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Found 13 results

  1. Hello, considering the animals (rats in my case) end up outside of the house and roam my deed, I assume this is is a server issue so I put this down here. Lets start with this screenshot, this rat freshly untamed cause I was trying to move them once again after a pen change from 1x1 tile to 1x2 tiles (regular pen size which worked for them in my old stables - I thought that maybe the cause). As you can see the rat slightly hoovers over the ground at half the pole fence height, this height will increase gradulay over time, eventually by tomorrow morning the rat will be sitting on top of the roof and then be able to jump off there and run around the deed. I have had this happen 4 times now and then I had to catch them on the deed somewhere. Some other float rats I caught midway and could abort with a retame and move them a bit, but once they reach a certain height or go over the roof, the roof will be in the way and then I can only wait for the rat to finish its escape and catch it on the deed. The building is 2 stories high + thatched roof and the pens are in a 4x5 area of the house (there is a small 2x2 area and a ramp leading up to the first floor to lead rats up as well) - the rats reside in the upper floor. The lower floor has pens aligned with the top pens where the idea was, that when the female rats on the top floor give birth - the new born rat will pop on the ground floor in a pen. (Thats how it worked in my other stables just fine but it was a bit annoying as my horses have the lower floor there.) Server - Deed - Housename Xanadu - Aincrad - Rat House Un-tamed two more rats now, took 5 or so minutes for them to start floating as well... one has a 1x2 pen like the one in the screenshot above and the other a 1x3 but its the 3 tiles in a corner. If any more information is required or someone wants to visit me, I'm on discord as well.
  2. I have 39 taming skill and have tried over 100 times to tame a unicorn without success, what am I doing wrong? Wurmpedia says that I need "seeds" to tame a unicorn. now, when I read "seeds" I think of seeds, as in crop seeds, not grains, but wurmpedia has grains (rye rice wheat barley) also labelled as seeds. I have tried mixed grass, rye and vegetable seeds with the same results, 90% of the time it agros and attacks me, rarely it will just ignore my commands.
  3. As a follower of Nathan I can't tame corrupt horses/animals. Which I find weird as Nathan is a negative influence god that requires negative alignment and you convert/priest to his religion at the bone alter. Unless I have completely missed some statement that only Lib followers can tame corrupt horses and it is as intended I don't see any reason why a dark aligned god wouldn't be able to tame corrupt animals.
  4. Ever since the new update, tamed animals are going mad when I try to lead them. They keep running off, while I'm still leading them. I've had two turn around, run in the opposite direction to where I was leading them, run at least 10 tiles, through multiple locked gates and into pens with other aggressive creatures. They've gotten injuries before I've managed to get them out; I'm just lucky nothing has gotten killed yet. I have to keep checking behind me, and if they randomly run off, I need to chase them down, and sometimes they'll start following me again, or sometimes I need to click stop leading and re-lead them. But then I have to get them into a pen quickly because it only takes a few seconds for them to run off again. It's fine having tamed animals just standing there, or leading non-tamed animals. Please can we fix this? I breed a lot of aggressive animals, and I need to be able to get the offspring out of the pens quickly and safely or they all end up getting diseased.
  5. I can't be the only one who would love to breed pet champion spiders and lava spiders, or even regular ones. If we can't tame them then we should at least be able to care for them while they're still aggro so that they don't die after getting venerable when lured into a pen.
  6. I can't equip my horse with horse shoes or saddle. Error Message: You are not trading. - The horse is tame. - It is mature and was born a month ago max. - The horses inventory is a list with no sublevels (except left hoof and right hoof) - The horse shoes and saddle are of good quality. What I tried: - relogging (the horse went untame during that and sometimes didn't reappear after logging in again) - relogging for /lotime (the horse went untame during that) - equipping the horse with another account on another PC Note: - I had that problem before with another horse. A relog for /lotime helped back then.
  7. I would like to suggest the following changes to deed settings: 1. Allow a tick box in Manage Role settings for allowing people to tame animals on deed. Allows for the non citizen person to tame horses and swop your horse shoes and saddles if need be. 2. Please separate the section where the "lead animals" and "pick up things" are in the one section. Make it two sections, one for leading animals on deed, another for picking up stuff on deed. And just some wishful thinking: Is it at all possible to allow individual players to get certain roles rather than their whole village? Please? Thanks
  8. I think it would be very useful and make taming more fun if you could tame at least 2 mobs at the same time, agressive mobs specifically, to allow easier breeding, the mechanics to breed them are already in game but you need armor to take the beating or luck so they dont kill the animal you have tamed while breeding. I understand there is also a PvP community that would dislike possible imbalences with people bringing multiple pets into a fight, but there would be mechanics that could be implimented to avoid that, a few ideas I have include (i dont know how to program java or anything so sorry if these seem unreasonable in some way) 1)Make only 1 pet active in the right click "pet" menu at any one time to make it too awkward to effectively use multiple animals in a fight 2)Tie being tamed to being on a deed, so that only 1 tamed animal can leave a deed at a time, and you can keep whatever amount of tamed animals that your husbandry skill allows on deed, This could perhaps also add an interesting last line of defence to PvP raids i hear about The basic idea is to allow the breeding and hitching of the agressive animals in the game to give a little more interest to the taming feature, basically no one uses it to help in fighting as it is and i belive its most interesting use would be along the lines of breeding bears and wolves etc to actually be useful and more capeable than wild versions using traits they inherheted through the player breeding them. Ideally the ability to tame 3 so you could safely move any babies you want to keep to a safe area to store, or an ability to temporarily make an animal on a deed docile for 30 minutes to allow actions to be taken. I dont actually tame animals myself my skill is 26 or so from equiping horses and such, i feel a change like this would open alot more doors to the feature an encourage a better economy in the animal trading area than just horses, the trade pet feature could actually have a use also
  9. Option to untame
  10. I was having a tame dog lead with a rope and decided to tame it further with some filets. The dog got agressive and I was out of meat so I stop leading the dog and it turned tame again. Still attacking me though untill I got a few tiles away. Will try this again to confirm the bug once the servers are back online
  11. I think it'd be cool to have more animals to tame! Elephants, camels, meerkats, etc. etc. Also, I'm totally pushing it with this one but DINOSAURS! C'mon. Domesticated velociraptors!
  12. As simply put as the name says really I would enjoy a system to which one can have multiple pets like someone can have multiples in real life granted I know this is wurm and not real life. Reasons: Multiple pets such as dual bears or hellhorses will let you hitch them to carts without needing a buddy Breeding aggressive creatures becomes a bit easier (zookeepers would love) Moving animals such as deer etc becomes less of a hassle (tame one lead it tame another lead it we all know the drill) I'm not saying have multiple taming off the bat but have it like caring for animals but a bit harder. At certain levels you can hold a certain amount of animals with a combined strength total of whatever. Such as 2 dogs would be easier to dual than 2 bears at say level 10 but wiki is like a reccomended taming of 15 for a bear so something like twice that would let you hold two bear or some such way.
  13. I was thinking about how to keep aggressive animals on deed and still have spirit guards active to protect against trolls bashing walls down and had an idea. My idea is that while we have an aggressive animal tamed/dominated allow them to be branded . Once they are branded and turn back aggressive the guards will know that they belong to that deed and will not attack them anymore. This would only work on the deed that the animals are branded to any other deeds guards would attack as normal. I don't know if you can even brand an aggressive animal now or not but thought this was a good idea for keeping hell horses and other animals.. What do you think?