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Found 5 results

  1. An "Expeditionary Tent" You can set it up and give permissions to players in your group to hitch animals to, and use bedrolls next to. Would be great for Rifts, Unique fights or just exploring with a group of friends.
  2. How to buy these items: Visiting the deed location shown below! Use one of the three merchants to find the statue you want and make sure to examine them to see what color it will be. Any inquires pm one of the people listed below. Payment Methods: Silver, Euros or bulk materials in trade. Bulk material list includes Bricks , Mortar, Support beams and Dirt. Ratio for bulk materials will be discussed on contact regarding a purchase. Pickup only! Deed Location: North East Deliverance right on the red cross hair (,248) Wagons - 10s per Military tent - 6s per Tall Banner - 2s per Banner - 1s per Flag - 1s HOTA Statue's All HOTA statues now are adamantine statues, they look the same as the older models but whats different now is the RGB are not all red they vary widely. Examine a statue to get its RGB value ( : Dragon - 30s per Lady of the Lake - 20s per Man vs Snake - 20s per Stag - 10s per Nogump - 5s per Sol Demon - 5s per Dogs vs Boar - 5s per Man vs Bear - 5s per Bull vs Bear - 5s per Scorpion - 5s per Contact : Egard(forums) Gavin(ingame) | Williamwierd (forums & ingame)
  3. After talking with a friend, it sounds like tents only work on pvp servers inside your own influence. How will my enemies feel safe fighting me in neutral land then, like hota?. Can we get it changed to allow tent spawning outside friendly influence also (but not in enemy influence)? I should be able to respawn outside kingdom influence. If I can respawn inside enemy influence - I can see this being issue because I can alt abuse grief ppl with that, respawn close to enemy deed. But why can't i respawn in no mans land? There will still be tent incentive to build influence but from a more defensive motivation instead of having to build influence to respawn away from your capital. I'd really like to be able to let people that i find or that agree to fight me in a neutral area, respawn to collect their gear. DA
  4. -=!Dreadnaught Dynasty!=- !We Fight! New Stock! NEW Prices!! Available For Purchase: 2x Remaining - DD PMK Bundles 50QL (Cedar) = 18s Each 2x Remaining DD Single Wagons 50QL (Cedar) = 10s Each 3x - DD Tents ~40QL = 4s Each DD PMK Bundles consist of: 2x Kingdom Flags 2x Tall Kingdom Banners 2x Kingdom banners 1x Wagon 1x Tent Note: All purchases include Free Delivery to any Freedom Coast Note: Our PMK items will be sold only in small batches every few months! Wagon Tent Flag Banner Tall Banner
  5. I would like tents and sleeping bags. much of the game has the free feeling that accompanies camping. hunting and exploration. more often than not, I'm logged out a way from my bed. I don't see the fun in running home just so I can get a few extra XP but I would love to sit next to a campfire, look at my tent and sleeping bag, eat some giant spider legs and log out. I would not get as good of rest or as high XP bonus. it would at least feel more real. than to vanish where I stand.