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Found 1 result

  1. what song would you like played at your funeral. its not my intention to be morbid, and i don't expect many to understand this post. i wouldn't have a few years ago when i was playing wurm 20 hours a day eating junk food and drinking sodas. but i ballooned to 300 pounds or 136 kgs at only 5' 8" or 1.78m. Needless to say i almost died and spent a month in the hospital last year. and of course it was all my own fault not wurms, inb4. My ulterior reason posting this is that if you are suffering from health complications its because (and its my opinion only and you can believe me or not) big business is designed to maximize profits over health. And big business is involved in everything, what you eat, what you get prescribed, what doctors are taught about nutrition, and treatment, and cultural behavior where we eat too much, too often. if you think this topic resonates with you, look into the topic tags and do your own research for yourself, or message me if you have any questions. Particularly if you think there's no way you can change your lifestyle, which i think is the biggest hurdle everyone faces in this situation. I'm now 190 pounds or 86 kgs. and i'm feeling much better. Still have a little ways to go to my goal of 150 pounds or 68 kgs, which may seem extreme but its not a goal set in stone, my main goal is how i feel, when i feel good to my satisfaction is when ill know I've reached my goal. weight is not my main goal but health. there's also a movie called the magic pill which is very interesting regarding this topic and may pique your interest. now i'm not trying to preach or convert anybody. i'm not trying to sell you anything, in fact you don't need to buy anything to either lose weight and/or improve your health. just food, different food. i'm just trying to offer some information to anyone out there wondering why their body is deteriorating faster than they thought it should. I've had relatives die where i wish i knew then what i know now, and its another reason why i'm posting this here under a clickbaity title. but if you are in good health and all that and still want to post what song you would like played at your funeral, id like to hear it. lyrics