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Found 4 results

  1. Coloured chairs - Kasumi Hi Everyone! A quick news this week while we do an update today covering a few of the issues raised with the recent update, our next major update is a few weeks away, but there's a bit to touch on here, so let's get into it! but first.. Patch Notes: Wurm Valentines! Love is in the air, and it's not just for the ability to dye chairs, it's valentines! This year we're giving out some valentines pottery to give to your valentine, or keep it for yourself and place it in just the right spot! The valentines can be redeemed by typing "/redeemkey XDH94OUQA4UL-ABZIM4ESSVSY" without the quotation marks into your chat window ingame, but you do need to be premium, so don't forget that! WU Beta We're looking at a huge beta coming to Wurm Unlimited, with everything from 1.6 until today's update. This of course includes Archaeology, Restoration, the wood shaders and everything in between. It's been a long time coming, but we hope to have the beta ready either this weekend or early next week, barring any major issues that arise. Preview client! As mentioned before we now have a public release of the preview client. This client includes the new rendering library (LWJGL 3) which may not mean much for players, but opens up a huge amount of potential for us and allows us greater steps in improving performance. To play with this client, use this link here: Do bear in mind this is not yet considered a live release and may include crash issues. One known issue is common crashing on startup with linux, we're investigating the causes but it does launch eventually! As usual, if you encounter any crashes post the logs to our client bug reports section along with the preview tag and our client developer Samool will look into them. Shader feedback Having wood colours back and everywhere is a pretty big adjustment, and we've been monitoring the feedback thread over the past two weeks, discussing all feedback and identifying areas we can address. From this, we will be testing out a few tweaks to the shading colours, with cedar being nudged a touch redder to start, and will continue to tweak where we feel is necessary moving forward. Community Content This weeks community content is a village tour by samusen on his deed Alexandria, on Celebration. It's a huge project and looks awesome, I don't know if it's still for sale, but check it out below! That's it for this edition, next edition we should be post WU beta, and also have a brand new thing to tease and show, I'm looking forward to it, and so should you all be! Until then though, keep on wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
  2. I would like to request an addition to the creator tag system- We got the history of who made an item, and these days we can take over ownership in random occasions. I would like to see a creation DATE, on items. Like rings, weapons, armors, tools, anything. Even boats and carts. It can be something as simple as "This item was created X (RL)days ago." What do you think?
  3. So you right click a friend on your friends list. Options remove OR add note. Which needs to be integrated into the game. This way hovering over a selected friend would give you info you added about him or her. Or instead of hover info, right click friend get info. Or right click examine.. Lets tag our friends ! For example: Johnny: Note Added = Sells Mortar Timmy: Note Added = Blacksmith Contact April: Note Added = My Dirt Supplier Etc, Etc Just a way to add notes to people on your friends list. I have over 91 friends on my list. And when im online usally 30 or more active. But 1/2 of them I dont remember why they have been added etc lol. Anyways +1 if you agree
  4. Hello Anyone remotely interested in selling their lumps, I am looking for 2 80Ql Seryll lumps and 1 Very low quality lump. I would like to pay in total 4s to 4.5s for two 80Ql lump Also i am looking for some creation Seryll to finish my set which i only need 1kg of lump, i will pay 1s for a full lump under 50ql and if it is 50ql or more i will pay +1c per quality. PM me on forums if you are interested in selling, i will pay cod if the lumps are located on the left side of Xanadu as i am located on Release. I really do not have extra silver to buy seryll for an increased price. Also if the mail system is not bugged still, i will also pay Cod for it to be sent in a satchel or barrel, etc. Still looking for... 80Ql Seryll lump 80Ql Seryll lump Seryll Creation lump Thank you for approaching my post and keep enjoying Wurm!!!