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Found 16 results

  1. I reached 100 Foraging on 11th February this year, and 100 Botanizing on 9th July. I registered both of these with @DemonaNightshade who congratulated me and encouraged me to get back to her as soon as I'd decided upon some titles. She's still waiting... I think I am quite possibly hopeless at deciding upon suitable titles, so I thought ask you for some help! "Please help!" I am particularly interested in titles that work together, either for foraging and botanizing to work together, or to enhance/compliment other titles. But all ideas welcome! Please add your ideas for titles below, and please state whether your title idea is for foraging or botanizing. Note: I will take all ideas into consideration, but be warned I am still likely to pick something completely sad and unhip anyway regardless! Please help as Demona is still waiting patiently! Thanks everyone!
  2. Some of us really like building highways. While it is nice that the catseyes already record the name of the planter for posterity, perhaps it is not too much of a ask to add a few titles to reflect how many total catseyes that a character has planted. This for me would make building highways just that much more rewarding 😃
  3. Please can you show the 'You have gained the title...' event messages in a different colour. I often miss these messages. Sometimes I don't realise I've passed one of these milestones until I next look at my skills tab, skills tracker or skills window. The other day I saw a Wurm Online Twitch streamer miss their 50 title. Their viewers had to tell the streamer about it, and so the streamer then had to rack up their event messages to find it.
  4. as i know, there is no title for 100 prospecting, i will get it soon ([23:57:53] Prospecting increased by 0,000008 to 99,894157) and it will be nice to see title for my boring work i think very nice are unconventional titles, like "i'm sawry" for 50 saw or "the world is mine" for 100 mining, titles like "legandary...." are too common and boring i have some propositions: 1) Georadar 2) Metal Detector (but prospecting search not only for metal ore, but for the other side, at 90 skill title is "goldsniffer" and you finding not only gold) 3) Deep Penetration (because you search very deep in rock or other wall material) 4)
  5. [01:22:46] The settlement of Ruffled Feathers has just been founded by Joelle. The feathers of the Goblin Leader's silly little crown, that is! What: Goblin Leader Slaying When: Saturday, March 4th - 5pm EST Who: Everyone! Why: Goblin Leader bloods make mining potions! And if you're lucky, you could get the 'Fearless' title for swinging at it. Where: Independence -- O16 in-game map coordinate. Public kill, private loot. Bring your premium alts, bring your friends! Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend! Park at the red outlined square; kill is just up the road to the south, at the dark red square. There is a guard tower nearby called Zanzibar Land. The road will be marked tomorrow with colored lamps, as well. Excited to see you all there! Should be a fun kill! (For us, not the Goblin.)
  6. I have finally done it! I have made it to 100 Bowyery! Bowyery increased by 0.000008 to 100.000000 There is currently no title for the skill, not even a placeholder, so I'm probably gonna go with the title "Bow Down". I just need to see who I talk to about getting the title? Now that is done, got to get meditation to 50 so I can make sure I never lose it! I also like to thank a few people near the end for lending or giving me some powders on the last stretch! Cecci = 2 powders! Chulirc = 2 powders! Zigozag = 11 powders lent! Shrimpiie = 5 powders! Quiglen = 5 powders! Pandylynn = 2 powders! Thank you! It took me a month to get the final .0001 tick! 11/21/2016 [03:57:49] Bowyery increased by 0.000008 to 99.999901 11/25/2016 [01:39:24] Bowyery increased by 0.000008 to 99.999908 11/26/2016 [22:46:41] Bowyery increased by 0.000008 to 99.999916 [03:18:36] Bowyery increased by 0.000008 to 99.999924 11/28/2016 [03:43:03] Bowyery increased by 0.000008 to 99.999931 11/29/2016 [05:34:14] Bowyery increased by 0.000008 to 99.999939 11/30/2016 [05:25:00] Bowyery increased by 0.000008 to 99.999947 12/2/2016 [01:56:40] Bowyery increased by 0.000008 to 99.999954 12/3/2016 [02:34:36] Bowyery increased by 0.000008 to 99.999962 12/7/2016 [02:05:25] Bowyery increased by 0.000008 to 99.999969 12/8/2016 [19:07:42] Bowyery increased by 0.000008 to 99.999977 12/11/2016 [02:34:09] Bowyery increased by 0.000008 to 99.999985 12/15/2016 [22:52:11] Bowyery increased by 0.000008 to 99.999992 12/22/2016 [13:05:32] Bowyery increased by 0.000008 to 100.000000
  7. Uttacha Slime: One charge Description: This crystal vial contains the paralyzing slime of Uttacha, a giant slug living leagues deep in the Shaded Depths of Valrei. It has one charge left. Rifts are here: Get your fighting advantage now! Buy this great item! Spell granted: True Strike (Next hit is 100% Critical (doubles damage)) Resistance: Slash 15% (Decreases slash damage taken by 15%) Weakness: crush 10% (Increases crush damage taken by 10%) Title Obtained Upon using the charge: Witch Hunter (m), Soothsayer (f) Starting Bid: 1.15g/115 euros Sniper Protection: 1 HOUR Bidding Increments: 5s/e (no private bids, please list all bids here publicly for transparency) Buyout: 2g/200e Method of payment: Paypal (verified accounts only please) or in game currency. Contact: Please pm Dirk in game or here on forums if you want further information. Auction timer: Bid now!
  8. Reached trebuchets skill to 50, but no titles show up. Somone forgot add them to game?
  9. I would like to see titles with multiple skill requirements. For example: Ranger would require "x Archery", "x Botany", "x Foraging". This is a pretty rough idea and haven't had the time to elaborate but I just wanted to put the idea out there before I forgot it. Feel free to add your own examples.
  10. Gold Challenge Statue and Mask of the Isles You can also check out my "Lord/Lady of the Isles" title auction here: Mask of the Isles: Starting bid: 30s Increments: 5s Buyout: None Sold Gold Challenge Statue: Starting bid: 30s Increments: 5s Buyout: None Sniper protection: 2 hours Happy Bidding! Masks can be worn with any open-face helmet Ingame view:
  11. [20 hours left] Fancy and unique "Lord/Lady of the Isles" title as a redeem code! You can also check out my auction on Gold Challenge Statue and Mask of the Isles here: The only one of its kind in the whole game so far. If you ever wanted a cool title noone else can have - this is your chance! A code can be used by any player and on any cluster. More info under the spoiler below. Starting bid: 50s Increments: 5s Buyout: None Happy Bidding! General information on redeem codes from RedBaron's email: General information. Do not share your code with anyone else as on most occasions it can only be used once if it does not clearly state otherwise. For the same reason make sure you redeem it using the account you want the reward on. Keep in mind that when redeeming a heavy item it still has allot of weight so keep a large cart or wagon handy if you do not plan to drop it where you stand. Redeeming anything including titles on challenge is possible but they will get wiped along with everything else except currency after the round is finished. DO NOT use coupons on Golden Valley since the rewards/titles may be lost when you use the portal. When you have received a coupon code simply follow these steps. Log in on the account where you want to receive the reward. Select your field for text input and chat in the interface. Write /redeemkey (code) and press enter. For example: /redeemkey ABCDEFGHIJ123-ZYXDADA22 Upon pressing enter the message is sent and you will receive your reward to the account you are currently using.
  12. When i change /titles to "none" it always reverts back to the previous one the next time i log in. I am assuming this is just happening for the "none" but not sure. On a side note while we are talking about titles can we get the name plate to center our name/titles? This way if you have a short name then it will center itself over the longer bottom one.
  13. There are some silly skill-titles, some of which break the game rules to begin with (pop-culture references such as Tank Girl, Gepetto, and Tim-the-Toolman), and some of which are not gender-oriented, such as Soulman. I think they could use a bit of updating. Some of the titles pertain to a different skill, such as Alchemist for Natural Substances and Gardener for Nature while both of these do have actual sub-skills that relate to the title. Alchemy: Alchemist, Chemist, Shaman (Male and Female) Natural Substances: Apothecarist, Transmultator, Druid (Male and Female) Archery: Archer, Bowman, Marksman (Male) - Archer, Bow Woman, Markswoman (Female) Toy Making: Toymaker, Renowned Toymaker, Master Toymaker (Male and Female) - As mush as I like Gepetto, it is a pop-culture reference... Butchering: Butcher, Skinner, Taxidermist (Male and Female) Climbing: Hiker, Rock Climber, Mountaineer (Male and Female) Fighting: Soldier, Mercenary, Knight (Male) - Soldier, Mercenary, Knightess or Dame (Female) Shield Bashing: Stunner, Basher, Smasher (Male and Female) Weaponless Fighting: Bruiser, Boxer, Pugilist (Male and Female) Knives: Knifer, Stabber, Assassin (Male and Female) Carving Knife: Carver, Engraver, Whittler (Male and Female) Nature: Naturist, Tree Hugger, Ecologist (Male and Female) Botanizing: Botanist, Herbalist, Phytologist (Male and Female) Foraging: Forager, Gatherer, Wanderer (Male and Female) Gardening: Gardener, Greenthumbs, Horticulturist (Male and Female) Miscellaneous Items: Handyman, Toolman, Master of All Trades (Male) - Handywoman, Toolwoman, Master of All Trades (Female) Repairing: Repairman, Fixer, Materia Tamer (Male) - Repairwoman, Fixer, Materia Tamer ( Female) Stone Cutting: Stonecutter, Sculptor, Artist (Male and Female) Polearms: Spearman, Pikeman, Lancer (Male) - Spearwoman, Pikewoman, Lancer (Female) Pottery: Potter, Moulder, Master Potter (Male and Female) Religion: Reverend, Pastor, Minister (Male and Female) Body: Athlete, Body Builder, Olympian (Male and Female) Mind: Intellectualist, Scholar, Philosopher (Male and Female) Soul: Spiritualist, Soulman, Maverick (Male) - Spiritualist, Soulwoman, Maverick (Female) None of the sub-characteristic skills should have titles as it gets too confusing. I do know traditionally people are allowed to pick their own titles when they are the first to achieve the skill, but sometimes people pick a title without thinking about the opinions of others. If anyone has any other suggestions or improvements to this, please post away, but try to include all 3 titles for the skill.
  14. can we please have this it takes too long to find the title you need we you are doing amour smithing or just to show off it should not take much work to do
  15. i don't see why there shouldn't be a title, would be neat to have one added. maybe something along the lines of [Annoying]. other suggestions for a title would be cool, too.