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Found 4 results

  1. I'm honestly heartbroken about how the fishing system works now. I know some people love it, and I know some people hate it, and I am honestly impressed with what the devs (R.I.P. Tich) have achieved with it. However, for my part, I miss that one activity that was so afk-able and simple in this game. I didn't get to do it much but it was relaxing and the new fishing system has not relaxed me a single bit. I'm proposing that we add the old fishing system in addition to the new one, perhaps as a new skill such as Angling, as an addition, and allowing players to fish in the way they prefer.
  2. Greetings! After a short conversation with Etherdrifter who brought my attention to how priests are designed and what in common opinion should be changed, I thought of a different system that may or may not be better than the current "You may not (...)" commandments for each Deity. [Please note that I'm yet-to-be-experienced as both priest and Wurmian in general so correct me if I make any mistakes in the text below. Also please first read the whole post before commenting, because there are some things in the middle of the post that seem wrong but I explain them at the end. Thank you kindly.] Since my playstyle isn't very common as I have no deed of my own and no alts and can count on my Allies, I don't experience most of immersion struggles of priests who have to run two or more clients just to do very basic stuff for themselves. But the others do and I can imagine how unpleasant must it be, so I thought simply - "Why "Do not" instead of "Do"?". What I mean by this is: Wouldn't it be good and more immersive if part (or most, but not all) of priests' restrictions would change into the orders from their Deity to DO specific thing? I mean we have it already in form of Epic Missions and a part of this system would be just a smaller version of those, designed for one person (with situational help of priest's community). My idea is to trade some of restirictions for chores and missions, priests would have to do in order to keep their Deity happy with their service and so letting them keep their divine powers. Chores: Idea for chores is rather simple. This system would require priests to do many small deeds in their Deity'sfavour. They'd be given another tracker for it or just messages "<Deity> is happy with your service." after you've done enough little deeds for it at given period.*Also the chores system shouldn't require a priest to do one specific thing many times but rather be made as a form of a "scoreboard" with different score gain for different chores. For example: - All priests would fill their chore-bar with listening to confessions, converting people to their own faith, holding sermons etc. - Fo priest would gain chore points for planting sprouts, flowers and crop, tailoring square pieces of cloth, healing (others, not self!) with both spells and bandages/covers, breeding animal. - Vynora would gain it for fishing, crafting tools, building roads, cooking and sharing meal with someone (trading it to them for nothing in return), building wells/fountains on water-providing tiles etc. - Magranon would gain chore for killing creatures (non-passive ones) and enemies (PvP), mining, prospecting, some selected masonry/jewelry crafts, building stone constructions. Chore points gain should be similar to skillgain - the more of one thing you do, the less points you get - so it would encourage priests to do several things for their Deity, instead of grindind the living hell out of one of those. The chores themselves wouldn't provide priests with any benefit since it's a chore. It's something you HAVE to do for your Deity to even be considered a worthy priest, so you don't get a cookie for that. I mean - if the system was implemented as suggested, chores would be a tradeoff for some of your restrictions! You could do stuff you can't now and in exchange you'd have to do stuff you don't do now. Simple. The part where you actually could get a cookie (many chore points and/or some long-ish lasting buff from Deity-specific list) would be Personal Missions. Those would be like Epic Missions, but just for you to do and separate from chores. Three examples, similar to each other, for three Deities (sorry Libila): - The Growth of Fo: Plant (X of) a <type> tree sapling(s) in <what place>. (Requires priest to take specific saplings with him and travel to more or less distant region [as it shouldn't be very specific situation - more like "a forest in northern parts [of your server]" to spread the creations of Fo). - The Influence of Magranon: Build an altar in <what place>. It must be made of <material> and stand <on rock/in cave/on dirt/in the forest>. (etc. etc.) - The Thirst of Vynora: Build a well in <what place>. (Requires priest to find a watersource tile, so the well would actually provide water). Missions may (well - should!) vary. Vynora could ask for fishing, Fo for taming specific type of animal and Magranon for mining something from specific (or not?) vein, killing something etc. And for those missions you could get some temporary blessing (to stats, skills, anything) and a handful of chore points. Also - missions should be given to a priest at random, out of the blue and should have timer (once you run out of time - it's lost) BUT the timer should only take ONLINE time into account. None of us would like to get a pop-up with mission right before we logout and know that once we log in the mission would be gone or we'd have very little time for it. I know what you'd say - "Why did you put "build X" so many times in there? Priests can't build!" and you're right, I know it. But it should be a part of those traded restrictions. To be perfectly clear: ALL priests SHOULD STILL HAVE NO-IMPROVE RESTRICTION, but many others may change. For example continuing buildings or more complicated items - it should be available for priests in some cases. It could always be done like for example "Magranon CAN continue constructions BUT only masonry/smithing/jewel related". It's a good improvement for priest live, but still (s)he can't do everything like non-priests can. Another part of my idea about "dos" and "don'ts" is so priest could sometimes skip some restrictions and do something agains their Deity's law (like Fo priest cutting down a tree) without an automatic depriest BUT it would cost a hell ton of chore points or even a mandatory Deity Mission (rewardless [no buff], since it's a punishment for you and you have to repay for your sins) for a priest to accomplish. Just give them at least SOME option to disobey once in a while. They're all humans after all and humans do mistakes. I think that this kind of approach to priests would make their gameplay less of a chore for those who hate keeping alts for menial tasks priests can't do, while it keeps core (no improve) restrictions so it would still be a hard choice whetner or not to become a priest. I'd appreciate any suggestions regarding what "new restrictions" should be like. What should specific priests be able to do? My general idea is restrict only the thing REALLY opposing the domain of given god (like Fo and cutting trees, but this particular option should get a bit of freedom like that the youngest trees could be digged up and replanted so Fo priests wouldn't have to have an alt just to remove unwanted, wild growing trees from their deed etc.).
  3. right now the amount of dye items need makes no sense for example a sailboat needs 5,4kgs of dye a large cart 25kgs and a bulk storage bin 128kg, and most items people wants to dye depends on an item that was never meant to exist (the fountain containers). so there is no doubt that it could be much better,and i think now that wood textures are going away would be a good time to rethink the amount of dye items need maybe even allow painting directly from containers using the crafting gui or something.that would solve the problem not having containers that are meant to paint big objects.
  4. So I'm in the market for a new computer for gaming.. preferrably under 5-10,000 usd. Though 1-2k would be more reasonable of course. Games I plan on playing... Archeage (when its out), Diablo III, League of Legends, Wurm Online. I also Watch movies via Hulu and Like listening to music... Now Obviously I need a system that operates all of these quite well... I want to be able to run on maximum graphics and not lose a beat. Also I typically will run somewhere between 2-4 clients currently of wurm... use to be 8-10... before version1.0 I would like to be able to run 8-10 again... on maximum graphics if that is at all possible on any system... I also tend to run diablo and league of legends in the background... and watch my shows with constant alt tabbing... yes terrible for skill gains on wurm but hey I like to have options at my fingertips Most computers Seem to have the same problem with me running this hard... Fans overheat and stop working. It has to be a laptop as i play in a semi truck. So.... Let the talks commence! What would you guys suggest I look into buying for my 2013 Computer? If it isn't terribly expensive it doesn't have to last too long... 1 year or so... maybe more... if its over 5k I'll plan on using it for atleast 3 years. probably more. =] I use USB for headset/Mouse and Prefer a full keyboard built in but I don't mind using another usb for an external ergonomic keyboard. =] Thanks for your time!