get home if you died without a deed or tent. Therefore I am selling transportation to anyone who needs it. If you die, your alt dies, or you make a new character, I will take you as close as possible to your destination on Xanadu for a fee of 1c per tile longest East/West and 1c per tile longest North/South. An example is below: Note: I am using a rowboat so delivering bulk materials is not possible, unless you have 10 satchels of vegetables in your inventory and you want a ride. Also, the limit for passengers is 2 at one time. If you want a quote of price from one place to another place just whisper me in game or send a forum message for the cost. You can pay after we arrive, but if you don't pay I will list your name here for all to see. The cost is cheap but I'm a new player and I need to make coins. Whisper me or pm Horkinpork in game to catch a ride! Panfilling Service I offer my services as a panfiller at 1s/1k pans filled. It takes me about 1 hour to fill 2200 frying pans. I've done 18000 so far and my customers were satisfied. Message me here to inquire about this service. I will travel to your place for free if you need more than 1k pans filled. For less than 1k the travel fee is the same as calculated above for the ferry service, at 1c per tile E/W and 1c per tile N/S. If interested in knowing exact prices, message me here. Selling Favor I'm now taking orders for favor in the form of cordage ropes. 1k favor is 2s. If you buy 5k favor or more I can give discounts, the higher the number the more the discount percentage. I can deliver them within a day or two if I'm busy outside Wurm. I deliver for free if you order more than 1k. If 1k or less, the delivery fee is calculated the same way as the ferry service. You can ask me about the price before making an order. Bulk Vegetables / Other Crops I'm also taking orders for bulk vegetables. I need time to grow them, but let's just say I'd rather be growing the crops other people need than wasting my time with skill gain. Since I'll need time to grow the crops I am selling at discounted prices. 1k = 75 copper for any crop Transport Service I'll make your deliveries - up to 10k for the Ferry Service prices listed above, and 10% of sale price. {When moving small amounts I charge only the Ferry Service price and not the extra 10% as with bulk shipments. Example: You need 2 swords to go from Xanadu C10 to H25. The price is same as Ferry Service, 16 copper. Example: You need 4k dirt to go from Xanadu C10 to H25. The price is same as Ferry Service, 16 copper + 10% of your sale price (4k dirt usually 4s so 40 copper in this example.) I take 16+40=56 copper. It means if you made 10 silver for the items I deliver for you, I take 1 silver. It's a good fee for transporting 10k dirt! updated July 31
  10. I propose a new type of ship - the Livestock Barge. This would allow players to load Livestock animals (horses, cows, bulls, bison, sheep, hens etc) but not tamed/controlled monster types, and transport them around the server. Would have the same control requirements of a sailing ship or possibly a large cart so as to be newby friendly, but would require not only ship building, but animal handling skill to create. Pros: - find a sheep on a small island? load it up and take it home! - this would expand the business of animal breeders, making delivery much easier. - Barges would not be able to cross server borders and can only be used on the server it was built on - would make collecting animals a viable past-time/activity - allows 'rescue' of animals locked on islands from old collapsed deeds Cons: - Barges would not be able to cross server borders and can only be used on the server it was built on (yes, this is both a pro and a con) - would be premium only to use Thoughts and constructive comments appreciated.
  11. how hard would it be to use a kennel to transport dogs? that way, i don't have to tame, lead, return up the mountain, repeat. Load them into a wagon 10 at a time, or 9 like large crates
  12. Like the title says i think the ship transports are way to slow they need to be at least the same as a large cart..imo
  13. Something I have been toying with is an extension to priest gameplay. Considering we are probably the most prolific travellers on wurm (since we have no other way of making a living...) it occured to me that rather than waiting till 90 meditation and abusing home recall for our travel needs a more mystical way would be appropriate. This is a FREEDOM ONLY suggestion, though it could have VERY interesting uses in PvP as well. It would be some much needed love for priests. The idea is players can construct moongates. These are 3x3 tile entities that require a flattened and marble paved area. Each component of the moongate takes up a tile, once all components are built the moongate is activated by using a rare gem on the raised platform (the rare gem is consumed). If any of the construction conditions are not met then a message as to what is wrong is displayed (components in the wrong place will be considered missing) Edit for clarity : These are ON tile constructions, not movable objects but actual structures The components are : 4 metal struts (gold). These require a high level (70) blacksmith to start and continue. These are placed in the corners. Must be enchanted with wind of ages/blessings of the dark of at least 70, failed castings can damage. 1 central raised platform (marble). This requires a high level (70) mason to start and continue. Must be enchanted with a courier/dark messenger cast of at least 70, failed castings can damage.. 4 charged crystal pedestals (requires marble, gold and one gem of at least QL50 each). These require a high level in Jewelery smithing (closest I could get to intricate construction) (70) to start and continue). They must also be charged using vessel (at least 70 favor's worth in the single cast). These are placed adjacent to the central platform. Must be enchanted with lurker in the dark of at least 70, failed castings can damage.. Upon creation a master index is awarded to the activator and, using a gem of QL50 or above, slave indexes can be created by using the master index on the gem. Master indexes have the same weight and properties as keys (and are destroyed the moment a gate is destroyed), slave indexes can decay if dropped but weigh the same as keys, they cannot be repaired or improved in any mundane way (these are also destroyed the moment a gate is destroyed). The master index can also be used to toggle the gate as public or private. The average QL of the moongate components denotes how difficult it is to use it (higher QL reduces the difficulty of direct teleportation). Moongates decay a little differently than other constructions, the central platform decays, the other parts do not. Once the central platform has decayed away the other parts instantly vanish with it. The average QL of the moongate components decides decay rate. A priest with 50 faith can use a moongate to teleport to any private moongate they have the index for or any public moongate. (Central platform) A priest with 70 faith can cast a spell (costing 70 favour, difficulty 80) to teleport to any private moongate they have the index for or any public moongate (Central platform). If the index used is a slave index this damages it slightly. Failure of this spell inflicts a severe wound (Oh my god! You teleported JUST your arm!) Optional Extra : A fully charged QL70+ gem can be used by ANYONE to use a moongate in the same way as a priest. Single use only. Optional Extra : All spawn towns have a functioning public moongate
  14. I don't care how you do it either by a new crate or just load in a boat but we need a way to transport animals over water. Not across server boarders just across the water on the same server. Edit: The non-swimming kind like bison, deer, cattle and hell horses
  15. If you need help to get to Xanadu from any Freedom Isle, PM Baloo, to book your place. In a Corbita 49 large crates of room 14,700 items in crates if crates only. 1s per full shipload. PE Delivery
  16. As title states, I am in need of a farm hand, preferably someone with access to a boat and interested in gaining farming skill. Duties: Sow roughly 1k tiles every 5-7 days, Tend once (or more if you want skill) Be able to deliver goods, manage sales A boat may be required Located on Independence I can provide A sizable farm field, Good quality Meals, and a place to build a temporary or permanent residence. Tools/ Weapons/ Shields/ Armour improvements and enchants could also be provided as payment. What I am hoping for how ever is a person who would be interested in taking a Share of the crop (Mainly wemp and cotton, 90+ql) as payment, and I would be willing to work out a very fair split. You would handle all deliveries, (I can help if sales if needed) Please PM me with a bit of info if interested, and we can Chat from there. Thanks
  17. starting 25.01.2014 Greetings Fellow Wurmians "The Petre's Transport & Storage" company is looking for nice place to locate the warehouses. The company needs small buildings in a lively settlements. If your deed has some unused bulidng which could be used as warehouse don't hesitate to message Petre. Here is the list of things that we require from settlements: Deed must be inhabited, we don't care about the theoretical number of deed settlers what's matter is the average amount of people online Deed must have area open to everyone with building that can be adopted as warehouse (any building will do). Optional ones: Easy access to warehouse is welcomed - labyrinths of walls and fences are not welcomed - company belives that the amount of active people provides safety The building tighter the better. Trustworthy settlers who want to run business are welcomed. What we provide: access to trade network that will give you profits a way to attract new citizens a chance to become one of the most influential Desertion trade centers transport & storage services (read more below) STORAGE & TRANSPORT SERVICE As i noticed during my merchant's work it happens that people who want to exchange goods aren't online in the same time. I would like to propose solution for that inconvenience: The Storage & Transport service - how it works? From the seller perspective: The seller leaves his cargo at one of the warehouses along with instruction: to which warehouse it should be delivered for how much it should be sold to whom it should be sold In the meantime the authorized person writes down the details of the transaction on papyrus and put cargo in the warehouse. The goods between our warehouses flows a continuously, within a hour or a few the cargo will reach its destination waiting for the buyer. The buyer will be shouted to retrive his goods, from the warehouse. Warehouses will be placed in strategic locations you it will not be Necessary for you to travel much in purpose of selling your goods. From the buyer perspective: buyer recieves the shout from warehouse emplyee and goes to the warehouse buyers pays the price which was set by seller and some small fee for service and gets his cargo.
  18. Should be able to drag items directly from a pile or anything of that matter directly into a Large/small cart. Would be very helpful if you are transporting goods such as dirt or bricks.
  19. Hi my name is Felorn, I've been doing wurm bulk trading since 2011. Me and my associate Lordgera at Berky's Manor on Independence would like to offer you our services. Transport fee starts at 20 copper as soon as a ship is needed. The fee goes up to 1s for the far reaches of independence server, provided you can wait for favorable winds. Our ship is currently docked at Crystal Lake, and we're located dead center between lake Harmony, Stone haven and Crystal Lake. Transport to other servers can be arranged. Bulk goods on stock Bricks (2s per 1k) 500 on stock - always more where they come from! Dirt (1s per 1k) 1k on stock Get a Bell Tower All you need is planks, logs, nail and of course a Huge Bell which I'll sell for 35 copper + COD (or delivery). The huge bell can only be made from Bronze or Brass so if you don't have these materials handy you should consider the offer. We do most bulk goods at reasonable prices, just tell us what you need and we'll give you a quote. We're looking forward to hearing from you.
  20. Maybe its about time to add a ship that can move livestock. Im not saying make every ship able to. Just make a new ship that has the cargo space of a small cart but can move 4 or 6 animals at one time. And is a little more then half the building needs of a corbita. So something like: Mind logic needed to sail 22 15 dirt deep max crew captian + 4 speed with gale 23 35 ship building for it to show up on your build list 1x stern 40x deck board 2x 13kg rudders 25x tars 1x square rig 2x keel section 4x mooring rope 1x spinnaker rig 200x pegs 8x thick rope 150x hull planks 10x belaying pins 125x tenons 2x oars And there could be a few bigger ships for the same needs but with a larger animal hold. So the next ship up could hold 10 animals next one up could hold 16 and the last one could hold 24. Im not to much for animals being able to change servers. But Im sure this will solve the need for a lot of land bridges to get non swimming animals to other land masses. This is just a quick thrown together idea on what the ships use to be built and sailed. Feel free to add feedback How would getting the animals onto such ships work? Just lead them with a rope and right click the ship "Hitch" And have set places on the deck of the ship for them to be hitched to like they do on large carts. Why not just use already used ships? Because almost everyone already has the old ships and adding some new ones would add more to the market along with the enjoyment of seeing more then 6 ship modles.
  21. You should be able to "lead" large cart (by leading hitched horses). There are many things you can't do if you command a cart (like harvesting) and sometimes you're stuck with cart in a tree (and you have to unhitch horses and pull a cart - try to do this with 280x dirt inside). Make it possible only for premium players to prevent alt abusing. "Leading" hitched carts is posibble in real, so I can't see why we shouldn't be able to do this ingame. I know - we have small carts, and we can pull a large cart, but it slows you down a lot.
  22. Wagonway, fast travel Please keep in mind the spirit of this idea is to provide a somewhat convenient (geographic proximity would be the only use inconvenience) and fast travel option. A wagonway is a special type of road that you drive on with your cart or perhaps even a horse. It lets you go much faster then normal and the cart automatically follows the road. Yes, you can push "x" and zoom zoom to your destination afk. You will need to manually stop the cart (press any button you normally do to stop auto forward) and get off the Wagonway by turning the vehicle. These should require community effort to construct and maintain. How much faster can we go? Well the answer depends on how faster one can go without causing trouble for the server hardware...5x speed modifier and a 20km/h cart would let you really blaze. A cool aspect of this is you could sit back and admire the scenery while traveling. I've always like letting someone else drive . I think there should be few of these. It should not become a replacement for roads. My reason are two, it mimics the semi truck and train relationship in RL and helps to aid in game balance. Here are restrictions to help balance the very advantageous travel aspect. 1. Difficult to build: materials like slabs, ribbons, requiring imping to high ql, and high difficulty to pave, wagonway tiles don't fit in large cart(build on site) are all good complements to the goal. I prefer a stone structure. It could be made from metal like railroad ties. 2. Aggressive slope restriction: the adjacent orientations (E-W when the road goes N-S) must be flat, and the parallel orientation has a max slope of 5. Ideally players will equally choose to tunnel, surface mine and build dirt ramps. We will need the ability to pave rock and cave floor tiles with the wagonway paver. 3. Large turning radius: no sharp 90 degree turns many roads have. I tried, with no success, to come up with some calculus equation lines to demonstrate. As the road is built the game would use the road's center to draw a line and check turning radius. with this data it would decided what tiles are available to extend the road. 4. High maintenance: Decay and destruction should occur if not maintained. A random chance and a use-based are both good. Put another way, a high chance just by nature and even more so with use. I'd like to see a tile require maintenance every one to two weeks. No maintenance for about month or a little less and it falls apart. We can always scale back the decay later, local people should be encouraged to pitch in and maintain a portion. - no special carts because it defies the goal of being convenient for travelers. - This could apply to horse and cart drivers alike. - No player will be allowed to kos or set up tolls on the wagonway, no exceptions. - I'm not sure how to handle the event where a traveler runs into a missing section of road, maybe it decayed. The considerate choice would be to stop the vehicle. We could also cause the cart to sharply change a random direction and keep driving. - Is it possible to have the road's quality affect speed? The time spent on a single tile is short making this difficult. It might be possible to use a group of tiles and averages. It seems simpler to use a single multiplier of your mount/vehicle's max speed. I'm open to suggestions to modify this, with the exception of three: 1) auto alignment while "x" driving forward, 2) going slower than 35 km/h, 3) allowing tolls. This is my idea, I came up with, so I humbly ask the devs to respect these. *Edit* - Wagonway should be around 3 tiles wide to give the game mechanics plenty of room for orientation adjustments. Two tiles would be ok If game mechanics can reliably orientate. I like 3 tiles better. - Vehicles won't auto align with roads when they intersect with a Wagonway. Road are always broken, not the WW. We should do a slower alignment action so folks can drive across the WW and not get jerked around a lot. The game should be able to determine between gradual orientation changes and drastic or large changes. - The server could store a calculus equation representing the WW, which is a simple line, and use it the decide what orientation a vehicle should use. - for Y junctions on WW, driver will need to manually turn and align with a choice, otherwise autopilot randomly takes one.
  23. ==Grand Opening== ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Need a lift or need some stuff moved? PM Penntell ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Prices as followed- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *Indy: Sailboat:25c Corbita:40c *Deli: Sailboat:45c Corbita:60c *Exo: Sailboat:70c Corbita:1s 10c extra for going through any canal's *= one way fare -------------------------------------------------- So Contact Penntell in game today for all your Transport and Ferry Needs