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Found 8 results

  1. I had a question directed toward the Wurm Online Staff. I know you guys allow for players to make custom banners and stuff to upload to PMKs on Epic/Chaos, Well my question is, Is it possible for you guys to take requests for Wurm Unlimited as well. By default, the Wurm Unlimited Graphics.jar file reflects that of Wurm Online, so being able to get custom banners submitted through Wurm Online officially so they can be used on Wurm Unlimited will help the community make their servers more customize able. This will help with the players not needing to figure out how to force custom content packs on a server to people with client mods. Also players wont have to each manually edit their files for the server. If someone however, does know how to force a Texture Pack for PMKs or How to force a Server Pack that will allow you to "overwrite" default content/new content please let me know. Id like to change how the freedom Design looks, as well as making the other players able to see it without them editing their files.
  2. #1 backpack - 10c each #2 rake C84 - 42c #3 rake C74 - 37c #4 pick C89 - 45c #5 shovel C71 - 36c #6 hatchet C77 - 39c #7 tabard - 10c
  3. Tabard Mod A mod that allows all kingdom tabards to be crafted and worn by players. Prerequisites - Server Pack mod for BOTH client and server Unzip this archive into the mods folder See for ID settings
  4. I posted this in another thread, but I figured I should post it here too. In this thread I would like to talk about the posibility of Personal Heraldry. I should start by defining what I mean by Heraldry: it is the practice of devising, granting, displaying, describing, and recording coats of arm and heraldic badges, if you were to simply type it into the Google search bar. It is to be used on deed banners as well as other personal items such as tabards, wagons, horse covers, and flags, or other such display items. In this way a person could display his/her own individuality or allegiance to one's village, or just simply personalize the look of one's wagon, ship, deed area, ect.. Now I'm sure this topic has come up before, but I couldn't find it when I looked, and be sure, I did look. Before I started playing Wurm I was an avid W.o.W. (World of Warcraft) player for more than 10 years, until I honestly got bored with it, and on that they had a tabard system for guilds, one that a guild leader could modify with moderate customization, and a similar function already exists in Wurm with the shop signs. Has this ever been considered, or thought of? I guess is what I'm asking. If I were to create it, I would make it a window that a player could choose between 6 simple shield shapes, 8 backgrounds with various color combinations, and 10 or 20 heraldic images that could be positioned, sized, and colored on the shield to create the personal heraldry. I have fallen in love with this game and look forward to a long relationship with it as my gaming history would show. I will not be leaving for a while because Wurm has so much that I find appealing. I just wanted to say that, but as far as this idea of mine for personal heraldry, I do look forward to having feed back, maybe getting this idea to a game creator, or even seeing it actually in game. I've thought about this for a while and have a few other ideas for it, but I will hold those back for the right time.
  5. I'd really like to see a mod that changes the # of players required for PMK's, or removes that requirement completely. I found templates for PMK's at Is it possible to add these custom files to the server somehow? Or does every player need to put them into their client?
  6. I did not see a post like this here, so if this is an old topic I apologize. I just got my fine carpentry up to 55 so I can use the fancy new wardrobe for my armor. I happily placed my armor, including different styles of hats, in the wardrobe but was surprised to see that my tabard didn't fit. That just seems a bit silly to me, so I'm hoping that it was a mere over site in a permission or a check box somewhere. Thanks!
  7. As the title suggests, The ability to craft a blank tabard with no kingdom affiliation, players would be able to dye them as well as choose an icon from the shop sign pool to display upon creation. Would add a bit more diversity and I rather like much of the shop icons. Obviously not priority but consider it at some point :3
  8. We have tabards for kingdoms, how about something similar for Priests? The idea would be to make a tabard with a symbol for the god of the priest. Perhaps a tree symbol for Fo, rock (or even cooler fire) for Magranon, water for Vynnora, and a skull for Libila. This way they can still wear armor and such, but be identified as a faithful priest of their religion.