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Found 8 results

  1. As a person that likes to live on Islands i wanted to suggest a slight change to add to the use of a transmutation rod. I would like to see the rod be able to make a boulder of ore on a ground tile so that you could build your own island and have ore to mine if you want. We already have the boulder model so i can not see this being that big of a deal to add. (They would not be able to be used on a tile that is inside of a house and you could not build a house over them either)
  2. These items will be cod at the buyers expense from Independence so make sure to leave the name you want your item sent.. 19ql - rare yoyo, pine - 2s 11ql - rare dredge - 3s 22ql - rare water skin - 4s 2ql - rare pottery bowl - 2s 75ql - rare frying pan - 3s The next group will be pickup only as they can not be mailed. (North Independance - I might do delivery on the transmutation rod pm me and we will talk about it) 63ql - rare hanging lamp, copper - 1s 39ql - emerald staff, oak - 3s sold items.. 74ql - rare fruit press, olive - 3s 88ql - rare longsword, iron (93FB, 94N, HD) - 8s 53ql - rare needle - 2s *new item* 61ql - rare scythe, iron - 8s 85ql - rare large maul, iron - 8s 40ql - rod of transmutation - 30s (deliver to some me to see) 16ql - rare meditation rug - 7s
  3. [CLOSED]

    35s For the Rod Bones have been sold and sent. PM Kswords in game or forums Bones can be mailed. Rod of Transmutation cannot be mailed. No delivery outside Independence.
  4. great helm- sold fireworks-1s sleep powder-2s each or both for 3s seryll lumps-1s each sold transmutation rod-35s 70ql lg anvil- 50c rare iron lamp-1s sold cloth jacket-1s obo source crystals are 10c each for the old ones and 20c each for the new ones and boats cog 46ql cherry wood 5s sail boat pine wood 20ql 1s i will deliver to people on exodus and south deli but if you are farther you will have to come pick it up i can send by mailbox also you can pm me in game on either trainman or solkanar
  5. Hi guys, I have the following for auction: 1. Brass Spy Glass (useful to measure distances, works like a telescope) 2. Rod of Transmutation (used to turn a rock tile into a metal mine of your choice) 3. Bag Of Keeping (used to transport small things and does not drop on death) 4. 90 coc beautiful meditation rug. It is currently at 23 ql, but can be mended down to 1ql if desired. This is the only item that can be mailed. Number 1 to 3 are pick up at Tree Huggers Eden or might be possible to be delivered in person to Independence and Deliverance. Might even visit Exo or Cele , not Chaos though. I thought long if I should sell these treasures, and decided to keep a hidden reserve. Basically curious what these will go for, so please place a bid if you are intersted in buying one of them and state which one when bidding. Bids can be placed in Euro or Coins, using an exchange rate of 1s=1Euro Increments : 1 s Let's start 1 , 2 and 3 at 20s, number 4 at 3s. Auction time:
  6. 30s. Located in Exodus at Vicus Arboria, just west of the starter town. PM if interested. Sold
  7. Close

    60-70 silver for both. Pick up from Exodus. PM me this or ingame Sandrose.