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Found 9 results

  1. Hello everyone, I've been looking around regarding the subject but couldn't really find much info at all but I was hoping someone would be able to enlighten me on whether or not its possible to make a mod that changes current monster ai (or introduces a custom mod) so that over time when they spawn within a certain distance of settlements they would end up actively attacking similarly to how players would attack to try and take out said settlement. If its something that can be done I would appreciate it if I could get some pointers on where to start with trying to make the mod(if no one else is interested in making something like this) or changing the settings if the options are there already there, I myself dont really have any experience with actually coding but I can understand various languages it to an extent.
  2. None of this was ever accurate or very helpful. See OR's thread:
  3. Hey everyone, welcome to what will hopefully be a series of tutorial videos for Wurm Online! I've seen various tutorial videos online and figured I'd give it a shot and see how everything rides. Please leave me feedback and requests for future guides/tutorials. Keep in mind this thread is intended to help new and veteran players with various features of the game, and is not intended to be a place for verbal abuse, harassment, derailing, etc. I hope you enjoy! If you have a request feel free to message me or comment below! Note: this video will also be posted on reddit in the Wurm Online subreddit. So if you're a reddit user be sure to subscribe to /r/wurmonline
  4. Today we discuss some Mine and tunnel tips. > Wurm Online playlist
  5. Hi, so I am really looking for some high level guides, most guides that I have seen around here or wurmpedia discuss how to grind it from 1 to 50 or something like that, but I am looking for some higher level guides on how to gain skill in the fastest possible way. Okay so for example, I would like a guide on how to get from 70-100 Channeling in the fastest (not cheapest) way possible. Or how to get from 50 to 90+ Farming in the fastest way; Animal Husbandry, Woodcutting, Carpentry, Fine Carpentry, Masonry, Fishing, Cooking, Foraging, Botanizing, First Aid, Gardening etc. And I would even be willing to pay a small fee for it, I don't know, maybe I just haven't looked in the right places, but I really do believe there is a lack of high level guides out there
  6. I'm not sure exactly where to put this thread, but the Town Square seems as good a place as any. I've noticed when browsing the trade section on the forum that a lot of people put their items for sale up as images, same with the auctions. I've missed a lot of ads when using the search function because of this since images won't show up in text searches. There are other things to think about as well when making threads more visible, which saves me time so I can be lazy \0/ Yay? Some general pointers to make your posts easier to find in searches Take the time to post the info about the items in text in your post. A picture of them might be good as a quick overview, but it won't show up in a forum searchChoose a descriptive "Topic Title". Compare "Selling stuff" with "Selling carpentry, bs and more"Make use of the "Topic Tags" that appear under the "Topic Title". Carefully choose the 10 words that you think people are likely to use when looking for the item you're selling. Separate different words with a commaPut the most important tag first in the list for a good overview when browsing the threads in the forum since all might not fit on the lineDouble-check your spelling. If you write "pcikaxe" instead of "pickaxe" your thread won't show up in a search for "pickaxe"Try to avoid making a combined "Want to buy" and "Want to sell" thread since that can only go in either the WTB section or the WTS section and it's possible to use search words in specific parts of the forum. If I search for an item for sale in the WTS section but you put it in a combined thread in the WTB section my forum specific search won't find it
  7. Here are a couple of videos that I hadn't posted yet, which have been up on youtube. Archery Part 1 > Cliffside Tree lopping > Enjoy
  8. There are a lot of conflicting beliefs and myth about skill grinding floating around So I tried to collect and verify what I could. When talking about skillgain you first have to be aware that there are two different values to consider: size and rate of skillgain size: this is the value that is displayed in the skill tab like " you gain 0,000526 mining skill" Some people also say they gain 526 mining experience, I'll use that terminology as well as it's convenient. rate: this is how often the skillgain appears in the window, not all mining actions give mining skill. To correctly judge this you have to make sure to set your skill log to the highest sensitivity. Then there are four factors that the player can influence: CoC - Enchant, WoA - Enchant, Tool - QL and Material - Q. All my tests have been done with mining, these are the results: Skills and Characteristics First, there seems to be no difference in the way skills and characteristics are handle, nor does there seem to be any relation between the two. When you have low skill, you gain a lot of skill, when you have high skill, you gain less. When you have low charactersitics, you gain a lot of characteristic, when you have high characteristic, you gain less. When you have 25 body strength and do mining at 5 skill you gain the same body strength as if doing mining at 70 skill. CoC - Enchant This one if obvious, it's a straight percentage increase to the size of skillgain. Does not seem to affect the rate of skillgain. Conclusion: always use the highest CoC you can affort on all of the tools you care for skillgain. WoA - Enchant This one decreaes the size of skillgain, but it also decreses the timer, both decreases are exactly equal in size. A 12s timer will give for example 512 xp and a 19s timer will give 811 xp, that's 42,7 cp/s for both. Does not seem to affect the rate of skillgain. So WoA has absolutely no affect on your skillgain, it will just change your material throughput. Conclusion: Use WoA when you want to get things done, don't use WoA when you want to preserve raw material such as high ql iron. Stamina Site note: Rolf himself once claimed that you get less skill when you have less stamina left after a longer action, but in the example above the 12s timer ended in 82% stam and the 19s ended in 74% stam, the gains were still equal. Tool - QL Two test values, mining rock with unenchanted pickaxes: 70ql pick: 12s, 582 xp, 82% stam, 48,5 xp/s 10ql pick: 19s, 921 xp, 74% stam, 48,5 xp/s The skillgain size is exactly equal! However when you mine for 100 actions it is quite clear that the rate of skillgain with the lower pick is much higher than the 60% increase in timers. You also get a lower average in rock quality though. Conclusion: Use a lower ql tool, when you want more skill. Use a higher ql tool, when you want to get things done or want higher ql mats. Material - QL Just did a quick test, when mining there is an obvious difference in base value between rock and different types of metal, but again using a 20 ql rock or a 60ql rock at 40 skill. has no effect on the size of skillgain. Rate hasn't been tested yet. Untested rumor: People claim that you get the best skillgain when your average result is half your skill. It's supposed to work with lower ql tools, it's more doubtfull if it works by using capped veins. Hope this helps some people. Does anyone have any complaints about the points I amde? And I mean foundated complains, not: "I read in the chat that ..."
  9. Hi, Faeran and I are back on Deliverance after a long holiday at the impalong. In our latest episode we are back at it, continuing where we left off, however, we have been presented with a new goal and a lofty one at that. To construct the Factional Fight village. For this we need dirt, and a lot of it. Together, we discuss many tips and tricks for the newbie player and it turns out we have a lot to say. Watch it at We hope you enjoy! Griphyth