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Found 6 results

  1. Trying to reinstall client, but I and all my mates no texture for Temple (build by gods quest) So.. Why item added without model?) Or why it used into quests?
  2. I'd like to dare a question that doesn't belong in the suggestions section. Do we have any idea when http://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Temple might be given a texture map and model?
  3. Feedback is appreciated. Temple is close to being done, will keep adding things to it.
  4. Don't want to hassle with finding the right mission then traveling and setting up a building site for the epic construction piece you want? Or are just not skilled enough to create one yet!? If so you came to the right place! We have set out and constructed many of each epic structure so you don't have to and they can all be delivered from I-13 Xanadu at a 1s flat rate to any server but chaos! (If your close to the delivery boat when ordering we will waive the delivery fee, all items my also be picked up for no extra charge.) Pylon: In Stock Price: 2s Spirit Gate: In Stock Price:1.5s Shrine: In Stock Price: 1.5s Temple: In Stock (Current model is a ? Bag) Price: 1s Obelisk: In Stock Price 1.5s
  5. In this episode I head up north to meet with Elwood the Mayor of Ultimarus, a rather large settlement nestled in the hills of north Indenpendence. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=43kwnrzUobM Also, I'm adding in a short video of my completed Temple of Vynora, which sits in the cleavage of Twin Angel Peaks. Oh and I have a new pet! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zVH6stleJe0 Hope you all enjoy Milo
  6. So seems there's another bug on Celebration, this time it's with creating a temple. I get the option, and i'm in the right area, and 100+ above water level etc.. When i click the option, nothing happens. No message or anything. This happened earlier with pylons as well. And there has been no official message about this. So can we please get a dev to look into this.. Getting stupid with quests popping up, which has no way of being done!