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Found 9 results

  1. IGN: Lebonbon Deed: Haven Hill SE Harmony Coast Q22 Starting NOW. Ending Friday, March 4 at 6pm EST RainWar is a rare Skewbald Pinto colored mare who is immortal. Starting bid: 5 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Reserve: 5 s Buyout: No Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Private Bids: not accepted Contact me in game with your IGN via pm if you are the winner. Haven Hill on freeway and SE coast, Harmony Q22. I breed many fine quality animals, Horses (Pure Speed, Pure Combat, Pure Drafts, most rare colors), HH(Draft), Bison (Draft), Black sheep and cattle are all output production bred. Feel free to contact me in game and let me know what you are looking for. I am on a lot most weekdays. All animals are cleanly bred and have 4-8 traits total and 4-5 minimum pure traits with minimum lvl 75 and up - speed/draft/combat/production etc. You can pick up by boat, I can deliver on Harmony if possible, or meet you part way on mount. IGN: lebonbon Deed: Haven Hill SE harmony Coast Q22
  2. Hello, I was thinking about the value of horses and the dead market regarding horse breeding. I was questioning myself, what would make horsebreeding more interesting, what would value time and efford people put into it and I came to one solution: Make horses better with training! If you could train a horse to get more speed, you would give people a) something to work on, b ) something to hire people for, c) horses would become more interesting in comparison to hellhorses because they would be as fast as them without the unhitching/ biting burdens. So they could become more valued means better priced again. People that would put real efford into their horse business would stand out from those that just mass produce. Mass producing would infact make no sense anymore because you would need to much time to train all those horses up to selling status of 7th speed. My idea would mean you train a horse with riding it, (working cart horses should not become automaticly faster without any efford), maybe you would need the skill too, like 60 animal husbandry for 6th and 70 animal husbandry for 7th speed. d) This would give AH a new push because atm most people dont raise it much higher than 50 because this way they get all the speed traits they wanted without breeding useless other traits into the horses. e) You would give even training stables a chance to pop up, where someone could give their horse away for some time and get it back fully trained. f) And people would come out of their deeds more, because they need to train their horses. This way some forgotten landscapes would maybe become racing-grounds and more populated again. What do you think about this? Cheers
  3. At Yoitsu Medow on Independence I had a 5 speed gold horse "Daisystrong" . She is cared for by a player who has not played in years. She has always had 5 speed traits , and has produced 5 speed offspring . Today She only has 4 speed traits [06:39:11] It has fleeter movement than normal. It has a strong body. It can carry more than average. It has very strong leg muscles. I do not think animals lose traits so this must be a bug.
  4. I have noticed this over a couple months now that when i breed horses and do not return for duration of pregnancy the foals have high tendency to be grey. I had marked this to coincidence the first 3-4 times i noticed it, but last 3 times have gone beyond coincidence into the realm of irritating. I breed 7 5-speed horses. 2 Browns -> grey foal 2 Golds -> grey foal 2 whites -> grey foal 2 whites -> grey foal 2 blacks -> black foal grey(F)+black -> grey foal 2 Greys -> grey foal (yes i have 5-speed greys, they are result of this oddity/bug) grey(F)+white-> grey foal 3 of those make sense (grey females), 1 is normal (black), 1 maybe 2 of the other pairs may be bad luck, but for four pairs all producing grey foals and as far as i can tell only when the breeder leaves the server for the duration seems a little beyond bad rng. if this was first time i would still think it was coincidence, but this third time out of last 3 since since i completely moved to Rel, prior to that it happened maybe 5 times before i noticed it only seemed to happen when i was off server . I do seem to also have a higher chance of having some other color (had a blood bay last round), higher chance of bad or junk traits (three of the ones below had bad/junk traits), and a higher chance of one trait short (last round had a 4 speed). These are all 5 speeds, 9+ generations i think, every pair is branded, every pair is cared for, all breeding was done with 1 of 2 different of my characters and both have AH 50-60, both characters live on Release and recently i only breed them when i visit Xan. To reiterate this has happened so many times and so many oddities that it defies coincidence, i have bred a lot of animals of various types, and these oddities are beyond any rng i have seen or even heard about and so far as i can tell the only common denominator is being off server when foals are born, which i was under impression that foals were generated at time of breeding
  5. Hello riders and drivers! :-) I have quickly growing herd of healthy, strong and fast horses. Mostly young now, more and more coming up with multiple traits. Let me know if you want particular set. We can arrange delivery within Independence. Ask Nunatak for horses!
  6. The village of Plattekloof presents: Meerkat Stables we'll bring you up to speed... 2014 ...are we having fun yet? =) On a more serious note, we currently have 9 horses up for grabs, from regular cart puller to 4 Speed+ Golden Studs Our 5 Speeds are unfortunately all reserved or being retained for breeding purposes but the price list goes as follows: Traits Price 5 Speed - 40c 4 Speed and 4 Speed+ - 30c 3 Speed and 3 Speed+ - 20c 2 Speed, 2 Speed+ and Old/Venerable - 10c 1 Speed/No Trait - 5c For more information regarding gender, colours, names and specific traits, visit for an all inclusive Horse list - Screenshots will be added relatively soon. To visit our stables on Indie, follow the Great South Mountain Road south from Freedom Market until you reach Shadowthorn. Keep walking south and you will find Plattekloof on the hill across the Guard Tower (there's a Templar on Duty should you bring unwanted visitors along To enquire, reserve or order your Horse(s), Pm Marlon or Meerkatjie or contact us on
  7. Like the title says i have some horses that i am giving away to those who need them, All those that dont get given will be made to leather for my villagers and meat for my dogs If you want one PM me here and i will tell you how to get to my place and when there will be someone online for you to pick up I will NOT deliver unless under certain circumstances, they are free horses im sure you can walk for that if you need to
  8. For our cared for wild animals, can we have an item they can wear on face. Big red bow or a big spiked collar, so that people stop freaking out and trying to attack tame bears for example?
  9. what does "It has a certain spark in its eyes." do to the horses. like what effect does it have.?