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Found 31 results

  1. There is a much bemoaned problem concerning merchants, particularly isolated single ones - many potential customers don't have easy access to coin while out travelling. Please let NPC merchants offer banking facilities like a token - at least let players withdraw coins at these NPC locations, so that customers can then make a purchase. Currently 10% of the money received by the NPC merchant goes into the 'King's coffers' as a cash sink. Please let NPC merchants accept treasure hunt deed upkeep credits in exchange for up to 10% of the total purchase price - the money goes to the King's pot anyway. This should encourage a healthy marketplace economy.
  2. I have a trader on my server that has been accumulating junk for years. He has some items, like a few summer hats, that he wants to sell for 100 gold or more. Obviously, there have been no takers. How can I clear out his inventory without having a GM spend 1,000 gold and letting him buy more junk from players at exorbitant prices? I have not been able to find a way to dismiss him with my GM. I might be able to destroy him, but I'm not sure where that will leave all his current wares, if that will mess up the database, etc. I was finally able to decrease his money pool to a reasonable amount, but I'm still stuck with all the high-priced crap people have sold him.
  3. Hello Devs and Inde dwellers! I'm worried about empty traders pockets - after another reset, properly managed. Also the message: 'There are apparently no coins in the coffers at the moment.' appears more often than before. King's poverty is also clearly visible in ton of rare herbs and such instead of coin given occasionally to balance traders draining. Is the economy broken or what? I could notice maybe more deeds disband by owners or by time recently, but some new settlements were started as well. Anyway the deeds that exist hold enough silver to keep the economy alive (at least mine do). Here: on the other hand the total amount of irons on the server hasn't dropped to level preventing money redistribution. Yearly graph shows nice saw-shaped traders pocket wealth... until some day in December. Is it related to tinkering with traders after wagoners update? I dont dig through WU code, but maybe someone does and knows - why did the coffers dry? I don't know if looking at any other server can give any answer since it appears they dont run the same code. Is there another experiment going on on Inde? I know it is hard to forsee the future, but since devs did intentionally 'fix' things regarding irons flow, is there at least one person sure the model doesn't lead to dead end even with normal players activity? :-)
  4. Here we are again with another one of the Odynn's post. This time about the economy, free coins and the now useless and utterly broken traders. Wurm economy in it's current state is actually suffering, the pyramidal scheme need fresh players to keep it alive and provide work opportunity for the olders established players. I won't go into the details but it's easy to see how and why that system is not really viable. We all know that Rolf following a few of our most vocal community members nerfed the traders into the ground. Indeed the cash they received on Pristine / Release was insane due to the lack of people owning them, but the average on the olders servers when from 5/7s per month to nothing. On the other hand the newly added mechanisms like forage/botanise - selling to the token - killing creatures - burying them are not balanced properly. Someone botanising daily can reach a gold per month easilly without investing a cents in Wurm. Traders then, what is their point anymore if you only gain 20c per month and pay 35s. Well, none, and that's the issue, instead of investing on Wurm future and spending money, you are better off foraging and botanising all day long, draining the coffers (specially since there is no traders reserved funds - which was something Rolf was supposed to implement). Why give again large amount of money to traders owners, they are stealing from everyone else some will say. Well, investing into Wurm and being a part of the economy thanks to the traders always seemed a good point to me. I mean, they won't judge your 50ql spindle and ease your money spent on the deed upkeep afterall. And this is exactly the idea. Limit the traders income to 80 to 150% of their deed upkeep. This would mark the end of the trader deeds (80c to 1s50 for a 1s deed monthly deed upkeep) but would help the larger deeds to pay for their upkeep and make wurm less costly. Keeping in the long run people pay large amount of premium. Reducing the distance cap between them, maybe their price and limiting their incomes to 5s per traders (can have multiple on a deed though - deed upkeep divided by traders amount and with a random variable on it - capped to 5s per to prevent abuses) would make it worth investing in them again. This new system would make them worth to have on Xanadu as well (no more abuses) and if there is still no reserved money for them, get their payout at the start of the month (instead of all over the 28 days) leaving the rest of the funds available for all the others money distribution ways. For the others distribution ways to work properly though it will require a large balancing on the different ratio (and a nerf on the forage / botanise coins).
  5. Since the Itembox template is used for basic information about an item and its creation, I wanted to propose that we add a section for the item's base price and base favor constants. Aside from information for a select few items on the Base Price page, this information is largely lacking on the wiki, and the Itembox template seems to be the best place to include this information. I didn't want to make a change to such a widely used template without discussion first though, so what do you think?
  6. I propose a new item to be placed on Traders: the Congregant Contract What It Does The Congregant Contract is a nodrop item that, when activated, leaves a "Congregant Doppelganger" exactly where you were standing when you logged off. This doppelganger counts as a listener for sermons held in range. When you log in the doppelganger vanishes. The doppelganger is as attackable as a regular player for both PvP and PvE purposes, though they drop no loot and can be resummoned after being killed by logging in, activating and logging out. So keep your pet lava fiends fed, or your sermon party could be wiped out all the same. Advantages It still requires a subscription to work, so no loss for Rolf. Support the sermon party even when you are otherwise occupied. Support as many accounts as you desire on any computer, it's the server doing the work after all. Even if some are NPC placeholders, a nice full church just feels right. Price 20 silver feels right to me, since the person buying the Congregant Contract get's no direct benefit. It only benefits others.
  7. been trying for days now can't get a trader setup trying to create new starter deeds now on dedicated and non dedicated servers both adventure and creative keep getting messages traders are disable on this server i tried it on non gm toon and gm toon can some helps please
  8. Hey guys. Does anyone know how to modify traders to give you more money for items you sell, like 125% of normal price or 150%. Wanting to know how to for my own private server. Any way of editing them to do this or any other variant? If anyone knows how to, could you create a "for dummies" guide on how to do it please, would be greatly appreciated.
  9. I'm placing this here instead of the Xanadu sub forum so it might actually be seen. There was a poll awhile back where the question was putting player traders on Xanadu. Not seen anything since that poll was done. That makes me kinda suspicious that it was approved but kept on the hush hush. Just that I've been in too many MMO where stuff happens and you don't get told. Happens all the time in this game what with changes not being made public. Everyone who played the game for a couple years knows this. So, what was the results of the poll? Are player owned traders ok on Xan now? I don't think I'm the only one who wants to know.
  10. Everyone seems to think Traders need a total overhaul and some aspects do need change but with a few tweaks they can work. 1. Instead of draining have them by selling them items no one would want to buy have them deposit an amount determined by the activity of the trader into the a fund drawn from the trader's owner (just like merchants). 2. Give them the ability to sell things just as merchants instead of an automatic value not inline with what people will actually pay for them let people determine value. 3. Make the items placed on the trader available through all other traders on the server. Just like a merchant but the trader takes a much larger percentage of profits for taxes and delivery. (20%) This would make them true traders and end the need to lock them away. It would also end the need to clot them up with nearly useless items that are so Overpriced that no one would buy them unless they were getting the money back. The trader system as it is always seemed silly to me because 90% of them are locked in a shack only trading with one person and still manages to get more money than that one person gives them. This would not replace the current merchant system because they would still cost 50 silver to place and the items put on them would most likely be much higher than regular merchants. Also it would allow sellers to see what others on their server are selling similar items for leading to a stabilization of prices. Restrictions on placing could stay the same but I would prefer they be limited to one per account needing premium membership to place or receive funds from the trader. If premium time expires for the placer then cannot access funds from it. The only difficult major change would be the the server wide sales screen perhaps divided by categories for easy use.
  11. Further to the latest news update and the suggestion to improve starter towns, maybe it would be an idea to fix the traders in the starter towns too. Over the last couple of months, I have checked the Newspring Starter Town traders, to see what they have to offer. You will see from the images below that each month there are plenty of seriously damaged items on offer. Newspring Traders on offer Suggestions: 1. Maybe these items need to be cleared more regularly? 2. At the same time, less of the ridiculously expensive items could be put on the trader; is it really necessary to offer 3 transmutation rods and 3 magical chests, etc? Then maybe, the constant message of being short on cash, etc. would not appear so often?
  12. Well i guess Rolf flipped the switch at some point and allowed traders on Xanadu. I bought a trader contract from my trader on Pristine and was on my way to Independance to set a new trader deed but stopped at my Xanadu deed along the way. Well for fun i tried to set the trader up in my house on Xanadu to see what the message said but to my surprise it worked so i guess we can have traders there now. Edit: I don't know why he would stop them there now anyway since they seem to be fixed on the old servers now.
  13. In Stock: 83 QL Glimmersteel Great Helm- 80 Silver 83ql Adamantine Great Helm- 40 Silver 90ql Seryll Brestplate- 20 silver 81 QL Small maul with 92 nimb and 95 RT-7 silver 81 QL Scythe with 77coc 78 woa-3 silver 96 QL Soft cap - 1 silver 5x HOTS Guard Towers: Pickup at G 8 Deliverance In game map (Konoha), 1 silver for one tower. Yule Goats- 3 silver each FAQ: BOTD=blessing of the dark=coc+woa, so 86 botd means 86 coc+86 woa (Tried and tested myself, same timers and skill gain) (Highlighted some cool stuff ) Note: Buyers pay COD cost. Sold: Rare Forge Rare Tabard- 3 silver 2 QL pickaxe with 77 coc-50 copper 70 QL Pickaxe with 86 Botd-1.5 silver 78 QL Pickaxe with 73 coc 78 woa-1.2 silver 79 QL Pickaxe with 86 coc 75 woa 1.5 silver 8.7 QL pickaxe with 86 BOTD-1.5 silver 73 QL oakenwood ropetool with 95 woa-2.5 silver 59.20 QL File with 70 coc-50 copper 58.75 QL Carving knife with 75 coc-80copper 20 QL Rare Carving Knife-6 silver 8 QL Rare Grindstone-2 silver 11.51 QL Rake with 72 BOTD-80 copper 28 QL Rare Chain boot - 2 silver 59.64 QL Needle with 75 coc and 77 woa-1.8 silver 89 QL needle with 65 coc 52 woa-1.5 silver 83 QL Rake with 96 coc 68 woa- 5 silver 80 QL Huge Axe nim 72 fb 62 coc 61- 2 silver Glass Flask with Transmutation Liquid (0.14 kg)- 3 silver 90.26 QL Steel Longsword with 101 Frostbrand 90 Coc 74 nimb and Animal's demise-8 silver 90 QL Huge Axe 77 nimb 94 frostbrand 44 coc-4.3 silver Armour Plateset: 60 QL- 2.5 Silver 70 QL - 3.5 Silver 75 QL- 4 Silver 80 QL- 5 Silver Shields 50 QL- 30 Copper 70 QL - 50 Copper Kingdom Wagons: All awesome stuff can be picked up from Konoha on Deliverance (In game map-G8 and Community map-5x 14y) Like something but thing is out of budget: Feel free to offer. Want to join us? We are a group of players who enjoy this nice game. You can also be part of this group and learn the game with buddies. We take in new and old players. Join us if: You like a happening place. Want to grind skills in Wurm. Are interested in hunts or unique. Dont enjoy living alone somewhere. We offer : 50ql Tools 50 ql Armour 50 ql Weapons Friendly neighbors Huge Farm And lots of Laughter. Aim: The vision of Konoha is to give full happiness in game. Make a nice community. Also personality development courses (joking lol). So what you waiting for, contact a recruiter now. Recruiters : Hashirama Xxforgottenxx Madara(Forum name:Gaul) Neighbors Sanrina Thorngard Enjoy your time in Wurm Online.
  14. Hey Everyone! > As you may have noticed, the weekly news has now moved to a Friday. In the past, Thursdays were the best time because Johan could deal with feedback on the Friday after the news came out. Now, however, I am much more available to do that on weekends rather than Fridays. It also gives the developers an extra day to submit news for the week! Sorry this was unannounced. I meant to mention it last week! This week the developers have been scaling back development in time for the Easter Holidays but there have still been things going on behind the scenes with feature implementations and tweaks. There are no major feature announcements today. Without too much delay, here's the news... Elevation Trader Reimbursements As everyone is aware, the reset for the Elevation server is fast approaching. To facilitate the transition players are now able to request reimbursement for traders that they own using the in-game /support reporting system. These traders will be removed and reimbursed at a value of 20 silver coins each. To qualify for reimbursement a trader must either: Be located on a deed (Reimbursement to Mayor or designated alternate) Be located within a house (Reimbursement to Writholder or designated alternate)Traders not meeting either of the 2 above requirements are not qualified for reimbursement.Players will have until April 8th to make claims after which all traders will be removed from the server. Original thread for this can be found here. Elevation Map Under Construction One of the tasks the development team have been working on is the new map for Elevation. I don't have any detailed information yet but as mentioned previously it is planned to include a central landmass with smaller islands near the borders with the existing home servers. Don't forget that "small islands" in this case could turn out to be pretty big relative to what players are used to on Elevation. War Machines Implemented After an initial introduction on the Challenge servers, the Trebuchet, Ballista, Siege Shield, Spike Barrier, Magical Turrets and Archery towers were implemented on all servers, although the towers do not attack enemies (except KoS players on PvP servers). There were a few issues to begin with whereby players were able to block each other using siege shields on the PvE servers, although they should now be easier to push and pull to avoid this. The game rules were amended to make it very clear that it is against the rules to "block access to deeds, merchants, or structures not belonging to you" or to "intentionally create player traps", using siege shields or any other method, on the Freedom cluster (excluding Chaos). Initial feedback showed that the trebuchet was overpowered at first so there is now a delay in firing it to make it more reasonable. Xanadu and Chaos Map Dump Progress We are hoping to use various methods of distributing the fresh map dumps of Xanadu and Chaos soon. Our primary distribution will be in the form of a Google Maps style interface as part of the Wurm site, possibly even with map markers for the start deeds etc. and the potential for more information to be added over time. Many thanks to Mamadarkness and MaxC for working on this over the past week! We also expect that some players will want to be able to download the image file itself for use in community maps, or to re-host on their own servers, or to view offline. We hope to make the map dumps freely available as torrents. If you have a specific need for the raw file (to make a community map, or to re-host it on your own servers) you may also message me once they are released and I will send you instructions on downloading the raw image file. A direct download link on our own site would be our favourite option but at the moment there's no way we would have enough bandwidth. The files are pretty big indeed! Bridge Debugging Continues There is not much to say about bridges right now other than they are coming along nicely and debugging is going very well. We still expect that they will be released in mid-April for all to enjoy! Bridges still very much under construction! Click for a larger version. Successful Treasure Hunt Congratulations to all who took part in the latest Game Master organised treasure hunt which took part on the Exodus server last Saturday. The turnout was really great and I hear it was well organised so good job all round! I also heard that some people enjoyed exploring a new server they had never been on much, or at all, before even if they didn't win one of the big prizes so that's great to hear. Stay tuned for future treasure hunts on other servers and in different timezones! PR Team is Recruiting Would you like to help write the weekly news, publicise Wurm, maintain our social media pages and much more? Consider volunteering as a Public Relations Assistant! You can find the full recruitment thread here. There is no closing date but I expect to start appointing people within the next week or two. Happy Easter And last, but by no means least, Happy Easter Wurmians! Whether you celebrate Easter the traditional way or you just want the excuse to eat tons of chocolate, or whether you don't celebrate it at all, we hope you have a great weekend. That's all for this week, Happy Wurming!
  15. Hello, I was considering playing Wurm again since I stopped in 2012; there is something quite pleasant about this game in spite of all of the grind. However, what was unpleasant then is still unpleasant now: how this game is rife with elitists who are so obsessed with their little privileges that they complain every time they see them as being put in peril. I am referring, for example, to the trader situation. I see that Rolf is beginning to see the problem with traders, even if he is reluctant to address it. At least he spelt it out in his description of the game here: "You buy a trader contract in order to place them, but you never “own†a trader since the idea is that they should be made available for public access." Yet we all know what happened in reality, with traders in the middle of a 3x3 locked room regularly milked by their owners and their owners alone. I have read that on Xanadu - where I'm not but where I may go as soon as I build a new ship because Celeb looks like a dump where nobody seems to play anymore - the private traders have been prohibited. But what do I also read? That the old Wurm elites are whining about how they can no longer leech off their traders, while the few public, game-owned traders are camped by alts. I do not own a trader. I not only could not afford it, I never wanted one, because I could not see myself grinding junk to sell to it in the first place. When I first read about traders, I immediately detested the fact that I, a once-premium and deeded character who never owned a trader, was in effect subsidizing the Wurm elite players so that they could renew their premium/deeds/alts at a fraction of what it would normally cost them -- and that's if they paid anything at all in real money to Rolf. I suspected that many paid exactly nothing, since established players were bending over backwards to buy the 20-day referrals from new premium members in coins when a 30-day premium bought directly from the store would have cost them about half the price they were paying in coins -- and if there is one thing I know, it is that generosity towards new players does not exist in this game. It's a no-brainer that this preference only makes sense if the coins used to buy the referrals were money obtained for free in the first place. I see that cash shop prices have increased drastically last year, by 60 percent or so. Yet the trader money fountain remained in place for more than a year, and I'm guessing it still exists on servers other than Xanadu. In other words, while traders continued to drain the game's money to the established elite, the rest of the players were paying for Rolf's reluctance to turn off the faucet. To re-inject coins once taken out of the game by one of the existing sinks (upkeep, premium, etc.) is bad enough. To re-inject coins in a way that only a select few get to benefit, when the sinks affect everyone who paid any money, is worse. I cannot say if Rolf's company is struggling, but there are at least two serious problems with his game currency flow which at first glance undermine his business model. The first is traders. The other is players' ability to cash out of the game by selling their coins on the market. Yes, the buyers of those coins will re-invest them in the game or sell them back at a markup to someone who will. But any private buying of coins only makes sense to the prospective buyer if the asking price is lower than what Rolf sells the same coins for in the safety of the cash shop. By allowing the private buying and selling of coins (many of which, one may suspect, were obtained through traders at a cost of exactly zero), Rolf in effect enables people to undercut his prices, reducing demand for his own supply of coins, crippling his income and forcing price increases on everyone to compensate for this. Simply put, the traders have to go. Not just the private traders, but also the public ones. Or at the very least their ability to buy stuff from players. Every coin that went out of the game through a sink should never go back in the game, except under exceptional circumstances. Traders are not among them. And as I always highly disapproved of the notion that a player can cash out of the game, since I would never have wanted to do that myself, I think that Rolf should ban private transactions between players. I have seen old posts by people here who refer to the player base of this game as "investors" and "workers", as though everyone's main preoccupation was with making a buck and exploiting some other sap into cutting 500 bricks that you're too lazy to make (while harping on the virtues of "self-reliance"). And frankly, it shows. You know what I have seen this game called? A pyramid scheme. But it's especially ironic that here it's not even the guy who created the game who seems to benefit. Instead, it's all about a little, very vocal, very vituperative, elite at the top which wants to parasitically go on draining whatever life exists in this game for the sake of a few bucks while they frantically insist that the game must absolutely not be made easier for new players. And frankly that has to end.
  16. Since everyone seems to want change to traders and traders now have become pretty much worthless. Anyways ill get to the point. My idea is kinda similar to an idea Eyerobot had a while ago. - Make traders function as actual "traders" -Give them the ability to search all Merchants for items to buy (don't give me the break immersion excuse because their name says "traders") -Charge an additional 5 copper or maybe 5% for buying an item from a distant Merchant. -"Breaks immersion argument breaker" Once item is purchased from a distant merchant then it will be mailed to you in a certain amount of time 3 hours for same server 6 hours for another server. This would benefit everyone people would seek out public traders (for those who wish to have more people in thier area). Merchants selling stuff on their merchants would have access to a broader customer base. People who own the trader would see an increase in profits and it would be a realistic income. - if you are going to use the "immersion excuse" then explain how traders are so immersive for your gaming experience being locked in a 3x3 building. In order for this to be fair people who either own or have claimed an abandoned trader should have the opportunity to reclaim their trader. Not sure how this would be possible for records where they cannot check who placed the trader or where the person placing and the final person who has control are in conflict(thats another story) If they don't want to take part in the new system then they should have an opportunity for silver reimbursement. I feel like this would encourage people to spend money having access to more goods. It would also encourage people to have public traders/create areas for public use. You would still have an advantage if your trader was not public but a member of your deed as it would give you the ability to buy and sell without incurring the 5c tax. I feel as if a trader should have ability to sell stuff for people also like a public merchant of sorts with a limited inventory of items that it can sell (like a merchant). - Tom wants to sell his pickaxe that he made but does not have a merchant of his own. - Tom traders pickaxe to Trader Joe and puts it up for "trade" at a price of 80c - Tom pays 5c to Trader joe for trying to "trade" his pickaxe for 1 week (this should be limited to 5 items per character on a trader to avoid griefing "hey ill just put 100 needles on here for 5s then no one else can use it" ) To sum it all up Traders would fill these functions. A) Act as an actual "Trader" and seek out items from merchants that people would like. ( a 3 hour to 6 hour delay would be on receiving said item) this is to not break immersion and to give local Merchants an advantage. Function as a public merchant with the same limit of 100 items as a merchant(limit the number of items any 1 person can sell on them at any given time to 3-5 to avoid griefing) C) for every action Buying/Selling there would be either a 5c flat tax or 5% tax This would not effect people who sell bulk items or people who cater to a dedicated playerbase buying from a local market. Traders would have to be assigned an owner for this to work. Rolf could also implement this without changing the system just add this onto the abilities thus rewarding people who have placed traders for public use this whole time. Also he could keep the ability to "Drain" traders of upkeep funds and just add this as an added feature for the health of the game. Might be a bit of a challenge but i think it would make for a more lively economy.
  17. The redistribution wealth pool is what traders pay out. Its also refereed to as the king's coffers. The money that makes up this pool is a fraction of the money that is taken out of the game via gold sinks. For example; A portion of the silver you pay for deed upkeep ends up in the redistribution pool and is given back to players through traders. If their is a biased problem with my poll question, I'd love to hear your input. This is a simple poll. please, don't argue. Please, just answer it and move on.
  18. This is just an information gathering poll. Any objections of bias in wording can be addressed.
  19. Given the current discussion about Xan traders, here is something that would be easy to do to make the current broken system a little less broken but without changing the mechanic. Just remove the King's envoy message so you actually have to go and check to see if any coin has been distributed.
  20. So lately Ive been seeing major differences between the income my trader is getting over my friends traders on the same server. After discussing it we are virtually doing the same thing and I can not come up with a reason for such a difference. I was hoping someone else might have some insight on what would/could cause this. Any factors in this is greatly appreciated, even if its speculation I would enjoy the discussion. Thanks
  21. I have 3 deeds with traders on them i'd like to offer for sale. I"m not good with pics, i can struggle to make some if absolutely necessary for serious buyers. 2 deeds on Deliverance, Both deliverance deeds have been sold - lots of inquiries..thank you A. 1s upkeep cost per month, has one building on it..but lots of place to mine, n forest 35s + upkeep in Bank B. approx 1.5s upkeep cost..full village of buildings with loads of bsbs 36s + upkeep in Bank 1 deed on Exodus Deed with trader and market approx 2s upkeep per month, has mine, guard tower, market stalls main building, breeding stalls, lots of room to build full village n forest n mine. 35s +upkeep in bank pm me in game or leave me pm on forums they still yield approx 5s per month each in income yet i predominantly play on xanadu now and would like to lesson my sailng trips
  22. These are part of what the Trader holds at Newspring currently: 3 x rods of transmutation @ 50s each = 150s 3 x large magical chests @ 50s each = 150s 3 x small magical chests @ 25s each = 75s These have been here since the start - it would seem that not 1 has been bought ... down to a whole lot of rubbish that has been sold to it - that needs clearing out. This is large capital tied up and makes cash for goods inaccessible to players. Why not reduce the numbers above to say 1 each and replace monthly if sold? [12:51:41] Economic breakdown this period: Earned=1393, spent=30610 Ratio=0.045508005 [12:51:41] Taxes paid=0, rate=0.0 Tried to sell a gold ring 44ql worth 3.9482 indicated by trader (?!?) [12:56:52] Price is set to 20 copper. = got by examining item for price and this is the reply from the trader: [12:53:21] Windspring says, 'I am low on cash and can not purchase those items.' surprise, surprise! PLEASE FIX THIS !
  23. Sold out. Close Thread. Good bye Wurm!
  24. The size of Niflheim is 71 by 71. The perimeter is 10 and it has 1 guards hired. The settlement has 20 silver, 90 copper and 87 iron in its coffers. The monthly cost is 11 silver, 94 copper and 20 iron. The upkeep will last approximately 49 days and 34 minutes more. This settlement has acquired knowledge that increases the productivity bonus of its citizens by 1.5%. This deed is located on deliverance (25x14y) up in the mountains. It has a 700 tile farm (half sloped) and a couple buildings. Lots of iron ondeed (including utmost) and pretty much all the other veins just off deed (zinc, gold, lead, copper). Has a very good silver vein ondeed too. Not going to lie, the deed itself doesn't look very pretty, but it's practical and has lots of open space. The deed has 2 traders which can support the costs of upkeep. The deed comes with 11, 70ql ovens. A couple of 70ql forges. Random items, wemp, vegies etc.. and 10000 odd brass. Anyway, looking for offers, cheers