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Found 26 results

  1. How much better the game could look like if the client side color saturation would be increased. Watch some more ingame footage with increased color saturation in our new Sklotopolis trailer:
  2. Pinewood and Cedarwood racks both affected, I haven't seen any others to check.
  3. Hi - I would like to suggest that one of the creative (and overworked!) Devs has a look at marble items to improve the textures and colours for consistency and/or variation of choices. There are 3 marble items here - bridge wall and marble slab paving: http:// Here again, the marble brazier and the marble horses/ planters do not match - either consistency needed or choice of colour/texture would be good: It would be great if the height of walls to be used between bridges could be looked into as well, as previously asked for: Many thanks, in hope....
  4. simple enough.. I'm happy to wait if it's on the roadmap, this is more a request than a suggestion. Could we (shoud we?) upgrade low stone walls and curbs to the new textures? pretty please thank you.
  5. So this happened randomly and I was looking to see if someones knows how to fix this. Basically, the ground looks like its on top of tiles and changes texture while moving. I included a console log as well.
  6. Update 1.1 with better transition between ore veins as requested. Update 1.2 converted all textures to .dds I am looking into making this a mod loader plugin for those who are interested. Gallery Texture Pack Update 1.2 for .dds textures *I am releasing a texture pack that I put together which includes 3 textures from ByblosHex found here. The rest were either taken and compiled by me or edited to fit the scale.*
  7. Since the last update, I'm experiencing the same glitch on 2 different systems (AMD 7870 XT & R7 370). My studded leather helms look like this (on two separate characters):
  8. As the title says the texture of the portcullis seems to be displayed incorrectly since the new update on steam. Put the image in a spoiler because its large. (2560x1440)
  9. I've been having a graphics issue with both wurm online and wurm unlimited and am unable to fix it. I have tried all the things suggested in previous forums such as changinging the FBO and VBO settings, manually installing a graphics card update, and running all graphics at lowest possible settings. None of these have worked and this is my last ditch effort in hopes someone has a resolution to my issue. I am using an Dell Inspiron 15 5000 series with 8 GB ram, i5 core, and an intel HD 5000 graphics card. I've read a lot about how intel and wurm do not work well together and I'm at the point where I'm starting to think this isn't fixable so hopefully someone has a solution for me. I will provide an image with a detailed description of what is wrong. Graphics Issue Image Link The trees, grass, buildings and characters look just fine and I have no issue running the game at high quality graphics. However, the ground textiles move around and don't show what they are supposed to look like. I end up having to hover over every tile in order to know what I'm actually looking at. As I've said before I have tried all the previously suggested fixes from other forums and the problem still persists. Hopefully someone can help me with this!
  10. who's bright idea was it to give slate slabs a snow texture? Please revert it or implement a snow shovel.
  11. So my animations were weird and demonic, and I was told to turn off GLSL and VBO. I did, and now my ground textures are all wrong. When I move around, they move too, and some tiles look like two textures faded together. I can't turn GLSL and VBO back on or else my animations implode! I'm not very tech-savvy so idk where to find my specs or which ones matter so just have this, I hope it's relevant. Pics of screwed textures: Pics of moving textures (pay attention to the position of pavement, these were all taken while standing on different but adjacent tiles): Send help
  12. So as beautiful as wurm is, there is one thing that I always find horribly distracting and that is texture stretching. What if we could make new textures that would be longer and would effectively unroll or roll up like a scroll, as the tile gets taller and shorter. If not that, then maybe different textures at different milestones? Flat, 20, 40, 80, 160, 300? Here is a throwback to my creepy "cobwebby dirt turned into ghosts" pic from Halloween... Doesn't look like the artists intended.
  13. Since the wood texture issue is fresh, what if we had a normal play day where all woods had a generic texture. Could simply be "brown", no grains, no hinges, (no monkey faces), etc. This would be the ultimate reduction in visible wood texture and should give an awesome result on performance data. I for one want to know: Will this improve client side performance, or will it increase overall server performance? I'm more than willing to spend a day looking at boring brown boxes, to get some concrete results. 1. If this texture change is to increase client performance, I bet we would all love a check box in settings to turn it on or off. 2. If this is all about server performance and it makes the 1 second lag between every action go away, then I'm all for generics. That lag is so bad, then there are times when I fall off a big mountain, quickly click my climb button, then literally face plant at the foot of the mountain, before climb activates. I consider this a much bigger issue than a wood texture. Thank you!
  14. Packed tiles are showing that new spiderweb texture in the fall texture pack. I am not sure if this was intended or an oversight left over from the halloween textures but thought i would report it anyway.
  15. I found a variety of bugs which vary from basic texture bugs till instant client crash bugs the list is as following: 1. The Basic Texture Glitches - sometimes the game tends to 'borrow' textures from places it shouldn't like for example the sign post gets the texture of the butchered lions but still maintains its original form. This can happen to crops, buildings and other basic objects that fall under decoration like sign posts, lamps and other objects it doesn't crash the game but it makes it more unstable since it does contribute since it appears to be an early sign of a crash. 2. The Black Object Glitch - Some objects(mostly anything which stands still and is not considered 'alive') can turn completely black once in a while and this stays the same yet it changes back when getting really close and turns back black once you get out of range again. this stays the same till client restart. Note: i suspect this has to do with the shadow mechanics which are in the game. 3. The Screenshot Issues - When trying to take a screenshot the client tends to have high change of crashing and on top of that it doesn't save the screenshot. even when not crashing for me it didn't give me any screenshot only batman on a rare occasion. 4. "Connection i thought i had connection?" Glitch - This glitch is the only one which i didn't have happen to caught myself which means i cant help to much. All i know of it is that people log in and they get the world loaded and everything yet for other people they do not show up or in worse cases do but don't do anything and then the char bugs up and kicks the client out and the in game character. There might be more glitches more regarding gameplay yet i didn't find those myself.
  16. Hello. I've been getting this happening for quite a while now... I've tried to explain in words what is happening but people don't seem to understand what "tile textures skipping either half or full tiles when moving" means... can someone PLEASE tell me what is causing this? I show you my settings (after re-downloading it) so people can see what is wrong. I'm on a late 2011 iMac with Lion 10.7.4 installed. All software up to date. [media=]
  17. i got this bug/texture fail i dont know what to do about it, i dont think its my videocard becus i can play battlefield, Rust , minecraft , assassins creed and more with out problems normaly i play on win 8 have no bugs but im now on my win 7 on gf home and got this ?? what you wanna cal it can some one hellp?? ( i have update java/flash/directx )
  18. The normals on the bottom of felled willow trees alternates orientation.
  19. Some of the textures (house walls especially) have lots of thin black vertical lines running through them that dance back and forth the whole time I'm playing and it takes forever to walk anywhere because I get horrible lag when I try to turn right or left. Otherwise the things I've tried seem to be working.
  20. Since yesterday's patch in-game water looks different for me. It used to look pretty and realistic for a long time - now it's become monochrome, transparent, almost invisible. I didn't change any settings nor did I mess with my graphics driver or settings. Has water been changed with the last update? Does anybody have the same effect?
  21. Almost every time I log in, player models around me are some weird amalgam of red and white until they have loaded, unless they do not load at all, in which case their texture becomes blobby grey, as seen below. If any player changes their equipment I will frequently notice the model changing to represent the new equipment, but no improvement in textures. This bug applies to myself as well as others, but only to players, I have no other texture issues. On some occasions, this has happened to the friend depicted below, who normally wears a set of chain armor visually identical to mine. I look down and see my own textures, but he remains grey, despite having the same type of chain armor. Seems to me a case of misapplied textures? I have noticed some improvement or worsening depending on the status of my connection at the time, but in some cases even with a good connection, after watching people run around for over ten minutes they are still grey faceless molds. If anyone could offer any insights to help me deal with this issue it would be greatly appreciated.
  22. Hi, i made some pottery shingle roofs for my house but i'm not able to see them. Other players can see them but that is not working for me, there are only bit question marks on a satchel where the roof should be. Same problem is occuring while i try to load the client with Ironwood skin, all UI opens with big Red X's . Waiting for help thanks
  23. Hey Im new to the game and i went through a couple of different processes to get my game to actually start ie: deleting temporary internet files, updating java.etc Then when i finally come to play the game, the vast majority of scenery and textures is blacked out with only the outline around and object when i hover over them with the mouse. I toned down my graphics as my laptop isnt the best, but i can play minecraft with a decent fps, so i dont think its the actual computers specs Any advice? Thanks
  24. After having talked to people in game and reading over the forums it seems like winter is one of the more unpopular seasons in game. I believe there are some graphical changes that could be made to greatly improve the appearance and popularity of winter. Mu suggestions address what I believe to be at the heart of the issue, everything in winter looks the same, it's all snow, and relatively plain snow at that. While I believe this to be a fairly realistic portrayal, it is nonetheless monotonous and somewhat boring. Here are some things I have thought of that may reduce the monotony: Add some shading to the snow texture to imply unevenness such as that caused by wind or wet snow. Here is a link to a gallery of images of snow in other games of a variety of graphical styles and resolutions that may provide some inspiration. Have some terrain tiles look like something other than snow or muddy snow. I believe ice or ice with snow on it would be a very nice addition. I think rock tiles could work as ice, as could marsh and if possible reed and other primarily aquatic tiles. Here is a nice closeup image I found of the texture of ice that may provide insight into what I am thinking about: While the winter tress are, on the whole, very aesthetically pleasing, the smaller plants I have seen (most especially flowers but also grape vines) are rather unattractive. While there is a certain realism to this, I believe to improve the overall look of the season, some artistic license should be taken. I think the most attractive winter versions of these plants would be if they had just been covered in ice from a freezing rain storm, or perhaps if mid-season melt had cause some ice crystals to form on them or maybe even a version very similar to the original, but just covered in a light frost. Here are some examples: Obviously implementing some of these suggestions would take a fair amount of artist time/resources, but I think it would significantly improve the season that gets the least love and would help them all be more equally beautiful. If anyone else has any suggestions or comments they would be very welcome .