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Found 7 results

  1. I just realized how positive the many improvements of the past year+ have been and i wanted to say thank you and to be honest i cannot think of a single negative thing to say about the additions. I hope others will add some more and very deserved positive feedback. For me the following are the areas that enriched Wurm so much that i appreciate them nearly every time i am in game: Racks, racks, and storage....every single time one of these was added it made my day. Cooking, love it. love the SB discount for full ccfb, love the skill boost, love the lore, all of it Underground homes, underground bridge, underground fencing, paving, cladding, wide adds so much to what was once just a cave it has immeasurably increased the intricacy of the world New bricks, textures, paving .... again it is difficult to qualify just how awesome these changes were, but they add a level of detail and beauty that did not exist before. I honestly cannot pick a single or even a few things that are favorites without appreciating all the work that went into everything around them, so thank you devs, graphics, and everyone involved in making these things possible and for all the hard work. I looked for other threads like this as there should be others, but the closest i found was about Epic
  2. Just as the title says, purty please, and thank you! Thread from the past that's related but resting in peace:
  3. It has taken some time, but after about 18 monts, tonnes of dirt, lots of mining, some surface mining, lots of patience and an aweful lot of help, the connection between Weird Wonders to the Ageless Lake Tunnel Entrance deeds is made last night. The entire project isn't finished yet, as it still needs loads of dirt to be dropped to get a better traversable road; however it is now possible to travel from Cold Water Harbour in the north to Whitefay and most other starting towns. Of course, I couldn't have done all of this alone, so I'd like to thank some people for helping me: - Rusk and his alts: for mining a large tunnel through the mountains, for surface mining, dirt casting and dropping and repairing an old highway; - Dredbanger: for dirt donations, (surface-) mining, paving and early road construction - Flubb and his alts: for mining the first part of the tunnel and dirt donations - Alikin: for an awful lot of donated dirt, as well as some mining and paving. - Trooperau: for donating locks for strongwalling the tunnel - Ajala and Soleca: for donating veggies for strongwalling the tunnel, and dirtcasting - Roseah: for helping me digging up over 3K of dirt at my new deed - and of course to all of you who had faith in me I'd get that project finished. And now I think it's time to do something easier for a change. Like building a knarr or so. Thorin PS: as soon as I've figured out how to add screenies directly from my computer, I'll add them.
  4. Ya'll have a tough time as volunteers on the best of days. Sometimes I think we all lose sight of that in some ways, and honestly it would be tough enough with this mercurial crowd even if it were paid. And it's not. You folks do what you do for free. So despite everything, much love for that. Please note: Whether people think the staff should be volunteer or not is beyond the scope of this thread and not for discussion here, please. I also wanted to note that although a lot of what goes on is 'behind the scenes', there has also been a noted increase of postings on the forums, GMs in particular, that have been very well received overall and help people to understand the thought process behind some of the procedures we have and which work to illuminate some of the things that have otherwise been obfuscated from the WURM public's view. So thanks folks, for all that ye do.
  5. Hello, I'm thinking to make some steel skiller tools / weapons and shields. Every quality under 20 would be ok, but I'm looking for at least 2k of lumps. Price is very important and I require delivery to S19 on Xanadu. Let me know what you have or can make and for what price. Send me PM or post here. Thank you!
  6. Hey folks, I did want to make a nice wrap-up to last years Kyklops op in the old topic but it was already archived so I couldn't do it anymore.... I would like to thank everyone that participated again and for all those who fought and supported us during the fight (a year later) I give you........a monument: Not really sure if anyone will EVER go to this monument, but's there Warm regards, Thor PS. Couldnt move or rotate those gravestones so they are in their original position
  7. Well I am leaving Deli, Sweet Deli for Yet Sweeter Stiil Release. New Toon, Fresh Start... all that To that end I am selling Kiyono in auction including an off deed trader - '' I also have toons to sell, all kitted out. Fo Priest - Ouchie Mag Priest - Aslanne Vyn Priest - Toofenclaw Tailor - Voldie Farmer/Hunter - Mousekin (Deed Holder) PM me for details if interested or they will be put away for eternity. Been fun on Deli, thank you all especially Prettykg, Odynn, MrCoolman, Martinas, Pragmatist, Mystique, Shadowronin and many, many others. You made it all worthwhile. Keeko (Mousekin/Toofenclaw on Deli)&(Kristel on Release)