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Found 4 results

  1. Banner gracefully provided by Miretta Welcome ladies and gentlemen to, Xanadu's THUNDER AUCTIONS* In short, Thunder Auctions wants to be a fast-paced, weekly auction event, where people can bid on items and get them (potentially) cheaper than using regular markets/sales After studying the population graphs for Xanadu, it is easy to see that most of the players are online on Saturdays and Sundays, and I want to make this event accessible to most people, thus the events will happen only on weekends hopefully in a time when all time zones can attend. I wanted to make this a fast event, so it will never last longer than one hour all together and also I do not want to over saturate the market so there will never be more than 12 items per event to auction How does it work? Items will be posted in Freedom chat, including all enchants, starting price (usually 5c), step prices (usually 5c), duration of auction (usually 3min) and sniper protection (usually 1min) After the item is posted, anyone is free to bid using the public Freedom chat using the step prices inside the duration of the auction or during sniper protection After the auction for that specific item is declared over, I will personally COD the item to the winner Rules 1. Anyone that has sufficient funds to cover COD (10c) plus the value of the winning bid can participate 2. You are not allowed to bid in larger steps than the ones set (while this might hurt me as an organizer, it provides more fairness and protection against auction hijackers that spoil the fun for most) 3. Alts can be used if you want to protect your privacy 4. There is no limit to the number of items one player can get 5. Any characters that do not accept the COD or whose items return to me will be banned from further auctions Questions & Answers Can I use Thunder Auctions to sell my own stuff? YES, yes you can! I do reserve the right to prioritize my own items and choose what I want to auction, but other than that I have absolutely nothing against hosting auctions for others too (within the 1 hour limit and 12 items limit per auction). The items however, NEED to be physically brought to me (or mailed at your expenses) at Thunderstorm Keep (Q11) before the auction starts as I do not want to tarnish my reputation with non-existing items or false enchants on the items that I auction. For this service I will ask for an 15% commission of the winning bid, which is just 5% more than a personal merchant would charge to sell that item but will showcase it to the whole server rather than being kept on a merchant somewhere..Contact me ALWAYS before sending me anything! Otherwise you run the risk of me sending your items back and you paying mailing fees twice. Can I pick up the items I won rather than being sent COD? Yes, you can pick up the items you won from Thunderstorm Keep (Q11) but only within 3 hours of the time you won them. I do not want to end up staying up just because winds are bad and you cannot afford to pay 10c for a COD. What items will be sold through Thunder Auctions? I will only accept items that can be COD'ed and that are enchanted / rare. Other items provide too much of a headache to consider them for the auctions. Will you tell us beforehand what items will be auctioned? Unfortunately, for the concept of fast auctions to function properly expectations need to be built up and people's interest needs to be kept high. if people would be able to see the items being auctioned beforehand it would mean they can decide long before the event if they want to participate or not, and that means a lower total number of interested participants overall that hurts the concept. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thunder Auctions are suspended at the moment due to severe deed bugs (pending investigation) Date and time of the next event: Saturday, 19th September 8:00 PM GMT (search 'GMT time' on google if you are unsure what that means) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I plan further, more advanced events as well, but let's start one step at a time I wish everyone good luck, have fun and happy bidding! *original idea taken, modified, improved, adapted from Jberg's original topic
  2. This is probably the suggestion I feel most personal and sincere about, ever. I don't remember if this was wurm or something else I played back in the day, but I have fond memories of it. Wurm's weather system is awesome, the moving clouds, the rain (albeit that it sometimes rains from the blue skies). What I miss, every day I am signed in, is gloomy weather. I love it in real life, and I would kill for it in wurm. Yes, thunder exists in wurm, but it's too rare, too shortlived and too soft. With our awesome sunny, blue sky days, and rainy days, give us (even if it's only very occasionally), angry weather. Let a storm brew up, let the lands go a bit darker as the thick nimbostratus clouds form, dense rain and brooding thunder. There is no better time to fire up the forge, or mine near the entrance... Please
  3. I'm on Release and the thunder sounds really odd. It's kind of like an explosion but with an odd echo. Boom-da-da... with lots of treble and no bass. Surely this is a quick fix and would really enhance the experience. And if still low hanging fruit a little randomness to the thunder would be nice. The same clap sounding repeatedly gets a bit old.
  4. Thunder

    A couple days ago thunder sounded great. It was varied, didn't always sound the exact same, rumbled, sounded realistic. My wife and her friend who never play games even said it sounded so real they thought I was watching a movie. Now it's just plain lame. Two sounds that sound like a cannon firing and it's exactly the same every time. Why did it get changed???? I'm on unstable. Please return thunder to the way it was a couple days ago.