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Found 5 results

  1. Hello everyone. Auctioning 100 tapestries of your choice in four lots! Check them out here Tapestries will be mailed ( the cost is on me ). Items will be mailed within a week. Lot 1 - 25 tapestries Lot 2 - 25 tapestries Lot 3 - 25 tapestries Lot 4 - 25 tapestries Starting bid 2.5s each lot Min increment 50c Reserve None Buyout Yes
  2. Winterscape - Jonydowy Hi Everyone! Another week down as we work on our many projects coming to fruition, I know I'm excited for the cages and something that hasn't been announced yet, but that'll have to wait until it's closer to the release date so stay tuned for more news on that. This week we'll touch on a few upcoming events and competitions! Blossom and Whitefay redesigns The proposal entries for Blossom and Whitefay redesigns are up, so if you're interested in submitting a proposal, get a team together and get cracking! The proposal threads can be found here: Wurm fanart ingame! Starting next Tuesday, the 1st of the month, we'll be launching a competition for you all to submit entries for a new tapestry design. The rules will be pretty straight forward, with original works or ingame screenshots required (no copyright material!) and one entry per person. A decent resolution must be used too, but we'll make sure it fits properly. The winner will receive a supreme version of their tapestry when it goes into the game! Weekend highway testing We'll be looking at setting up some scenarios for testing the new highway system this weekend, providing materials to build and form your own highways, as well as use the routing system. We'll also be looking at some events on the test server utilizing the new system and the ability to win some prizes in the live server! Midsummers event, last weekend! Don't miss out! This event finishes up at the end of the month, so this is your last chance to get in there and get the awesome Mask of Rebirth as your prize! I've heard there are a few maps floating around, so if you've been waiting for a guide to go through, now is your time! Community Content This weeks community content keeps in line with the highways coming, and showcases an amazing highway built by Shyruban, along with help from many others. I personally love the moss as the border, it keeps the sides clear but also green! The full details of the highway as well as a few screenshots can be found here, it looks awesome! That's it from me this week, I hope to see many of you on the test server getting ready for the highway system coming, but until then, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
  3. Magic City is ready to offer you Tapestries!!!! We have all tapestries available for purchase, at least 2 of each are currently in stock, and more are being made. Our tapestries are available for: delivery, pick up, or merchant purchase. Which tapestries do we have? All of them!!! Check it out!!! (Note: Beige and Orange tapestries are not shown in this picture, but are equally available for you!) Wow!!! We are currently selling them at the spectacular price of 20c each! WOW!!!! What do we currently have in stock? Green 3 Beige 3 Orange 3 Festivities 3 Kyara 3 Faeldray 2 Cavalry 3 More stock is always being added. Place an order if we don't have what you need and we can prioritize your order! What are you waiting for?!? Deliveries (priced per order regardless of quantity!) - Exodus delivery: FREE!! - Celebration or Deliverance delivery: Only 50c per order for delivery!! - Independence or West Xanadu delivery: Just 1s delivery! - East Xanadu, Pristine or Release delivery: Simply add 1.5s for delivery! OR you can pop by to pickup anytime! We have tapestries available in our merchants, located conveniently in Magic Mall! They are on duty 24/7 waiting for you! PM Seedlings or Hypamania for questions/orders, or visit us at Magic City! D-21 on the in-game map, or visit X:37, Y:8
  4. are the new tapestries in game yet? if so cloth or wool?