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Found 4 results

  1. (created 1.10.2022, finished 1.13.2022) Presentational Video Here:
  2. Due to the nature of an online game being online, people like to prepare and plan for events as big and new as these. It's not realistic to expect people to go to the site as soon as they see the rift, and wait it out without sleeping until it opens just so they don't miss out. So I have 2 ideas, listed in order of preference. One would be to place a timer in the /rift box whenever a new rift opens. This would allow all interested parties to set their schedules and plan accordingly. Idea #2, at the very least, (or maybe as well as!) place a totem where it hit the ground that people could examine to find out how long until the rift opens. "Time until invasion: --hours and --minutes." Sure, people 'can' work it out, if they know when the rift opened, but these people are not always online to answer questions, nor should they have to. Give people a way to find out for themselves.
  3. As written above, it is a thing, very, very SHINY thing. It indeed IS a Shiny Totem, in all of its glory, soaked in mystery. It may even be one of the shiniest totems I have ever seen. And I've seen few. Upon this artifact I have stumbled across, yet I am not worthy of keeping it. Therefore it must be passed onto another. I am not sure, if it can be mailed. If not, the winner should expect it to be delivered swiftly anywhere on Xanadu, no questions asked. And let me assure you: The Totem is not stolen. Although it would certainly be worth it. QL 83,02 DMG 44,47 Weight 0,10 kg Starting price is 6s Increments are 50c high Buyout is considered at 14s Location: Southwestern Xanadu Will you be the new master of the Shiny totem?
  4. Totem Poles - This idea is more in general to Totem Poles... but the idea was to use a saw on a felled tree and create a Totem Pole in which would be lovely if you have high carpentry where you could "Improve" the Pole and it would in return increases the height and whats on it but in following that idea came with the idea for Spirit Guides! Spirit Guide - This idea was more of a secondary suggestion. Basically once making a Totem Pole you would be able to chose the animal you wish to follow Example: Bear, Deer, Wolf, or Bison? and these animals once followed will give a skill gain bonus to one of the Nature Skills like Forestry, Fishing, Animal husbandry and others not including Meditation sense that's a different part but once choosing the animal you want to follow with which totem you follow so if you made a bear totem you would then start following the Spirit Guide of the bear (with a warning message of course) and lets say the QL of that totem could be how much in a certain percent would help with that skill and give a bit of a small gain not too great from Sleep Bonus but noticeable and it would help skill that so Bear would be Fishing so when near a Bear Totem you gain Spirit Animal spell effect in the same idea of a Altar would work? Then anyone following that Spirit Guide in the area would get that skill bonus. This suggestion part is a bit sketchy and anyone who wishes can give ideas in comments give your opinion in comments ~Alpha