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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, Port of Tarsis has been active for 8 months now, we've built our main buildings, shaped most of the land to how we want it, built a ship or three, set up our crops and farm and started a bulk goods trade! so when I'm not busy digging clay, making bricks etc I've started to focus on decorating an area of the deed at a time, and I thought I would share them on here as I complete them, I hope you enjoy Solin's Veg Garden In the real world I enjoy pottering about in my garden, Wurm is no different so when I was designing my farmhouse I wanted the garden to have a "working" kitchen garden, like my real life veg box with all the salad bits in, also planters are a new feature for me so I was looking forward to using them and seeing what looks I could create, here's what I came up with: Entrance to the veg patch: Tomato's! I tried to use the planter and trellis combo for plants that would normally climb up and need securing, the planter racks fitting between was -chef's kiss- This combo continues around the wall for the cucumber & pea plants I've tried to fill the between spots with as many decorations as I could fit without it being too crowded as any working garden uses ALL THE SPACE available At the centre of the veg patch you can find my potting up table, it has all the things I might need, pots, sprouts, twine, garden stakes and ofc... my two right handed garden gloves next to my potting table I have my compost bin ready for turning and filling up my planters View from the south area, this is where my last two planters are, always lettuce in these two Last screenshot, I added some lanterns for night time, who doesn't like a garden with twinkle-ish lights?