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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, I was thinking about the value of horses and the dead market regarding horse breeding. I was questioning myself, what would make horsebreeding more interesting, what would value time and efford people put into it and I came to one solution: Make horses better with training! If you could train a horse to get more speed, you would give people a) something to work on, b ) something to hire people for, c) horses would become more interesting in comparison to hellhorses because they would be as fast as them without the unhitching/ biting burdens. So they could become more valued means better priced again. People that would put real efford into their horse business would stand out from those that just mass produce. Mass producing would infact make no sense anymore because you would need to much time to train all those horses up to selling status of 7th speed. My idea would mean you train a horse with riding it, (working cart horses should not become automaticly faster without any efford), maybe you would need the skill too, like 60 animal husbandry for 6th and 70 animal husbandry for 7th speed. d) This would give AH a new push because atm most people dont raise it much higher than 50 because this way they get all the speed traits they wanted without breeding useless other traits into the horses. e) You would give even training stables a chance to pop up, where someone could give their horse away for some time and get it back fully trained. f) And people would come out of their deeds more, because they need to train their horses. This way some forgotten landscapes would maybe become racing-grounds and more populated again. What do you think about this? Cheers
  2. Auctioning off this high casted short sword. Starting bid: 1s Increments: 1s Buyout offers: Accepted Happy Bidding
  3. I would like to buy a practice doll if it can be mailed through COD. I asked in game chats whether it could be COD but no sure answer so I thought I'd post on here. Depending on ql will depend on price. I've no idea how much these things are worth with good ql so please post what you think is a fair price and I will let you know if I am interested thank you.
  4. I find shields really aren't needed on freedom, but if you are going to go to a pvp server it is a skill that you are going to want to skill up. I've read many different forums post and gotten information from many people a long the way, here is a little bit of info on getting you shield skill up to speed. >
  5. Currently toys have little to no real use. The change I propose is for toys act as skill items. An example would be playing with a yoyo to increase body control. Straight away I can see this causing balance problems, however if it were limited to 5 increases a day at intervals of an hour it might work out. Skill level with the toy determines how many skill ticks you get, so the more you use a toy the better it would be for stat grinding. I am thinking low increases, ergo the same speed we have now (so several ticks to get 0.01) This might also lead to the introduction of more toys (one for each stat?). Thoughts?
  6. Original post found here: http://forum.wurmonl...shores-academy/ Thorakkanath
  7. Good Morning Everyone. Sunstone Seaport currently have open positions! We are interested in all new comers to the game We are currently running a Newbie Training Camp which will teach you how to play the game and give you new free good ql tools. Sunstone Seaport is located on Independence just South East of Maple Island at 44x 81y (co-ords click able to bring the map up) If you are interested PM me on this forum or ingame under Maximusi (note I am mostly on 5pm to 10pm GMT Monday to Fridays and 8am to 10PM GMT Saturday and Sundays) we can arrange to pick you up from one of several major locations one of which is near where new players start the game. Once we have picked you up we will bring you back and show you to the Newbie Camp, From there you will receive 2 weeks training on how to use the game, how to craft, it will include field trips and skill training. Upon completion of the 2 weeks if you are eligible we will offer you a full time position in our village. If you are not then you will be given time collect your belongings and we can give you a lift if you require back to where we picked you up or one of the other major destinations near us. Details about the Newbiew Training Camp Scheme can be found here We will post pictures soon!
  8. Good Morning Everyone. My name is Maximusi and I am the Mayor of a new village called Sunstone Seaport located on Independence at 44x 51y on the community map (click coords to see the map) We will offer a free ride over to our village from Freedom Harbour (36x 38y) or Freedom Docks (32x 40y) both very easily accessible for a newbie on foot from The Howl (32x 39y) which is the starting point or if you happen to be on Maple Island or Near Crystal Canal we will pick up from there as well. HERE IS WHAT WE ARE OFFERING: Each newbie will receive meals during their stay Each newbie will be offered a free tool of their choosing from our starters collection Each newbie will be shown the basics of the game how to do a few things and may ask questions We will also provide a training area where you may practice certain things and help get your Fight skill up to protect you in the wild. You may leave the 'Newbie Camp' at any time (minimum time is two days for the free tool) but maximum enrollment is 2 weeks. For every two days you come online and help with the work load we will provide you with a new decent quality tool to help you At the end of the 2 week enrollment we may have a position open in our village for you to stay permanently if this is the case it will be offered to you. If not then we shall say our good byes and wish you good luck in the world. We will also provide a lift back to Freedom Docks/Freedom Harbour/Maple Island or Oak Harbor If you are new to the game and wish to join or enquire about this programme please contact Maximusi ingame (by typing in local: /tell Maximusi Hi) or PM me on this forum. I am online normally between 5PM and 10PM GMT weeknights and most weekends 7am to 10pm GMT) This offer is subject to a maximum of 3 noobs at any one time! Current Open Positions: 3
  9. Welcome to Somalia! [media] thread music Somalia is a deed recently made on Affliction and is accepting new players to train for a world of PvP. We are in a strong alliance called the Republics of Dave. Our deed has empty houses ready for moving in, archery targets, mostly completed dirt walls, a mine with forges, several iron veins among which there are two utmost ql, and a copper vein. We have horse pens for breeding and public pens for other animals and it's own lake for your boats! Somalia is secure, we have a guardtower and the location is ideal. This is the perfect deed for any new player to learn the game and train his skills up in a friendly environment. At Somalia, we have experienced players who will help you along, you will be able to learn skills quickly, letting you move up in the world *other pictures of somalia go right about here* If you are interested in joining PM me here on the forums OR message one of the two ingame: TrulliLulli* Religiousnutjob P.S. I'll add more reasons for why you should join this amazing deed later. *TrulliLulli will be leaving for Elevation soon, leaving Religiousnutjob as the vice-mayor.