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Found 14 results

  1. Hey As title says. Pm me dump and price,
  2. As said before. Have killed 4 random animals (bull, 2x spider, hen and a troll) and all gave me 4% towards the mission to kill 40 cave bugs. This is on exodus.
  3. I am back early from my RL thing and was able to get the newest god just before i left.... If anyone needs a convert to any god available to freedom or to become priest then you need only come to Release. If you have a ship you can literally sail to my front door otherwise you can drop a tent on a shore and take the red tunnel to Slopping Sands and then back to your tent (feel free to leave your body on my doorstep, i will dispose of it...don't ask). I will dedicate a priest to any new god that arises. The priests will be at Castle von Cleric (center of Release) or Castle von Gunem (southwest edge of Release) PM in advance and will tell you where to go or ask in this thread Basic to become follower (Note Pandalet's method below for getting the Body skill required for all priests) Tosiek/Nathan - Need negative alignment (if you are converting a WL priest ot otherwise have high alignment, e.g. 100, it is better to go to the Black Light to convert) Fo - need positive alignment Priest recommendations * i will ask you twice if you meet these requirements and advise that you do. I will not ask a third time before making you a priest and if you do not meet them then it is your problem that you have a paperweight (mostly useless) character, these minimums will allow you to use your priest for menial tasks in support of a main Body Control 21, riding a horse (20-21 = 5 hours making and shooting hours before priesting, after priesting is 23+ hours shooting arrows)...if you want want to ride hell horses natural (no taming/charming required) as a Fo/Nathan priest it is 31 BC, which is ~80 in carp and 70 in two carp subskills Body Strength 23, loading a wagon/ship/cart (20-23 is chopping ~200 felled trees with Sleep bonus, iirc) Mind Logic 21, driving a wagon (100-200 cooks, *needs verifying) ;if you want your priest to pilot Knarr so your main can grind on sailing adventures (what i do) you need 23 ML, which is maybe 2000 meals. Sac items (that can be made by priest), all related skills can be grinded after being a priest, but some will suck All - Cordage rope, Ropemaking best to grind before priest Mag, Paaweelr - Metal items (Door Looks are best), Locksmith can grind while a priest Vynora, Paaweelr - Wooden items (YoYos are best), Toymaking best grinding before priesting Nathan,Tosiek, Fo - Cloth items (square pieces of cloth are best), Cloth Tailoring best grinding before priesting Nahjo - Alchemy items (corn, onions, garlic are best), Farming can grind after priesting ~12 days consistent praying (faster if always start as soon as cooldown is over) Priest True Gods White Light Lesser Gods Black Light Lesser Gods --- Please PM on forums me if i do not see you post. Also, people welcome to park on my docks and let me know and i will let you know when i will be on to convert/priest you. I do not plan to do any public sermons or traveling for conversions at this time.
  4. Hello, it seems the wiki doesn't have plenty of informations about Tosiek? ALL other gods have informations about bonus and passives, but not Tosiek. In case if someone knows and doesn't want to keep it a secret, could you share it? I would like to perhaps make my Tosiek follower-char a Tosiek priest, but i don't know about the passives for priest, nor follower bonus. Afaik spell list on wiki is complete. thanksalot for shared info!
  5. I've finished building a small prayer chapel on my deed, and other than some more imping of stuff I have two altars that still need blessing, Mag and Tosiek (Fo, Vyn and Nahjo are done). If any priests of those two gods are still around on Pristine, or any visiting ones, if you pass by please come in and bless your altars (they are named) The Zen Prayer Chapel is on my deed A Zen Moment, located at the south end of the deed next to the highway (just east of Tunnel of Unrest). It's the only stone building on the deed, right next to the For Sale horse pen. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help out Note: I am willing to pay a reasonable fee for this service if any priests are interested, though I have no idea what a reasonable fee for a blessing would be so up to you to tell me (Mag is done yay! Just need Tosiek now, which might be tricky lol)
  6. I need a Tosiek altar. I have a unfinished stone altar with only attach the bowl left. If a Tosiek follower visit my deed and fisnih the altar I'll pay 1s. TY in advance...
  7. What would be the best way to take a Tosiek priest and make him into a Najho priest.
  8. Novastrov Church of Tosiek On Release. Location: Novastrov, X38 Y37 Temporary at Sand Asylum, X9, Y23, The Church of Tosiek is now open to converting players to Wurm’s New Religion And now we are able to Priest followers. Open hours are 19:00 to 22:00 PST. i would like to leave it 30mins between conversions, so that i can get the alignment ticks. Only requirements is that you must have Negative Alignment As a follower of Tosiek I have found out that: Converting another gives you a decrease of 1.0 Alignment. Burying a Human Corpse gives you a decrease of 2.0 Alignment. Desecrating and WL Altar gives you decrease of 2.0 Alignment. Listening to a Tosiek Priests Sermons gives you a decrease of 4.0 Alignment. Tosiek spell list is HERE.
  9. Hey everybody! So I've got my Tosiek priest stationed in Deliverance and am willing to convert you to the faith or make you a priest, or help you set up your altars. I won't charge you for conversion if you come to my place, or if it isn't far away, however I'd ask a small fee for travelling depending on the distance when having to travel to you! Just pass me a PM for more info or requests. Thank you very much! EDIT: Before being able to be converted to Tosiek, you need to... ... have -1 alignment. ... have at least 1.5 body. ... have waited at least 7 days after leaving your old religion.
  10. Tosiek now favors Jenn-Kellon kingdoms. Tosiek never received help from Elevation. 5/5/15 882 New mission spawned, still considered enemy. Description: Tosiek asks you to sacrifice 1 of the hidden Soulstruck Eyes. We tested to make sure, sacrificed 1 mission item as a tosiek follower and the mission did not complete. It seems that this system is totally broken, tosiek missions always spawn as enemy regardless which kingdom he favors. I'm not aware of a single tosiek mission completing. If anyone knows any differently please post in this thread.
  11. Hey everybody, As announced, I am posting a list of spells available for a Tosiek priest at each faith level. I will update the list as I progress and unlock new spells. I was going to start it whenever I hit 40 faith, but because a lot of people have been bugging me to get it started, I shall post it here. I know that a Tosiek spell list exists on the wiki, but people have been wanting to know what spells unlock at what faith level. As you can see, I am currently at 35, but will update this list as I get higher up. If you have any questions, feel free to pass me a PM or reply here :-)
  12. Power Contents DS Stables DS Smithy DS Bulk Goods DS Merchant DS Services Magic Contents Tosiek Priest Services Current Schedule: We currently take orders. Orders that are marked IN PROGRESS are on schedule before yours. We do not name our customers, but are willing to ask them for permission to be named if you are interested in hearing. 1.) 5k Bricks & 5k Mortar in Large Crates + Delivery. -> IN PROGRESS 2.) Corbita + Delivery. -> DELIVERY PENDING 3.) Corbita + 10 Small Raft + Delivery. -> DELIVERY PENDING 4.) 5k Bricks & 5k Mortar -> SCHEDULED START: Tuesday, April 28th. Delivery Details: We will deliver anywhere on Freedom except Chaos. COD is possible with every COD-able item. Depending on your location, there are small travel fees. they are reviewable in the following table. Xanadu South: Free Xanadu North or Inland: 0.5-1 Silver Any Other Server: 1 Silver Policy: Pricing on everythingis debatable and can be discussed with us via PM with me. POWER 01. - Dragon Shore Stables We are happy to announce that our Fo Priest has been able to start breeding horses. We are working on our own Speed Breed as well as a special War Breed. Currently, the horses we have for sale do not represent our breeding values. They are simply the outcasts we do not wish to breed with due to color preferences, or traits we do not breed for. None of the horses we sell have bad traits. Our breeding values: Color: Black Color: White Speed Traits War Traits Our Pricing: We charge 10 C for a horse, then another 10 C for every speed/war trait. We do not charge for positive traits that do not belong to the category of the horse. Other Details: We currently sell horses of any age. Horses of old age are cheaper than young ones, and always come with a carer. That means that as long as the horse lives, one of us will care for it to ensure it lives as long as possible. Current Horses: I need to have the priest look at the young foal before I can update this post with the exact price on it. 02. - Dragon Shore Smithy We happily announce that our blacksmith has now reached 93 blacksmithing skill, and we are therefore able to provide the first smithy items for you! The Price is always in Silver. Quality ANY means that we will simply create without improving, but will improve on demand without a change of price. 03. - Dragon Shore Bulk Goods, Carpentry & Shipyard While working on our own deed, we have decided that making bulk goods might be a good way to meet new people and improve our budget. Here is what we offer. We can currently not provide ores we haven't uncovered in our mines yet! EDIT: We also sell planks for 2 S / 1000. 04. - Dragon Shore Merchant Currently on a separate post: 05. - Dragon Shore Services Our workers are always willing to travel to help you complete work on your own deed. We travel to any server on the Freedom Cluster except Chaos. We will help you with anything you need for a price we can discuss in private depending on your needs. We will build your houses, flatten your ground, set up your walls or fences, or do whatever else you have in mind to help your settlement towards completion. MAGIC 1 - Tosiek Priest Services Our Tosiek priest Iamgod is ready and at your service, currently on Deliverance. We do not charge for conversions! Read more here: Our Team: Countess: Mayor + Tosiek Priest (Iamgod) Yldrania: Fo Priest (Mirabloodarc) Alexliltoe: Deliverer & Worker Birdwatcher: Worker For any questions, requests or anything else please pass me a PM or reply to this thread and I will get back to you via PM.
  13. Hello, Anyone who can do this? Afaik Hashi sold his acc so not sure if he is converting to Tosiek. Maybe someone else?
  14. Hello this is the official Ascension theme for Tosiek , creative commons for free commercial use i wanted to embed this on forum but cannot find an option this is approved by Tosiek btw cheers