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Found 14 results

  1. Hi guys, I have aquired these long ago, but never really got around to do anything much with them. So there is not alot developed, just a few small wooden houses. I would prefer to transfer them to a new owner as soon as we figured out a price. So if any of the following sparks your interest, feel free to send a forum message to me, or post questions below the thread here. I will consider any reasonable offer. Here are some details: Deed 1: 14 days upkeep left, 4% productivity bonus, 21x15 in size, upkeep per month is 1 silver, 30 copper and 40 iron, 1 guard hired Special: 3x3 trader house, high dirt walls around, entrance through cave tunnel, slate and iron in the cave, coast and guard tower slightly off deed. Deed 2: 32 days upkeep, 4% productivity bonus, 11x11 in size, 1.24 s upkeep, 1 guard hired Special: two small wooden houses on deed, one for the trader. directly at the coast, and a highway along the coast still partially on deed. Various metals in the nearby mine. Deed could be extended over those. Small fenced area attached to the larger house. Mailbox beside the token. Deed 3: 34 days upkeep left, 4% productivity bonus, 15x15 in size, 1.45 s upkeep, 1 guard hired Special: two 1x1 sheds, one for the trader. Great hunting area, mailbox on deed, nice neighbors, almost flat deed space, all sorts of metals and stones in the nearby caves, water detected on deed but no fountain so far. this could be fixed if required.
  2. Closed

    Well the time has come for me to move on so i am putting Kegan and the last of my stuff up for auction. I never was much on leveling up skills and bought most of my things so the skills are kind of low on the crafting side of things. I also have no idea on the value of accounts but have an idea in my head and put what i had thought the things were worth by the listings. (This is how i come up with the starting bid) Things you get in the auction: 1: Kegan [15:35:17] You have premium time until 8 May 2017 11:00:36 GMT (est 320s) 2: 93ql Supreme Rowboat - 30s 3: 70-80ql White Drake Set - 75s 4: 3x Trader Deeds - w/holders - 75s (1s upkeep deeds, north independence) ----------------------- Total: 500s starting bid Starting Bid: 5g or 500 euro (PayPal verified buyer payes any fees) Increments: 20s/euro Buyout: PM Offers No Reserve, 1h sniper Note: If you have any questions send me a pm here on the forums. Also comes with these extras: Kegan's Skills: PoK 5 ( Screenshot of the White Drake set..
  3. Not sold, however if interested give me a PM and i'll sell it for a good price. The size of Rogues Camp is 11 by 11. The settlement has 7 silver, 21 copper and 60 iron in its coffers. The upkeep will last approximately 202 days, 1 hours and 9 minutes more. [13:11:57] This is within the village of Rogues Camp. This settlement has acquired knowledge that increases the productivity bonus of its citizens by 1.5%. Start: 20s Bind: 1s Buyout: 35s It doesn't come with a mayor alt but can be provided for an extra fee. Mayor name is Scoundrel. This is a wilderness deed with no immediate coastal access, its a great place to hunt though. Near a steppe. Location 34x10y on the Indy Map.
  4. Your basic Trader Deed, right by Lotus Landing, easy access to SS and the sea. You need your own toon, my guy is not premium and I am probably going to sell him separately. I will also throw in a large cart and a wagon, there are several 4 speed horses there as well, and a small collection of mats. Plenty of iron and slate underground, but no mine developed yet.
  5. DK Forest (X25Y7) - looking for 25 silver or best offer +5s extra if you'd like a deed holder that has been premiumed in the past (so account won't get deleted due to inactivity)
  6. Hello, For sale: Southport - Deli X30Y48 on that map. The deed has LMC and trader The deed will come with a mayor called Souhtport and and PoK level 4 alt(non prem) who can check the trader. Asking price is 50s. There is atm 3 houses on deed and a mine + resources but not taking those into account. Pm me here.
  7. Buyout offer taken, auction closed. I am auctioning off my Trader Deed Yicujo, it is located at 20x, 31y. It has 2 buildings and is completely flat. Has a rare archery target on deed. There are plenty of items in the containers on deed to drain the trader. I have not drained it in about 3 weeks, I just don't have time anymore. It comes with a deed holder toon name Orak that can Get Info on the Trader (Path Of Knowledge). He is just a starter toon with no premium and no significant skills. I would like payment to be in Euro or USD via paypal. Bidding starts at 20 Euro Increments of 1 Euro Buyout @ 40 Euro 2 Day Auction Happy Bidding
  8. __SOLD__ Coastal Deed located on Pristine at In game map S-15. (Highland Peak) 4165 tiles 119 x 35. Has a trader housed on deed. Everything is included. BSB, keys, writs, animals...everything. I know theres Iron, and Marble...but I never mined the deed out. Neighbor tells me there is probably silver in there but I have no idea. Has just shy of 20 silver in the coffers, which is 48 days. The deed could be resized to be smaller while keeping the trader if you wanted. 55 silver buys it all. msg me on Saraie for easiest communication, or reply here or PM me. Thanks for lookin!
  9. Gnome Depot Relocation Sale! The Gnome Depot is relocating to a new and better location to best serve our loyal customers. This means that we are looking to sell off our current base of operations. We are seeking offers in the form of In game silver / Euro / USD (paypal only plz). If you are interested plz contact me to discuss any offers or to arrange a time to come visit and see the place for your self! This is a relocation sale only, the Gnome Depot is NOT for sale, you are not purchasing any form or rights to the Gnome Depot, our business, customers or any form to use the name Gnome Depot. Pictures are for display of the deed only. Items in pictures may or may not be included. Please see the full listing below of what is included. If you wish to see our new location, plz reference the release map, cords are x31/32 y43. Please stop by anytime if you wish to visit and see our new location! Name: Shenandoah Location: Release x24 y40 Size: 25x21 with 15 Perimeter (connected and part of a much larger enclosure, see below for more details) Upkeep: 2s 91c (with Templar) (53 days left as of this posting) Trader: Yes The deed is connected and part of a larger tall walled enclosure. Total size of property behind tall wall including deed/perimeter is 115x33 (give or take a square). All 115 running North / South is Prime Costal land and the deed can be expanded / relocated to cover this area to allow for multiable traders if desiered. Included with the deed! 1 Private Secure Trader 1000+ tile farm within tall wall enclosure Iron / Tin / Marble veins in deeded / offdeed private mine 1 Deed / 1 off Deed Guard Tower 50ql+ Private(deeded) and Public clay pits Private Tar pit Mailbox with 96 courier casted
  10. I am selling Union Island on Celebration. Union Island is located in the Southeast corner of Celebration. The Island consists of 3 deeds: Union Island (81 x 61 with 5 perimiter), East Union Island (11 x 11 with 5 perimiter), and Cake (45 x 27 with 5 perimiter). There are a total of 4 private traders on the Island: 2 on Union Island deed, 1 on East Union Island deed, and 1 on Cake deed. Cake and East Union Island are mostly trader deeds at this point and are not very developed other than a building for the trader. Union Island is the main deed and has several buildings and useful features. Union Island has a mine that contains Iron, gold, tin, zinc, and copper. The entrance to this mine is on deed. However, only the iron is on deed. The rest of the metals are offdeed, but in the same mine. The copper, zinc, and tin are all next to each other, so its a great set up for those who like to smelt brass and bronze. There are also several lead veins on the island, although only one has been exposed at this time. The entrance is currently caved in, but I may try to get over there and open it back up soon. Other resources on the island: are clay, tar, and a decent amount of almost every type of tree/bush. Only exception to this are the newer types. Union Island deed has a generous supply of oaks. The Union Island deed also has several usefull buildings including a warehouse stocked with BSB's and a couple of spacious houses with nice workshops. There are also several fenced areas for those who like to farm and raise animals. There are also several cattle and horses on deed, however, I can't vouch for traits because my husbandry skill is quite low. There are also 2 guard towers on the Union Island deed. Cake and East Union Island come with a newbie toon to hold the deed. A toon will need to be supplied by the buyer for the Union Island deed. I am asking 2.5 gold for all 3 deeds. Would prefer to sell the whole island to somebody who can use it and take care of it, if there are no buyers, I might be willing to split it up later. If you are interested, please PM me (Uian) in game or on forums. Here are some pictures of the Union Island deed: House with attached workshop This workshop is set up well for bulk item producers. [ [ [ [ Nice Yard. [ [ [ [ [ [ Spirit Cottage with 90 courier cast. [ View of docks from Union Island Token. [ Forest Plaza. [ Another House [ [ Warehouse [ Sand pit complete with BSB's with clay and dirt for easy mortar making. [ [ Oaks, Oaks, and more oaks!! [ [ [ A catapult [ Horse Pens and Stables
  11. this post has moved to auctions Mods, please delete at your convienence.
  12. Starting big: 40s Auction length: 3 days Buyout: None yet, will maybe post one after some offers are received Located at K-40 http://noizeviolatio...wurm/CelebH.png directly south of Amish Paradise (old Raunigi) Selling this deed on the south Celebration server. It is halfway developed, plenty of room to do whatever you'd like and not a lot to take down to start from scratch. The deed is mostly flat, an easy project to complete if necessary. I recently clearcut the trees so they are not that old. I'm afraid the pictures don't show much but it's a big, open deed. I am also including with the deed a 34ql pinewood cog with 10 rafts - the deed is less than a minute by foot from AP's harbor. View from the NE corner, off the Stigg-Amish highway Utmost gold vein Iron vein on deed Many, many lead veins (have not prospected them all but there are at least 20) 98 cast mailbox at token Tar pit on deed 2000+ bricks 1500+ logs Trader (will include 30s+ worth of silver jewelery) Gold Mag and Fo altars Pair of bison 2 pairs of 5 speed horses Any other animals desired negotiable 3 brick storage buildings with 5 brick gatehouses All owned land fenced in 30ql pinewood cog w/10 rafts (min 7s value!) Great starter deed package for a new player, or someone wanting to relocate to Cele. The area is fairly well settled but many neighbor deeds have started to decay. The remaining locals are as kind and friendly as you can get! Happy bidding! Link to larger renders of screenshots: