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Found 6 results

  1. A few days ago I dominated a champion troll, to keep as a pet. I put it in a 2x1 locked pen on-deed near my house, and branded it. It went wild (stopped being my pet) a few times, once wile I was online, several times when I was not online but I'd re-dominate it without any issue. This morning though, I saw these messages in local, which surprised me: [12:35:16] <Spirit templar> I'll take care of adolescent champion troll! [12:35:16] <Spirit templar> I'll help you with adolescent champion troll! And a bit later: [12:42:41] <Spirit templar> I'll take care of adolescent champion troll! [12:42:41] <Spirit templar> I'll help you with adolescent champion troll! I ran over to the pen, which had one gate (still locked) and found that one of the pen's walls was missing and the troll was loose on the deed but in bad shape, having killed both spirit templar. I had another villager tank it while I re-dominated it It is still alive, and it still has a brand. By the time the guards re-spawned I had dominated it again. After the incident I created a support ticket, and was eventually told to make a post here. What puzzles me about this is that while the spirit templar are set to attack hostile creatures on this deed (they kill all the random crabs, etc. that wander in), I believe a branded hostile creature isn't attacked due to being branded, otherwise this would have happened the first time it stopped being my pet on-deed. I have a couple theories about why this could have triggered: Perhaps the spirit templar wandered into the troll's pen, got engaged by the troll, and that got the other spirit templar to react to it? Wurmpedia says trolls can bash, perhaps it bashed a fence and that is what got the guards against it? Either way, I am puzzled by the two sets of templar local chats. in case the pen setup is important: Deed is Port Crescendo on Cadence north wall of pen (the one that got broken) high roundpole fence, single digit ql if I recall correctly east walls of pen, both high roundpole fence, no damage, 6-7ql West walls of pen: my house, both are timber framed walls, 20ish ql, no damage, house is locked (the door is several tiles away from the pen though) south wall: roundpole fence gate, locked, no damage, 6 or 7 ql. both tiles of the pen were grass growing wild, and there were two orangewood grape trellises planted along the house walls. The southern border of the deed is 1 tile south of the southern gate of the pen In case the troll is important: Female adolescent champion troll was neither starving nor fat at time of escape. Potential steps to reproduce: If it was a case of the templar wandering into the troll pen, a small deed, with a branded hostile troll and a ton of spirit templar, and no walls on deed would probably get a templar to wander in pretty quick
  2. I looked but didn't see this yet, so forgive me if it's already been reported. Our Templar here at Silent Hill states in local "I'll take care of (insert critter here)" but she never actually shows up. She repeats the message every three seconds, but never shows. What makes this slightly different than when a critter is hiding in a mine just on deed is the critter doesn't seem to attack villagers as it moves around, unless a villager goes in to attack it. We will attempt more tests to see if she is getting stuck in a wall, or on a gate and update here.
  3. I found out what happens to all the templars when they die. They come to haunt me...
  4. The one thing I found out not to long ago is you cannot remove a lock from a gate only replace it. Also the way templars are now getting stuck and constantly attacking a mob over and over for days is causing gates to lock even though they are set to open all the time and limiting access to public markets and area's on deed. This is the main reason I would like to be able to remove locks from gates I have the key for just like chests, boats, etc. Oncethe lock is removed the templar sticking forever bit will never be an issue again blocking access. Anyhow either fix the templar from locking 24 open gates or give players the ability to remove locks from gates that they have placed on them with the key.
  5. In my opinion spirit templars are pretty weak, considering their high cost of 3 silver per month (on epic). Unfortunately they can't be equipped with gear like guards, so even a player with a fighting skill of ~40 can easily take one of them down. So my suggestion is that settlement mayors should be able to equip/un-equip spirit templars just like tower guards
  6. So, we got us an oil tub (which is really an oil barrel and should be renamed) and filled it up with about two small barrels full of olive oil. We have no templars and never needed any either...two weeks later the lights are starting to go out, and no oil from the barrel is being used. Either oil barrels are not currently working or we really need to hire templars now to keep our deeds lit. Does anyone know which it is? :S