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Found 5 results

  1. Dunno, seems like there's lots of opinions on this. Let's see what the community says. I remember when a few people wanted no decay on weapon enchants Rolf said ok and gave in to them citing 'overwhelming' support. Maybe with 'overwhelming support' there can be stronger rules about theft which could be considered griefing.
  2. Sometime between yesterday and today (July 28) someone came to my deed on Exodus, Magnus Opus, took my unlocked wagon off-deed (my fault I know) stole the 4 horses named: Bloodtess (gold, full rare enchanted set), the other 3 have full enchanted sets, most over 90 WOA, Jollypearl (brown), Fleawest (white), Sweethappy (black), all are 5 speed+1. out of the wagon they took 2 rare rocks, 1 rare brick, 2 MR banners, 6 concrete. The horses were branded at Magnus Tere and were cared for by nesgamepro and nesgoat I thought deed settings would have stopped them, but it didn't. UPDATE: I did a support and the horses are dead. Wagon has been recovered. It's my fault I left it unsecured and I don't need to hear the obvious again. If anyone knows about this incident please contact me, there may be a reward if the rare horse gear is recovered. 1 rare saddle enchanted 4 rare horse shoes enchanted signature will be either, nesgamepro, woad or peanutbse
  3. Betraying your own settlement in first hand should have deeper consequences and then the Kingdom should list you on "Kingdom's Wanted" which should be seen during login through Events. Only for those who are from the same Kingdom. On this list it should also give you the information of when the person was last time seen and the bounty on his head. Maybe a price on his head? Once slain you'll get paid by the Kingdom bank one certain amount of money and all his stolen items will be placed in the Kingdom capital storage, so the real owners can come and pick it up. Using this current system gives every thief out there a chance to recover, rebuild his trust in his neighbours and gain reputation, then when everything comes down to Global a heated discussion appears. Every zone is too wide to cover for 20 active players, which means your Kingdom must do something more to prevent theft from being made! Deseration isn't about PvP these days. It's RPvRP and if you're lucky you'll see small raiders in numbers of 3 to 5. What happens when a invansion comes? Will they send help? No. No one dares to leave the house. We need better and harsher punishments to those who steal and betray!
  4. Seriously not a trolling topic and didn't see a better spot to post this but I just had to, and from the bottom of my heart with all love a father can give a scorned child... I love this game. What is it I love the most? Let me tell you a story (read like a childrens book). I'm building an island, ok so it's more of a mound of mud that smells of low tide, but its mine, I built it from nothing but a neighbors hilltop. Back and forth, then forth and back, loads of dirt into the cart, out of the cart into boat, out of the boat and watch it fall down the slopes and raise a corner 1. Laugh, cry. Neighbors cool, hasn't minded my being parked on his dock like an Oldsmobile on blocks. I log in and to my dismay, my cart and two horse vanished from the bay! Wander wander I go in search, scorpion oh, Into the fray! Death, respawn. I laugh, no valuable skill lost, except my cart two horse and hours of my time. I searched like a shopper black friday, parking lot oh where did I park? First I was angry, then frustrated, then embarrassed. I laughed thinking of all those rafts I stole from wherever, stolen from me! Horses slow like a distracted mule, barrels full of ... I just don't remember. "What was in your cart thingy?" my wife asks with mocking tone. "Uh" I respond, faking affection. "Be a dear and clean out the cupboard, it's a shuffled mess." she states. "BY JOVE THAT'S IT!" I exclaim at the revelation of my unknown loss, for my cart is as my cupboard, an utter mess. The one thing I love most about this game is what other people I talk to think is the worst point of the game. If someone steals something, go cry a river because those in power/ability wont do much of anything (though one did offer to glance over the area to see if they could spot it). How cool of a game culture to revel in reality, leave your car unlocked and don't be shocked if your car is gone! This isn't the first time something was taken or misplaced. I get mad then laugh because that's the name of the game Again I must stress this is not a rant or troll, but thank you Rolf for not giving a hoot (seriously I love the hands-off approach you guys decided to use with player issues), other games care way too much to have someone distraught over a missing item. "I pay you to let me play this game, gimmie what I lost" they bend over backwards to make wrongs right, whats wrong is their game where the object is to win, you made a game with simple rules... 'Live if you can, cry if you can't. We will sit here and watch, then applaud or laugh' (and you guys out there expecting a /sarcasam at the end, nope I really did mean this heartfully)
  5. I don't know if this is the right forum for this even, but I figured I would at least put it out there somewhere. After the recent update I have logged in to see that I had lost every last one of my horses. I found them in someone's pen, not too far from me. As soon as I asked them about it they logged off. I believe they broke in, seeing one of my walls was destroyed. I checked the night before, it was at less than 50 damage. This is the second time in a month this has happened to me. I want to know if there is anything that can be done about this besides get a deed. I cant afford one. The name of the person is Janedoh / Dizzylexia, I am unsure if they are the same person, but I'm willing to put their name on here in case they're even willing to defend themselves. Here is a screenshot, uploaded by request. All of the horses that I can see in this pen are mine, but here are three of them: