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Found 4 results

  1. This may have been suggested in the past, but I'll shoot it out there again. Especially since they are adding dyeable carpets. Please, please, please can we have a dyeable tabard? We have dyeable bardings, dyeable banners, heck even most armor and clothes are dyeable or have versions which are dyeable. I just want a tabard I can wear that doesn't make me look like a tower guard. It doesn't have to be super fancy or anything. In a perfect world it would be nice to maybe have 5 dyeable areas so you could dye four quadrants of the tabard and the trim all different colors, but even having a solid 1 color dyeable tabard would be a huge improvement. I know some people might want custom symbols or heraldry and maybe that is something that could be looked into in the future but this is something that could be so simple to implement now for an instant improvement. Please devs, I'm begging you! (grovels)
  2. Hints... armor.xml, ItemTemplateCreator, "CreationEntryCreator if you want a way to craft in game". I asked this question the other day in Wurmunlimited channel an the only answer I was given is you need a model. This is not true I know it not to be true so I had to do it again my self and here is proof an some hints on how to do it if you are wanting it on your PVE server. No I want do a tut or tell you exactly how cause that takes away from my server being unique but I will give you hints.
  3. First off: PMK tabards randomly switch to template-kingdom tabards while wearing them. (this bugs out only for the wearer and is commonly occuring) Secondly: Towers, Guards, Battlecamps all show the template kingdom flags, not PMK ones.