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Found 2 results

  1. Hello guys and girls, i'm about to buy either laptop or tablet just for purpose for Wurm. I would like something quiet and be able to run two clients on medium high or high settings. Im not so sure about the tablet tho. About the laptop - MSI GT72, not so sure about this one. It costs over 1200 pounds and looks like overpowered for Wurm but who knows. Better suggestions? Must be more silent. About the tablet - Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Tablet - quite small screen for Wurm but the projector would compensate this. or Microsoft Surface Pro 4 All of them cost about the same. 1200 pounds ish. Now i dont know. On one hand i dont want to spend that much money but if its worth im willing to spend that. I want to occassionaly play Wurm but watch movies and have something more portable as well. Lenovo tab seems as the best solution but ive had Lenovo yoga tab 3 pro lately and wasnt very happy with the lenovo software. Except the projector the tablet is completely useless even if you root it or unencrypt data or whatever the "solutions" are for this one. Suggestions? Suggestions? Suggestions? Thank you. Stinky
  2. Me being a rather active scout that likes to run across the inde server, I tend to come across allot of deeds that arent on the current Independence map. And I usually dont mention these in the map-topic because I have no idea if the owner actually likes seeing his (secret/hidden) deed appear on the map for everybody to see. So I started thinking (having bought an android tablet not to long ago), if there are any gifted app-coders here on the forum to make something, that might even benefit allot of players like me who like to scout far and wide and map deeds/places of interest. Just a kind off personal map to have in addition to the official one on the forum, where we can add a few things ourselves not limited to deeds alone. Here's the request, not sure if this is easy to make, but I'll give it a try: The app would show the map of independence (like the one in the mapping topic, or even the empty template if the current map-updater wouldnt mind sharing it). * When I would click on the map with my finger, a yellow square would appear (like the ones currently on the forum map) * Then a window would pop-up, asking me to name the yellow square (the name of the deed goes in here) * Then a second window (more like a notepad kinda thingy) would pop-up, asking me for additional information (where I can enter if there are templars, mailboxes, merchants, traders,...) * A searchbox to type in names so they are highlighted on the map for easy search (comes in handy when you see something disbanding) Thats the core function of the app that I would like to request. An extra function could be: - An option to change the color and the "type" of the yellow square, so perhaps a red square could represent a place of interest (olive forest, blue grape spot, special fishing spot, guardtower, mine, veins,...) Thats what I had in mind with my request and hopefully some skilled app-maker wouldnt mind giving it a try ^^ I hope this was the most fitted place to post the topic, I thought of suggestion-idea forum first, but it seemed a bit out of place XP (my xperia tablet shows Android 4.0.3, so if it could run on that I would be very happy offcourse, not sure how these versions matter much for certain apps) Many thanks in advance ^^