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Found 4 results

  1. I am on Freedom server, and just started building on a small peninsula close to the entrance of Elysian Bay. I have been trying to plant hedges but keep getting the response that the ground is too wet and the sprout would rot. The tile borders are level and not submerged by water, so this makes zero sense. It would be great if it would stop saying it's too moist when it's not. I have one whole side of the peninsula done with hedges, but the other two I am trying to do are having this issue. Again, everything is level. link for screenshot.
  2. There's been a few posts that beg for this, but nothing with it in the title. The need for this, especially since levelling tile borders is now possible outside, has become imo somewhat imperative. Pretty please, allow us to level tile borders in caves and possibly add them to ceiling tiles.
  3. I just witnessed one of my baby horses walk through the wall of my house at Dirty Business (Deli) from the locked pen that sits against my house underground. Then proceed to try and make it to freedom. Edit: Seems more frequent when animals are seeking food. 9 escapees so far.
  4. Hey! I noticed this weird thing happening when I was building my house's second floor. It appeared that I wasn't able to plan walls in 5 tiles, as it claimed that "the roof is on the way". However, I was able to build on every other tile border, eventhough there was a roof touching the tile border on a side. I even managed to plan a wall on the same roof's side, where on the other side it claimed that roof was on the way. Here some pictures from what happened. So any idea what is going on and if this is a bug?