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Found 2 results

  1. So last week there was a few rifts that spawned and did not generate a single drop. Players spent a few hours of there time slaying mobs with no chance of a reward due to some bug in the system. There was the gratuitous lump at the end of the event though, but nothing else. So when the next round of rifts happen who is excited for a chance of another bugged event? I know I will not be interested in this.
  2. Hi Everyone, Another week down as we move towards summer (for all you northern hemispherians anyways) , and some awesome updates on their way! We're gearing up towards an awesome update with a lot of new content, as well as the anniversary of course! I can't give away too much yet, (maybe next week) but these updates will enter public testing soon! Patch Notes Wurm Unlimited Update I know that Wurm Unlimited has been rather quiet on the update front but don't worry! We have an upcoming update planned for wednesday 1pm CET (UTC+1). So if you are a server admin, plan accordingly! Our new code manager, Keenan has setup a little Q&A thread on Steam too, so if you have questions regarding the update cycle for Wurm Unlimited, ask away! Weekend testing This weekend the test server will cover a few of the long awaited PvP updates, most of the testing will be around simply ensuring that the functionality works, so if you have any questions or require any assistance, jump on IRC and poke myself or a GM! Archery penalty removed from helms, changed archery from a flat fail % to added difficulty depending on armour penalty Archery keybinds -SHOOT, QUICK_SHOT, SHOOT_FACE, SHOOT_TORSO, SHOOT_LEFTARM, SHOOT_RIGHTARM, SHOOT_LEGS, Combat tab now shows offensive, karma and healing spells (+ creature targeted dispel) Meditation messages are yet to come. Throw has been removed from valrei mobs, uniques will still throw. Shield of the Gone has been reduced to a 30% Damage reduction Not to leave out other testing though Cave dwellings will also now allow building against walls! This will be for on deed caves only, and mining will be possible through arched walls and doors. We'll have the original testing area setup for some planning and I'll be available to help out as well. Other PvP changes and updates are in the works, and will come after this lot. So jump on the test server this weekend and let us know how it goes! The Great Deliverance Derby The Great Deliverance Derby is on this weekend. We've run the course, checked the horses, all that's left is to jump on and go! We'll be providing a whole lot of horses for this event, with equal gear for all. This means it's an even race, as long as you have 21 body control, you're in with a chance to take out top prize! #Wurmpedia For a while now we've had an IRC room used by the small wurmpedia team to coordinate updates, projects and collaborate. Now, we're opening it up to all Wurmians! The room can be found by typing /join #wurmpedia on IRC, and will allow you to share information, discuss changes, and also help contribute to the Wurmpedia and ensure that it is as accurate as possible. Starter deeds After two weeks the votes have settled, with Esteron and Deliverance being very clear in wanting the new designs! The independence redesign had a few more options, but the winning entry is design 1. I'll be in touch with the submitters to organise where we go from here. I've had a few entries come in, for strongbox on Serenity and Linton on Xanadu, I'll be posting those over this weekend with the same two week voting period, so make sure to keep an eye out! Community content This week has a screenshot from the EPIC Art thread, Smejacks marching army of gnomes. Is this the largest collection of gnomes in Wurm? I wouldn't be surprised! That's it from us this week. I hope to see you all on the test server! Retrograde and the Wurm team.