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Found 4 results

  1. While storing some items in a un-finished cave/mine Some of the items appear outside the cave Further info: - Some of the items were un-loaded from transported knarr. - The items were un-loaded onto a limited number of tiles - Previously in the same cave, different location had 4 hell horses hitched to a wagon, one of the hell horses appeared above ground. This was resolved by moving the wagon This effect could be caused by the game mechanic: that is when too many items placed on one tile, excess items are moved. Normally moves to an ajoining tile but in this case the item is moved above ground.
  2. I use embark as passenger and moor all the time a and have found the knarr teleports 2-3 tile forward now when I embark as passenger it also teleports back once I reembark as captain. I havent tried mooring it as a passenger yet as each time it teleported on me I ended up with it beached and didnt want to get it stuck
  3. Prenote: This is for epic only, just like epic has its "no midcombat corpselooting code". Well my suggestion is pretty simple. When a deed alarm is triggered and on lockdown, then teleports (karma and meditation) is blocked to that deed. This prevents people teleporting in with supplies and raidforce-sized groups across the map to wardeeds/remote gatehops that are at extreme distances from their actual kingdom.
  4. I cannot fight from a cart. Even if I am inside the mob, it's too far away. If I get off the cart, however, I am teleporting and cannot perform any actions. I just stand there getting the tar beaten out of me and can do nothing back. I manage to get back onto the cart and can no longer attack. Also, I can kill a swarm of crocs (when I am not teleporting) back to back to back and get scratches. A bear comes along and I'm being owned. Killed a troll without being so much as shaken but a spider put me in a hurt locker. Something is seriously broken.