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Found 21 results

  1. I picked up a turret today and went to set a price on it. I got the following message: [19:45:31] This area is too crowded to perform that, try clearing some stuff off. Surely we don't need to have a clear tile before setting the price on an item? This was in my cluttered workshop, but the same thing happens when I take a turret off my turret merchant and try to set the price or repair it - just because I am stood on the same tile as the merchant! If I walk off the merchant's tile carrying the turret, I can set the price and repair the turret. Then I have to carry it back. Please fix it so that these simple actions are not prevented by a 'busy' tile. Thanks.
  2. Half tile floors would bring alot of new ideas to house designs with new floor model. Cut version of original floors. Example 3 different versions where red is cut away part: Half tile, usefull to put around hall "second floor" and store barrels example. Half tile thats in the middle. And of course corner piece to complete the half tiles. All these could have extra versions with some fence too so people dont hurt their legs. Now imagine this hall with those half floors around with barrels all around. And how many great ideas others would find out with them! So long and thanks for all the fish. -Ame
  3. My latest crazy idea is based on firepillar (type firepillar into console below ground to see where that tile is when you go above ground, it looks like lava but it not). Fire pillar shows that the game can link the 2 tiles. With all the great new below ground building options I'm sure lots of people have expanded their deeds underground. My idea is a ladder you can build below ground on a flat paved tile, then build a corresponding ladder on the tile above ground. A little bit of teleporting magic and you have a new entrance type! Simple, I think, it would be useful for me. Ideally it would support high ceilings too, maybe even some ceiling graphics if possible.
  4. As I continue work with the Ultima Nostalgia project (in which the entire server is one huge deed), I'm getting more and more requests on YouTube and elsewhere from people who would like to live in their own house on the server. I suspect that a lot of these people are Ultima players who have never tried Wurm before but who would be willing to buy Wurm Unlimited to live in a place that looks like UO and is populated by other Ultima fans. Obviously, since they've never played Wurm they don't really understand how deeds work. So I've tried to explain the problems of letting them live there. This got me to thinking about permissions. We can set permissions to houses, carts, boats, fences, mounts etc. But what if we could right click and set permissions to TILES that are within one's deed? This way, deed owners could: Create various empty plots - allowing "anything goes" so players could build a house from ground up, farm etc and anything they wished - so sort of like a mini deed inside a deed. Create a public mine that allows players to mine and pick up ore, but doesn't allow them to load a forge onto a cart Create wood chopping forests, keeping the forests and trees of the rest of the deed safe. Create public farming land And I'm sure there are many uses that I'm not even realizing at this point It would be up to the deed owner to mark these areas somehow with fences or signs Right click tile... Set permissions from a popup Coordinates of tile can be seen in the title to ease remote management Tile could be named to better keep track of which set of tiles (Plot 1, Plot 2, Public forest, Public mine etc) they belong to PS: Before posting this, I checked to see if there were any other similar posts, and I'd just like to point out that Enigma_Prime is suggesting something similar. Please go and check out Enigma's post as well. I decided to make a separate thread about this since what I'm asking for is slightly different, has different mechanics etc
  5. I'm sure this is just a minor pet peeve of mine, and it really doesn't add to/detract from game play, but I have a suggestion for a new paving surface. I'd like to be able to pave tiles, on the sides of mountains, for instance, and have them actually look like rock tiles. The current options don't allow us to make a natural looking rock surface on hillsides. Using stone slabs to pave next to rock tiles just looks terrible, and gravel or very steep grass slopes aren't much better. For example, I surface mined a path up the side of a mountain, but had to lay down dirt to pave it, which consequently created very steep slopes down on one side. I planted trees on the slopes in an attempt to make it look natural, and it does look pretty good, but it would look so much better if I were able to pave the lower slopes like rock tiles, so it actually looks like a path up a mountain. Just a thought. Alendhor Aven Linuath, Newspring, Xanadu
  6. Hi, how many tiles and how deep are needed to keep non Swimming animals on an Island?
  7. Wurm players have always wanted a way to turn a non-water tile into a water tile and I have a few ideas that might make heading down that path a bit easier: Idea 1: Create koi (fish) garden pond items (basically a water basin) that you install into a tile like floorboards. This could consume one tile as a single small pond or you could create multiple items that would create a bigger pond that would take more tiles (think of a pie cut into four equal pieces (+) that make up a larger item) and it could even be filled with water like a fountain or placed like a well to fill on its own. This could provide water in deserts/steppe/tundra and on top of mountains, where you currently have no access to water if you are above water level, making it more difficult in these fantastic places. Imagine an Oasis in the middle of a desert/steppe or a hotspring resort on top of a mountain, or even a fish farm far inland! It would certainly help fishers hold their catch. I also had some other idea's: A multi-story stair or floor that is a trap door (so think in pvp if you you pass/bash through a gate or into a building, go up some stairs and step on a trap door and get trapped in a makeshift jail below). And another idea that could add some more capacity to multi-story buildings is theorizing that you could somehow add additional coded containers per height level for each floor which would allow you to treat each floor level as its own tile with its own tile contents, instead of just a single tile with multiple floors. This would allow you to do things like add trees on top of buildings, or other tile enhancements that are currently restricted to single tile. I don't know if this is possible but I thought that it would be worth looking into, if the devs already hadn't. Thanks for taking my suggestions into consideration, I'm sure they would improve the game and help players accomplish more in the game as well as more personal enjoyment.
  8. This map was an original concept for my PVE server, I decided against using it due to its size. No Moon Metal Version Moon Metal Version (0.1 Adamantine and 0.1 Glimmersteel)
  9. For those not familiar its possible to use a leftover console command from old gfx issues to mark tiles for various reasons: Yes, the lava flag! Now just in case this current functionality is considered buggy and squashing has been on the ToDo list (paranoid? hah! you wish... I still want mine doors inside writs back)... a possible replacement with perhaps limitations or rather enhancements? Personally the usage is fine as is; though, curious to see what others have in mind.
  10. If a tile border (all of it) is high enough above water to allow a hedge to be planted on it provided that the tile were flat, then allow a hedge even though the opposite border is under water instead of rejecting the action with "The ground is too moist here, so the sprout would rot." I don't know whether this restriction is a bug or is intentional, but it seems unnecessary to me. In fact the hedge is disallowed if even only one of opposite corners is submerged.
  11. Hello! I finally made my own thread about this bug I've had for about 2 years now, ever since I started to use new laptop with 64-bit java. Tiles have since then shifted randomly while I move. I've tried to google out several times how to fix this issue, but I haven't been able to find solution that works for me. I've tried different combinations with the Compability -settings without any result and also tried both 32-bit and 64-bit java. My graphics card is Nvidia GeForce GT 740M. Here are some examples of my view when I play the game. Any solution ideas are welcome!
  12. How many container items can be placed on a tile? Is there a limit? I have a tile with two large chests and potentially a bow rack (the center of it is on a tile border and I'm not sure which tile it is technically on). I tried building an armor stand in the middle of the tile and it disappeared. Unsure, I tried building it on another tile and it worked. I pushed it onto the tile with the chests (and maybe bow rack) and finished it, but once again it disappeared.
  13. ok, was thinking about how most of the ideas for clay are simply to remove it, but how about a method for dealing with it that requires a bit of work and potential realistic activity (time sinc) that devs enjoy incorporating into the game? Clay ground in real life is a royal pain to work with. Yes, you can dig it and like wurm, it digs much slower than regular ground. However, what do we do when we make pottery? Heat it until it hardens. So I propose this: - Build a burn pile on a tile of clay. Clay hardens on that tile, making it possible to surface mine it, just like rock. Can also pave it and even build on it (if level). - What about the loss of a clay tile?? It isn't lost! If you mine it down to water level, you mine off the baked surface and it returns to soft clay, since the water table prevents it from hardening at that depth. This is a big plus for players and Code Club, as it will likely give many deed holders a reason to expand their deeds, now that the shore is much more functional.
  14. This Is Annoying As Balls. Disembarking a wagon on a tile border with a door/gate on it... doesn't let you re-embark, you have to unhitch horses > push/pull wagon > Re-hitch horses... Just make it so that it doesn't let you disembark somewhere you can reembark...
  15. I have a land bridge, both sides dropping into the water. I can pave the wet east side, but not the wet west side. I have a patch of tar. I can plant a hedge along the east side, but not the west side. I have a plot of wet dirt where I want to plant reeds... have to have the west side at between 1-4 deep, but the east side doesn't matter. I can only level or flatten tiles if trees or pacement are a certain location to my work. So many little things like this that tie into a specific tile corner, but the rule does not apply to the other corners. Suggestion: Give equal properties to all tile corners or sides, rather than having a dominant corner or side. How would this work when deciding to dig clay or dirt, on the border of the two? Simple, just make the tile types have dominance. Dirt would have to be dominant over clay, allowing us to gain just a little more ground against that evil clay. Stone over dirt, allowing for surface mining on a dirt/stone border. Pavement over dirt, requiring the removal of pavement for any dirt lowering or raising - seriously, anyone else thing raising or lowering a paved road ever made sense, without first tearing it up? Paving any wet tile that has any corner above water. Digging and adding dirt regardless of how many trees are around it. Etc. What else am I missing that seems to have a senseless connection to a specific tile corner or edge?
  16. Packed tiles are showing that new spiderweb texture in the fall texture pack. I am not sure if this was intended or an oversight left over from the halloween textures but thought i would report it anyway.
  17. Marsh tiles... we have pretty much all had to deal with them at one point or another, and for the most part it has very limited usage even after the implementation of the rice crop and foraging on marsh. Atm theres no way to create such tiles, and its very difficult to remove them. Personally it would be great if they could be planted or formed in some manner by players, not to mention more uses even if just more foraging/botanizing options.
  18. I was wondering how long it takes for the server to recognize planted steppe and start spawning animals? I have an island on Xanadu and i have planted about 120 tiles i guess in steppe. The steppe is all perimeter but not deeded yet because i was waiting on this to see if i can get some bison and maybe a hell horse pair. Has any of you tried this and if so how long did it take? Also do you have any advice that might speed up the process?
  19. I'll attach some pictures. The tile bug is when the textures of another thing are on top of what should be there, like sand that should be cobble. Oftentimes it isn't even lined up on the grid - you'll see. The tile bug is very frequent and has been going on a while. Think I had it on my old laptop too so don't think it's a computer thing. The other bug happens rarely but a random thing [i've seen it happen to horses, people, tower guards, a stone wall] will suddenly have a huge pointy texture that goes up into the sky. I posted one happening to a person some months ago I think, I'll see if I can dig up a link. If you need a log, remind me how to get it and I'll paste it in. Pictures: Tile effects: [all taken close together on a wander, today.] Other bug: A tower guard texture run amok: [i know it is cause I got close enough to find the source] Edit: More pictures of the pointy glitch [old ones of the player character going glitched:]
  20. Hello fellow Wurmians, when seeing the new hell hounds and horses today I asked myself where those creatures actually come from. That gave me the idea of a new lair type and terrain. So here's the idea: - New Lair type; named f.e. "Hell Rift", "Gate to Hell", etc. - New terrain surrounding the lairs; "burned ground" or something - the new tiles can be foraged/botanized for ash, coal, etc. - the terrain could expand over time up to a maximum size of maybe 20 to 30 tiles from the lair with a speed of 1 tiles per day (20-30 tiles from lair -> 20-30 days to maximum size) - structures adjacent to the "burned ground" are damaged - (optional) the expansion of the terrain can be stopped by either dirt tiles, the area of influence of one of the "good" gods or by placing blessed statuettes/flags (5-tile radius) - once the Lair gets destroyed over time or by force there's a chance to aggravate a devil / hell fiend / some-other-champ-like-creature - the burned terrain will turn back to grass / steppe / whatever terrain is surrounding it, once the lair is destroyed.
  21. Hey there Everyone, Smithor reporting on a tile sighting, straight from the test server! Now I've looked around, and I haven't seen any posts on the topic, nor a wiki page on the tile so I've created this topic on the forums to let you all know. The tile I have found, is that of snow. Now, I stumbled across this, seemingly random tile after I got lost whilst trying to obtain my things from the Red Dragon, and I've done some simple testing on it. Dropping dirt on-top of the snow tile does not change its type, simply raises it. Digging either in the corners, or in the center gives you a dirt, and does not change the tile type. It's walking sounds are the same as grass. It appears to only appear on-top of dirt, and then only at high altitudes. Now I only had limited items, as I had to drop some in the run from the dragon, and so I couldn't do any testing with a rake, nor scythe, nor sickle. I tested with the shovel, and there was no other action except for dig. There was no option for forage. Axe's had no effect on the tile. Hands did not give any additional possibilities. I also tried swinging a pendulum, but that was a long enough shot as it was. Just in case you would like to do some testing yourself, I've taken some additional reference photos. View of Lake Beside the lake. Opposite side of the mountain And finally, the Opposite side of the mountain, where I found yet more snow. Now that this is up, do whatever you want with the information, celebrate, throw parties, (try and find a way to destroy it?) If you want to get lead to this location (for the lake shown is NOT spawn lake), I will gladly lead people here. This is Smithor, from the Test Server, signing out.