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Found 8 results

  1. Auctioning Jenn Kellon (Dragon) Items Jenn Kellon Kingdom Banner - 10 Jenn Kellon Kingdom Flag - 10 Jenn Kellon Kingdom Tall Banner - 5 Starting bid: 30 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Buyout: 75 s Private Bids: Accepted
  2. 1x DD Wagon 4x DD Tall Banners 4x DD Banners 4x DD Flags 1x DD Tent Asking 30s/e (First order posted below will be for 25s!) I have four such sets available presently. I only wish to sell as sets. I believe the prices are fair as is. I really don't want to deliver, as I feel my location is pretty convenient (C19 Xan), but I will if requested. All items will be improved to 40ql. Thanks for reading, have fun!
  3. Hello, I'm looking to buy kingdom stuff from every kingdom. Please PM me with what you have and we can make a deal. You can PM me here or in-game on Ajblack. Banners and flags are mailable, I usually pay 1S each. If they're rare, we can discuss the price. Tall banners I will pick up directly from your deed. I usually pay 1-2S, depending on the banner. Again, prices are negotiable. Wagons are discussed individually and depending on the kingdom. Since I live on a mountaintop deed, these sales will be supported by my friends and roommate in terms of temporary storage. Currently, I'm looking for things from any kingdom except: Crusaders Jenn-Kellon Dreadnaught Dynasty Wurm University
  4. Looking for some banners, Tall banners, and a wagon. Can post here or PM me
  5. Pandemonium Designs I am auctioning off 2 Pandemonium Tall Banner designs . This will be a 2 day auction. Starting bid: 50c Increments:50c No buy out
  6. Pandemonium Designs I am auctioning off 2 Pandemonium Tall Banner designs . This will be a 2 day auction. starting bid: 50c 50c increments no buyout:
  7. We are auctioning off the first set of The Crusaders pmk design. The only way to obtain these pmk items are via these auctions. This is a bundle that comes with two banners, two flags, two tall banners, one wagon and one tent. All items will be 50 quality, delivery to any coast excluding Xanadu. Taking bulk materials in trade as well pm to negotiate ratios. This auction will not acknowledge bid's by Oreo or Cornchips. Tall Banner Banner Flag Wagon Tent starting bid:1s 1s increments no buyout:
  8. Pandemonium Designs I am auction off the first sells of Pandemonium design . this will end on Sunday morning. Be the First to get the designs. What you see is what you will get!! And you can see out the back of the wagons starting bid:1s 1s increments no buyout: you can either pick up: they are located on deli. or we can bring to you for free.