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Found 3 results

  1. With the recent addition of new wall types like the trimless stone options, timber frame, and the portcullises, I've been thinking about a few other options that would be easy to add and allow players to develop new housing and castle designs! Stone Long Arched Wall: Stone Tall Arched Wall: Though they don't add much, I think they will add even more variety to the walls in game currently. Just a thought (:
  2. I cannot draw but really would like the option to build walls like in the pic here, so that you can have the option to build just a little strip of wall either to the left or right of a tile, or just across the top, or half arch to the left or half arch to the right...please. We can then build tall arches, or wide arches, as big as we want. All of these parts have to line up when built next to or on top of each other, and when the arches are built there is empty space to the side where the wall is not built, so if you build another one on the adjacent tile they line up like one big over two tile arch, same principle for building them on top of each other to create very tall open spaces.
  3. I had this posted in the suggestion for castle doors but it really needs its own topic i think. I would like to see a few new sections added to tall stone walls every other fence/wall has its own gate except the tall stone wall and i think they should have their own. I have used my paint shop to mock up a few examples of a simple gate that could be added and think they both look nice. I don't have one made up but an arched type without the door might be nice too have also for a simple pass through like into courtyards or something. If nothing else we at least need the gate there are times where a 1x1 house just does not work well and this seems like a simple enough request anyway.