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Found 4 results

  1. As the title says, suggestion to allow TAKE command to work on the contents of an equipped backpack or satchel just as it functions for anything else. I have TAKE bound to Q. Still after all these years, I open up my backpack and try to use Q to move something into my main inventory. IRL, I take stuff out of backpacks all the time. Sometimes even from my own. I don't think this would have any negative effects on how anyone operates currently. Changes nothing except for those who would like to make use of the functionality. Thank you much
  2. I took some things out of a BSB earlier, using right click -> "take" rather than dragging them to my inventory, after doing so, they are in my inventory as a bulk item rather than the individual items. I went through these same steps to reproduce it, and it happened again. I am unable to put either of these items back into BSBs, as it says that it will destroy them. Examining the items in inventory gives: [15:19:55] A generic bulk item Dropping them on the ground makes them look like they're in a sack with a red question mark on it. Dragging from BSB to inventory still works fine.
  3. As title says. make it so if you push Take keybind on an item on bsb or crate it will take max you can carry. What ya think?
  4. I've asked around some, and have yet to get a clear and unambiguous answer. Why are some items "steal" and others "take"? If I drop some heavy barrels to escape a spider, can anyone come by and pillage it (or just unlawful premium players with high body control or whatever, heh)? I see both options inside and outside deeds, so there's more to it than that. Maybe I was still inside the "perimeter" after leaving some village (yeah, that's confusing, too), but it's still unclear what's going on inside a village. How do I get the privilege of leaving "steal only" stuff lying around? Is that for members of a village, perhaps? Plus, it's nice to drop stuff you don't need in newbie areas, so presumably it'd be an optional thing. And yes, I did get pillaged after fleeing from a spider that eventually caught up to me because it was a dirt road. Lost my rare parsley and 26 catfish filets The barrels were still nearby, at least