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Found 1 result

  1. So I have seen the throw option and my cousin when playing mistakenly clicked it because he forgot he was set to range. Now I personally feel there is really no point to it, BUT there could be. I took the liberty of throwing together a quick model of a possible throwing knife which could add a slightly more interesting combat/crafting option. AND THIS IS THE UV MAP Now I figured for the knowing knife it would use a wooden handle (duh) and have its own craftable blade! The blade would be made out of the basic lumps of ore etc, and use about .5kg to make and lose .1kg-.2kg per failed attempt. Also the range would be almost like that of a short bow (almost) maybe around 3-5 tiles away from target would be ideal range. But as we all know this is just an idea/suggestion for the simple fact I felt throwing lacked a purpose besides losing the item and peeving some creatures or person. -UPDATE- Possible texturing? (sorry for weird look me and map had a disagreement) MORE DETAILS! This one is thanks to Martynas from/on the deliverance server. The weapons could be used against certain types of armor for best effect. Knives for cloths and they would be mostly short range, Axes for leather and be about medium range, and Javelins for the higher armors and be long ranged. Not to mention the minute details most throwing weapons would need could attribute to fine carpenty to balance the handles and such "... Those smiths have too much power" -Dizzylexia [11:06:28] <Dizzylexia> a thrown weapon could be improved just like any other fine carpentry item, just something like "This weapon is finely balanced (78) and will strike enemies harder and be more accurate" The basic stats would be knife, axe, javelin from light damage to heavy damage. Both the axe and the knives could be made with just handles while obviously a javelin would be used with a staff. The axe heads would use a 1kg lump as to where the javelins might use something less. Speed I would assume via regular logic that the knives would be fastest to throw and have something like a base timer of 10s and say chip off .5s for every 10 levels. The axes would have something like a 15s timer and the javelins 20+s give or take. -Javelin model and UV map- NEED TO BE TEXTURED ANY TAKERS?! -JAVELIN UV MAP- -Throwing Axe- This was done in 30 minutes while juggling other things so its not as good as the others. But its not supposed to be perfect. -UV MAP-