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Found 12 results

  1. Short introduction IGN: Ayelle Server: Candance IG City: Ironwood Playtime: GMT+2 (17.00 - 23.00) Goal Cloth Tailoring 100 ofc! Progress: [17:38:59] Cloth tailoring increased by 0,0019 to 75,0195 LFW part Look we all know that cloth tailoring is nothing intresting in terms of items. But we also know that everyone is looking for some rare, suprime, fanstastic parts right? Well, if this is the case or you need other tailoring needs, hit me up! Either here, or IG, or follow the google docs linked below! This can be anything from a "fishing request for a specific rare" to an order for meditation rugs. Price list [WIP - making alot of PC's around to form a "list"] Links - TO THE FORM! - WHAT CAN I CRAFT? -
  2. Introduction Hello. I am Christos, that's my in-game name and real name to. I am looking to put my skills to some good use. Current Skills: Cloth Tailoring: 60+ QL Leatherworking: 40+ QL My Location Server CAD on need Stillwater Coves,1232 Services I provide All prices are NEGOTIABLE! I can Create, Improve and Repair items. Just send me a message at Christos. I can send items with mail with 8 minutes delivery time. Cloth Tailoring Items 30+ QL 40+ QL 50+ QL 60+ QL Beautiful Meditation Rug 20C 25C 32C 40C Bedroll1 80C 1S 1.2S 1.4S Big Square Sail 25C 30C 37C Cloth Barding2 40C 60C 80C 1S Colorful Cotton Cloths 40C 60C 85C 1.3S Colourful Carpet3 15C 20C 28C 35C Cotton Cloths (Set) 35C 55C 80C 1.25S Cotton Sheets 10C 25C 40C Dyeable Cloth Barding2 40C 60C 80C 1S Exquisite Meditation Rug 30C 35C 42C 50C Fine Meditation Rug 15C 20C 28C 35C Fishing Nets 2C 4C 9C 15C Large Colourful Carpet3 20C 25C 32C 40C Meditation Rug 10C 15C 23C 30C Satchel 2C Small Colourful Carpet3 10C 15C 23C 30C Small Square Sail 20C 25C 32C Triangular Sail 20C 25C 32C Wool Cloths (Piece) 1C 2C 4C 6C (1) Bedroll, when placed within 2 tiles of a tent owned by you, is a portable source of sleep bonus, functioning like a bed, but only providing 75% the amount of sleep bonus over time. If you do not have a tent, I can ask a friend to create a one for you. (2) Cloth Barding is Armour for your Horse. (3) Can not be send via COD. Leatherworking Items 20+ QL 30+ QL 40+ QL Almanac 20C 25C 35C Animal Rugs1 20C Archaeology Journal 20C 25C 35C Backpack 10C Bridle 10C Brown Bear Helm2 25C 30C 35C Leather Adventure Hat3 8C Leather Armour (Set) 20C 25C 30C Leather Barding4 1.5S 2S 2.5S Saddle 15C 30C 50C Saddle Bags 10C Studded Leather Armour (Set) 25C 30C 35C Toolbelt 10C 20C 30C Waterskin 3C (1) Animal Rugs are: Black Bear, Black Wolf, Brown Bear and Mountain Lion Rugs. (2) Brown Bear Helm's protection is equivalent to Studded Leather Cap protection. (3) Leather Adventure Hat is a decorative hat. Does not provide armor protection. (4) Leather Barding is Armour for your Horse. Farewell Thanks for visiting my humble store. Feel free to contact me in game at Christos or leave a message here. See you soon.
  3. ------------------------ About the little break As some of you already know I am currently working on a massive community event project (noo, not an Impalong), and I am not only taking this as a "vacation" from my store after almost two months of intense Tailoring, but I am also having a lot of fun (AND WORK) to do in there. I highly recommend Arno if you need Cloth Items, and I am sorry to not be able to help for a little while. More info on this event will be coming as we reach 40% completion or even more, so we can have a big chunk of it to show the world. Thank you for understanding ♥ Welcome, traveler! The world is growing and Cloth is our friend in these first steps of Wurm. We all need beds, meditation rugs, and a lot of items to help on our journey, at a fair price! My name is Donamarlene and I'm going to help you with my cloth products on Harmony and Melody. This post will be constantly updated with my recent products, sellings, and prices. Feel free to Whisper me ingame, or make a request in this post, I'll be happy to help! Thank you ♥ Welcome to the biggest Cloth shop in Harmony & Melody, yayy! Blue = New on the shop Green = Temporary events Current active event: Satchels Any QL - 6 C 20's QL - 15 C 40's QL - 35 C Normal Meditation Rugs Any QL - 15 C 25's QL - 25 C 40's QL - 80 C 50's QL - 1,3 S 60's QL - 2 S Fine Meditation Rugs Any QL - 35 C 25's QL - 50 C 40's QL - 1 S 50's QL - 1,5 S 60's QL - 2,2 S Beautiful Meditation Rugs Any QL - 70 C 25's QL - 90 C 40's QL - 1,2 S 50's QL - 2 S 60's QL - 2,7 S Sails Corbita sail kit - 2,4 S Knarr sail kit - 6,5 S Caravel sail kit - 13 S • Small Square sail - 90 C Triangular Sail - 1,2 S Square Sail (big) - 1,7 S Cotton Sheets Any QL - 20 C 30+ QL - 30 C Bedroll (portable bed) Any QL - 5 s 25's QL - 5,5 S Fishing nets any QL - 15 C 25's QL - 30 C 40's QL - 80 C 50's QL - 1,5 S Medium Fishing lines any QL - 20 C 25's QL - 20 C Heavy Fishing lines any QL - 25 C 25's QL - 25 C Complete Cloth armor sets any QL - 40 C 25's QL - 85 C 40's QL - 2 S 50's QL - 3,5 S Horse Barding (The regular cant be COD without Woad and Cochineal) (You can send me them if you want it COD'd) Regular - 3 S Dyeable - 4 S Wool clothes PM me to check prices, but I can make everything • Any Item above with custom QL's or Non listed Items = Comment/PM Donamarlene ingame for price checkings Currently I deliver 99% of my items through COD (as most of them fit into) • [08/28/2020] The big discount event waaaaaaas here Thanks to everybody who participated, it was a massive killing spree on the cottons >:D The will be some more events in the near future, but for now we are back to normal prices. Thank you all ♥ I often get asked If I buy Cottons, and well, at the moment... Noop - My stocks are ok for now, maybe in some days PM me ingame or on forums for more info. I do buy RARE AND SUPREME Cottons and Strings! Rares for 30c Supremes for 60c Just COD me them, please!
  4. Not really sure if this has been brought up on the suggestion thread, from what I've seen there are scraps and bits of this idea posted all around but my idea is simple and quite good for the overall game experience. Ready? Add clothes that grant a %bonus to crafting and skills. Sounds weird? Think about it for a second. A blacksmith's apron that grants you a max of 5% bonus to all smithing branches at 90ql, starting with a 1% bonus at 50ql. These numbers are just a sketch in my mind right now to give you a baseline for such an approach. Or a woodcutter's chequered shirt (stereotypical much? ) that grants you a bonus to your woodcutting skill. A wizard's robes for priests that give you a bonus against physical attacks and to your channeling skills. The sky is the limit on this one. Think about the fact that clothes right now are quite useless in the game, except for the aesthetic purpose. If this were to be implemented , cloth tailoring will become a major skill in the game and people will work on making lots of clothing sets specific to each task. Some farmer's workclothes for farming, or an archer's tunic that gives him a small boost to damage/accuracy/defence against ranged weps, you name it. It will also help out those people who hit 70-80 in some skills and want to get to 90. This game is all about small bonuses that stack with each other, so I really do hope this idea won't get barreled down in the mosh pit of forgotten threads. Also, to promote fairness, those clothing sets should experience a minor rate of decay as you use them. Using a miner's clothing set for example, should slightly decay the more you mine due to wear and tear, dust, humidity and so on. There are a lot of games out there with various pieces of clothing granting small bonuses to skills/traits/stats/etc. Why not in Wurm ? I believe this will be an excellent addition to the game and hope to see it in the near future. Small list of examples . Chef's and bakers uniform Miner's kit (made by using leatherworking) Blacksmiths apron (leatherworking) Carpenter's set with a toolbelts strapped around the waist Fisherman's overalls Hunter's jerkin (made with furs and leather, and maybe a hood) Digger's duds (sleeveless shirt and baggy pants) Alchemical accoutrements (some mystical/grunge/stained robes for those hermits that dabble in the occult arts of making paint) Gardener's garb Tailor's threads ............and whatever strikes your fancy So what do you guys think? Would you like to get these little suckers into the game and have some nice crafting bonuses?
  5. Tailor on New Spring Island selling now: CLOTH - Small Square Sails, QL 40+ --> 4C - Triangular Sails, QL 40+ --> 5C - Small Colourful Carpets QL 27+ --> 2C - Cloth Hood QL 40+ --> 1C - Cloth Pants QL 40+ --> 1C - Cloth Jacket QL 40+ --> 1C MED RUGS (can be imped up to 40QL) - Fine Meditation Rug, QL 10+ COC57 --> 20C - Fine Meditation Rug, QL 12+ COC39 --> 20C - Fine Meditation Rug, QL 11+ COC38 --> 20C LEATHER - Leather Adventurer Hat, QL 18-19 --> 2C - Leather Cap, QL 18-19 --> 2C - Leather Tool Belt, QL 15+ --> 2C - Water Skin, QL 17+ --> 2C WOOL coming soon DYES - -
  6. Listing Tunare for Sale Located R-15, just South of Lormere 19x19 area, 1S upkeep, has mine nearby with Iron. Pictures below linked to imgur. 10Silver/Euro Or Best Offer Have an INN, Stables, Farm Land, and 4 crafting buildings linked on 2nd floor by wooden rope bridges.
  7. MadHill Merchants Last Updated: 07 Feb 2014 Location: MadHill Village is located in Exodus at X4, Y20 MadHill Merchants will usually Host Special Bundles at Special Prizes with limited stock. Current Special Bundle: Horse Gear Bundle Bundle Contains: 1 Saddle QL 70+ 4 Horseshoes QL 70+ 1 Bridle QL 70+ First Re-Improve Free Bundle Price: 2.2 Silver 15 Bundles Available (Including Merchant Stock) PM me for bundle Purchases or /tell Reaverkane ingame Current Merchant Stock: Merchant_MadHill Wares: Qty--------Item ------------------ QL* ------------ Price (silver) 20 Horseshoe 70+ 0.25 10 Saddle 70+ 1 10 Bridle 70+ 0.5 3 Toolbelt 70+ 0.6 Other Merchants to be added Soon Merchants are located on-deed at the "DockHouse" Building *Ql will vary between the stated ql and up to 5 ql over that. Other Items available on Stock: Qty--------Item ------------------ QL ------------ Price (silver) 38 Horseshoe 70+ 0.25 100 Butchering Knives 50+ 0.10 300 Carving Knives 50+ 0.10 20k Dirt ?? 1 Silver/1k6 Items available on Order1: Blacksmithing2 QL 50 --------- 0.15 Silver QL 60 --------- 0.20 Silver QL 70 --------- 0.40 Silver QL 80 --------- 0.60 Silver QL 90 --------- Not Available For large anvils multiply price by 1.5 (IE QL 70 Large anvil will cost 0.60 silver) Bulk Items (nails, ribbons, etc) Cost 12 iron per Kg of items. Weaponsmithing2 QL 50 --------- 0.30 Silver QL 60 --------- 0.40 Silver QL 70 --------- Not Available QL 80 --------- Not Available QL 90 --------- Not Available Jewelry smithing Pendulum QL 504, 5 --------------------------- 0,30 Silver Gold Statuettes (any god) QL 504 --------- 0.50 Silver Silver Statuettes (any god)4 ----------------- 0.40 Silver Altar (Gold) QL 304, 5 ------------------------- 2 Silver Altar (Silver) QL304, 5 ------------------------- 1,70 Silver Brazier Bowls Ql 30 ---------------------------- 0.20 Silver Bracelets, Rings, Candelabra, etc are also available, and follow a simmilar price range to pendulums. Full Braziers are available for crafting, Price is negotiated upfront. Mining Rock Shards --------- 1 Silver/ 1000 Items Iron --------- 1 Silver/1000 Kg Iron QL 70 --------- 2 Silver/1000 Kg Iron QL 80 --------- 5 Silver/1000 Kg Iron QL 90 --------- Not Available Copper/Zinc --------- 1.2 Silver/1000 Kg Copper/Zinc QL 70 --------- Not Available Copper/Zinc QL 80 --------- Not Available Copper/Zinc QL 90 --------- Not Available Gold/Silver --------- 10 Silver /1000 Kg Gold QL 70 --------- 20 Silver/1000 Kg Woodcutting Pine/Cedar/Birch/Maple --------- 1 Silver / 1000 Logs Pine/Cedar/Birch/Maple QL 70 --------- 2 Silver / 1000 Logs6 Pine/Cedar/Birch/Maple QL 80 --------- Not Available Pine/Cedar/Birch/Maple QL 90 --------- Not Available Willow/Oak --------- Not Available Willow/Oak QL 70 --------- Not Available Willow/Oak QL 80 --------- Not Available Willow/Oak QL 90 --------- Not Available Fruit Trees --------- Not Available Fruit Trees QL 70 --------- Not Available Fruit Trees QL 80 --------- Not Available Fruit Trees QL 90 --------- Not Available Walnut/Chestnut/Fir/Linden --------- Not Available Leather Works3: Toolbelt QL 50 --------- 0.2 Silver Toolbelt QL 60 --------- 0.4 Silver Toolbelt QL 70 --------- 0.6 Silver Toolbelt QL 80 --------- 0.8 Silver Toolbelt QL 90 --------- Not Available Leather Armor QL 50 --------- 0.4 Silver/Full Set Leather Armor QL 60 --------- 0.5 Silver/Full Set Leather Armor QL 70 --------- 0.7 Silver/Full Set Leather Armor QL 80 --------- 1 Silver/Full Set Leather Armor QL 90 --------- Not Available Studded Leather Armor QL 50 --------- 0.7 Silver/ Full Set Studded Leather Armor QL 60 --------- 1 Silver/ Full Set Studded Leather Armor QL 70 --------- 2 Silver/ Full Set Studded Leather Armor QL 80 --------- 3.5 Silver/ Full Set Studded Leather Armor QL 90 --------- Not Available Saddle QL 50 --------- 0.6 Silver Saddle QL 60 --------- 0.7 Silver Saddle QL 70 --------- 1 Silver Saddle QL 80 --------- 2 Silver Saddle QL 90 --------- Not Available Bridle QL 50 --------- 0.3 Silver Bridle QL 60 --------- 0.4 Silver Bridle QL 70 ---------0.5 Silver Bridle QL 80 --------- 0.7 Silver Bridle QL 90 --------- Not Available Barding Ql 50 --------- 0.6 Silver Barding Ql 60 --------- 0.8 Silver Barding Ql 70 --------- 1.5 Silver Barding Ql 80 --------- 2.5 Silver Barding Ql 90 --------- Not Available Containers (Water Skin, backpack, quiver) Ql 30 --------- 0.05 Silver (5 copper) More TBA. To place an Order PM me or /tell Reaverkane ingame 1Completion and Delivery time will vary with availability, PM for information. 2 Steel Items - Available by pre-order, at maximum ql 60 (Confirm via ingame PM). 3 Armor and Toolbelts are free up to ql 50 For Allies. Saddles are free up to Ql 30. 4 Base QL, Higher QL is available, PM for details and prices 5 Enchantments available at times, i don't have all priests premium at all times, so either order has to justify premium time, or you'll have to be lucky and get me at a time when priest is premium. So best PM in advance. 6 Items provided by Wolfikita from Port of Outsiders - Westside Alliance. I can still mediate contact. Alternative Payment: Should be discussed by case, but we will not dismiss direct trades for items. Leather items can be traded/price discounted for hides or leather of sufficient amount and Quality. High QL Logs, Bulk Bricks, mortar, dirt and sand will be accepted as payment in general. Referrals will be accepted. Sleep powders maybe. Final Notes: - Alliance discounts available for members of the "Westside" Alliance - Improvements are available and discussed by case, except when included with bundles, or when free improvements are included with original deal. - Delivery Available by mail or boat/cart. Delivery Fees: By Mail - 10 Copper per Item for Exodus, 20 Copper per Item for the rest of Freedom (actual mail fees, not my own). By Boat/Cart - On Exodus: Free for the areas between X1 and X11 and Y1 and Y24 on the Exodus Map, and less than 1 Cart Load. Other areas, fee will be negotiated upfront and will depend on the weather conditions and distance traveled. By Boat - Other servers: No delivery on Chaos ATM. Delivery to other servers is available for Coastal Deeds, or Rendezvous on coast. Delivery fee will also depend on distance and weather, and will be negotiated upfront.
  8. Message Of The Day: What Should I write Here? Order Status: None Where??? The Preatorian Guard, Independence (x64 y62) When??? *Best time to catch me is weekends, as I'm only on occasionally during the week* *I am on the forums everyday however* Delivery??? <COD is to the buyer> * Mailbox Enchant: 88 Improvements??? Leather Working: 91 Cloth Tailoring: 71 - Imping up to 30ql for all Leather items is FREE! - Imping up to 20ql for all Cloth items is FREE!
  9. Hi! I decided to sell some of my tools: Carving Knifes: Carving Knife 60ql - 30c Carving Knife 71ql - 50c Carving Knife 74ql 72CoC - 1s Carving Knife 81ql 89WoA - 3s Mallets: Mallet, birchwood 71ql - 20c Mallet, Oakenwood 69.9ql 89CoC 66WoA - 3s Needles: Needle 69ql - 30c Needle 80ql 45CoC - 70c Needle 70ql 75CoC - 1s Needle 80ql 84WoA, 83CoC - 3s Rope Tools: Rope Tool, Pinewood 77ql - 60c Rope Tool, Oakenwood 88ql - 1s Hatchets: Hatchet 83ql - 70c Hatchet 50ql 84CoC - 1.5s Spindles: Spindle, Oakenwood 67ql 31WoA - 50c Spindle, Pinewood 56ql 44WoA - 50c Saws: Saw 67ql - 40c Saw 78ql 67WoA - 1s Files: File 70ql - 40c File 72ql 68CoC - 80c Steel and Flints: Steel and flint 7ql 50CoC - 50c Steel and flint 70ql 64WoA - 1s Sickles: Sickle 69ql 62WoA - 80c Sickle 28ql 90CoC - 3s Fruit Presses: Fruit Press, willow 34ql 64CoC - 70c Fruit Press, thorn 78ql - 80c Fruit Press, grapewood 80ql- 90c Other: Hammer 70ql - 40c Large Anvil 80ql - 80c Small Anvil 53ql 59WoA - 60c Clay Shaper, Oakenwood 18ql 66Coc - 60c Spatula, pinewood 50ql 73CoC - 80c Scissors 80ql 77CoC - 1.2s Trowel 59ql 72CoC 57WoA - 1.3s Rake 31ql 71CoC - 70c Fine Meditation Rug 44ql 75CoC - 80c Cheese Drill 40ql 77CoC - 80c Leather Knife 89ql 87WoA 53CoC - 3s Butchering Knife 60ql 87CoC - 2s Compass 73ql - 4s Weird: Paw 52ql 66CoC - 70c (good for Natural Substances grinding) Clay 73WoA - 80c (fast mortar) [update: must be wrapped, so double mailing costs here] Small Pinewood Bucket 49ql 62CoC - 80c (good forestry gains during mapple season + milking) You will have to pay CoD fee (+10c to Exodus or +20c to other servers). Send me a pm or write a post in this thread.
  10. I have a large ad at this link with great detail of what we offer and expect, but to make it easy I will post a couple of thoughts here. Temporary Residents: Basically Tanelorn is a great place for new players to come and get their feet wet and figure out what this game is about, what it expects from you and where you want to go. We have temporary housing for those who don't want a permanent dwelling and who will be moving on shortly. We can help out with as little as leaving you alone to figure things out and providing a safe dwelling or as much as helping you with some good tools and showing you the way. Permanent Residents: Tanelorn is looking for a few permanent villagers to add to the family. To get those details you really need to visit the main page because we are picky about what we want. This is a permanent family and we want to make sure we mesh well together and don't have a bunch of people bouncing back and forth on the main grounds. I suggest you all read the main page because there are lots of lovely pictures and lots of information about us. Please post your comments over there because I will probably forget to check here for them. You may contact Lucard or myself in game however this is my project so I invest much more time into it. Please keep in mind, Lucard is very busy with terraforming so sometimes he forgets to check pm's (he is getting better about it). I can also be contacted via pm on the forum. I look forward to chatting with you all. Blessings, Harvest
  11. ~Solitude Produce & Tailored Goods~ Need to skill up Soul Depth? Decide it's time to take up rope making? How about getting a sail for that boat that's finally sea worthy? Well look no farther! You know you need it, so get it here! Free Delivery on all bulk produce anywhere in Deli, sorry no delivery to other servers. Buyer pays COD on all mailed items. Mail box with 89 cast onsite for quick mail service! For questions or inquiries contact Nyteshade in game or send a PM in the forums. ~Bulk food in stock~ All bulk produce 1k/1s Cooked meat 500/1s Onions ......................... 1,000 Garlic................................7,000 Wemp fiber, 70ql ....................5,000 Corn....................................1,000 Wheat.......................................3,000 Cooked meat.............................1,500 ~Tailored Items~ Full set of cloth armor: 50ql- 60c; 70ql- 75s; 80ql- 1s Meditation rugs: 50ql- 40c; 70ql-60c; 80ql-80c Fine mediation rugs: 50ql- 50c; 70ql- 70c; 80ql-90c Beautiful rugs: 50ql- 60c; 70ql- 80c; 80ql-1s Exquisite rugs: 50ql- 70c; 70ql-90c; 80ql-1s10c Triangle Sails........... 50c Small square sails............30c Square sails..................75c Satchels................ 5c Sheets.................... 5c Kingdom flags.............25c Kingdom banners................25c White flag.................... 25c White banners................ 25c
  12. -Tanelorn- First and foremost we are drama free. Currently Tanelorn is in deep need of a Mason. If this is your area of expertise or one you would like to persue then please contact Harvest or send a message in the forum. If Harvest isn't on game you may contact Huntgrem and have her message Harvest off game and expedite Harvest's return or at least find out when she will be back on. We have changed the way that Tanelorn recruits. If you are interested in joining Tanelorn you must first be a villager of The Academy. Please view the link Here. We have done this to ensure all villagers get along before inviting. Also, to make sure we all are pursuing the same goals. This saves a lot of drama and transitioning and makes for a much smoother family dynamic. We hope to talk to you soon. We are conveniently (or not so conveniently) located in the far north east near Cherrywood Isle. On the Dump Map we are located at X42.5, Y42.5 and on the Darkmalice Map we are at 53-BC. About us: Tanelorn is still undergoing a lot of construction. Most of the digging is done. That doesn't mean we don't have a lot still to do (so if you are looking for great skill gains you better hurry). We have started building our permanent structures. Tanelorn is a great place for you to come, skill, and help out with community projects. Currently we are looking for new villagers, however we do NOT need blacksmiths, miners or cooks. Please do not try to talk us into giving you these positions as it will not happen. We also allow people to come and join our community on a temporary basis to get their feet wet before moving on to their own deed or another village. For all residents, please only apply if you are mature yet don't mind adult humor and foul language (though it doesn't happen often but we do get a hair up our fannies sometimes). Permanent residents must be premium. What this village has to offer: § Our help with tools and weapons (to the best of our abilities). § Small temporary houses with a small yard (perm residents). § Small temporary house w/o a yard (non-permanent). § Tons of farm area. § Lots of trees. § Horses and Cattle (to borrow while you are here). § Mine off deed. § Wells on site. § Altars for all three Gods. § Coastal property. § 1 Templar Guards. § 2 Guard Towers (5 guards each) ​§ Ships for your use (Knarr, Sailboat, Rowboat). What more this village will have: § Large permanent houses with large yards. § Large groves of trees. § Large workshops for all to use. § Sermons for priests. § Large dock with large shipbuilding workshop. § Market at docks to sell your merchandise. What we, as a community, have to offer: § To be part of a community. § Friendship and Trust (open community). § Semi-relaxed environment. § Private house with beds. § BSB and chest in your house. § Community forge and oven (until perm houses are up). What we expect from you: As Permanent Resident: § Manners and respect. § Willingness to learn. § Desire to help out and work as a team. § Someone who gives as much as they take. § Ability to follow directions and listen to village leaders. § Honesty (thievery will get you on KOS). § To be able be on daily, even if for a couple of hours. § Willingness to help out other villagers. § Premium player for permanent resident. § Must speak English. § Willingness to take part in community projects. § No warnings on your account. § Know this game is for you, we do not want to recruit people who quit after a week. Wurm is not for the faint of heart. Village Rules § You are allowed to work on village projects; if you can't then our village isn't for you. § You will not grief other villagers or players. § You will NOT steal, cheat or anything else that will cause harm to the village or its villagers. § You will follow the guidance of the Mayor and village leaders. § You will not mix low quality items with the high quality one in the bulk storages. § Respect other members and be polite. Grievances will be held in p.m.’s, not Freedom. § You will not kill penned animals unless given specific permission. § You will not take over someone else's job unless they have given permission (i.e. only miner mines and only the cook butchers things killed by the Templars). § If you want to practice your mining skills and you are low level you will mine in an off deed mine. § Trees must be replanted after cut. Tanelorn is ever changing and it's just too hard to post updated pictures all the time. I am posting a link that Lucard updates periodically with changes in our terraforming project. The best thing to do is just come see us. I will however post our current end result. This too changes as our vision changes but as our village grows so do our needs. If you are interested in joining our village please contact myself, Harvest, or Lucard in game or send a p.m. here on the forum to Harvest. Please do not send Lucard a private message as he does not check them. Thank you.