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Found 9 results

  1. Make me an offer of this old chaos loot and miscellaneous items SOLD: 13/ 14 : RARE MORTARS
  2. Grass enchanting service, two characters come and stay with you until the job is done. Locally no minimum, if travel is required then 10 tile minimum. 20c per tile. Client must provide meals and bed for our stay. 2 tiles per 18 hours possible. Knarr 7s Pick up only at p,14 xan Corbita 2.75s pick up only at p,14 xan PM Gordonlee or Zdus for more info. Or to have an item sent COD these items also available at the Drunken Bear Tavern Bearfoot Vinyard Deed. p,14 Xan FYI ... Blah blah blah = sold Frost giant blood 2.5s rare glimmersteel lump 96.95ql .38 wght 5s Snow lanterns x3 2s each Rare Iron shores shoe 65ql 4s Boar Shoulder pad 25ql 2s double Shoulder pad, cotton 2s Left layered Shoulder pad, steel 2s right stylish shoulderpad, gold 75ql 4s Supreme Champagne 72ql 5s Fireworks x2 80ql 2s each Hammer, iron 75.86 ql. woa50 coc75 1.5s Saw iron woa 75 32ql 50c seryll fist bracelet 75ql 3s Ring of the EYE Seryl 75ql 4s Spear Braclet seryll 75ql 3.5s Two handed sword Iron FB66 AD 2.3s Longsword iron, FB70 AD 91ql 3s rare longsword iron 56 ql 5s rare longsword steel 62 ql 7s rare large shield iron 76ql 4s rare sliver spoon 31ql 3.5s
  3. [07:09:49] Life Transfer has been cast on it, so it will transfer life to you when harming enemies. [47] Starting Bid: 8s Min Increase: 50c 1 hour snipe protection
  4. Please PM for any further info if I have forgotten anything! Gnome Images 1c per ql all gems! All gems ql in order will be added and rounded down to the nearest copper! Rares for Auction!!! Weps, Armour and sheild Hurry cause you only have to bid!!! Offers for the auctioned items please
  5. Okay, so on Epic cluster, I had a good Two-Handed Swords skill, as well as a good Long Swords skill, with Normal Fighting and Aggressive Fighting styles leveled equally up there as well. Now I have moved to Freedom Isles => Xanadu (Loving it !!!!) And I am wondering, which path to take. Obviously, the Long Sword + Large Metal Shield is the most Viable for PvP ... But what about PvE ? A high QL 2hdr would destroy Lava Spiders with my previous mentioned skills. PvP instantly meant using a LS + LMS, unless someone else tanked while you weapon switched. I have 2FS so I am very much new, and only the starter Short Sword and Small Wooden Shield. Again, the question is, which path should I start on for PvE. Thank you in advance.
  6. The ability to craft and wear leather Sheaths Currently you can wear a quiver, in your side where a sword sheath would be. You can make this slot on the character able to to use both? What would be the use for the sword sheath? Much like arrows are put into a quiver, we can store weapons inside the sheath. As a back up weapon. ? Every sword needs a Sheath. Scenario #1 Bob ! Your Bob, Imagine riding on your cart along the waters edge of xanadu, trying to find your way to a highway, you stop sever times to check your compass. Wishing you would of bought a new one. you eventuality come across a guard tower going east. The guards grunt a few nasty words as you pass on by. You smear them bacm calling them trolls. The fog, slowly rolling down the moutians ahead, almost as think as smoke, hinder your chance of ever finding the highway. You decide to make camp but as prepair your tent you hear a loud thud off into the distance, echoing even. You grab your flint and strick the steel on the tar filled lantern, another thud soubds ! But closer... in a hurry you shine your lantern around attempting to find any signs of life, you heard storys of bears in this area. but suddenly a pair of greeniah colored eyez come to view. A Troll ! It charges you head on. You quickly engaged and aim for its head, as you swing at the nasty beast with your short sword, your able to land a small hit. you remember the storys your grand father told you about trolls. No not the guards you passes a few miles back, but of the healing powers these trolls have. You know that your small cut wont last long. You try go find that special long sword you bought from a traveling salesmen. With your attention not focused in combat the troll lands a deadly blow to your left shoulders, even knocking the wind from you. You try to hold him back as you search your bags and large cart. You land another blow a small cut on its arm, but its wound slowly heals right before your eyes! And then you remembered you had it in your newly crafted maple raft with it still sticky with sapp oozzing out of the nail holes. You pull out the long sword and swing. you can almost see the fear inside the trolls eyes as if he knew what he was just hit by. your able to land a few more hits, as the encnhantment takes effect its wounds get worse and he falls. Dead.. You pray to the gods there was a better way to store weapons on your person. Something you can wear on your toolbelt, something and then the words roll off your lips (sheath) the gods give you the information you need. The next morning you locate your leather from a large crate inside your cart. You get to work. You make a large sheath, you take off your quiver and store it away. And replace it with your new invention. The Large Sheath.. You put your long sword in one of the slots your crafted out of leather and iron rivets. Even your short sword has ita own new alot. you decide why not add your carving and leather knife in there respected holes you made for the sheath. Still fresh in your mind you make several prototypes to test out. You practice switch out your weapons, and do a little stretching. The wound you suffered only left a bruise. You decide to put plate armour on for the remaining of the journey. You get several odd looks even gettting the nick name Rambo by a passerby near the summerholt gates. Bob lived a very long life, selling his new invention to everyone in freedom. He was never caught off guard aging trying locate his weapons to fight certain types of things. Help bob spread his invention across the lands.
  7. Salutes

    So we dont have any emote or animation for saluting. Not even with a weapon in hand: Course theres all manners of saluting ranging across various cultures and times: Heck dont even need a blade persay. Theres the so-called Greco-Roman salute to cite one example: Although, theres no historical evidence to support the Romans or Greeks using any such salute. Most depictions of Romans or Greeks saluting in this manner date centuries after their respective empires fell. Earliest known depiction is this painting in 1784 AD. From there later works and popular culture attributed it to the Greeks and then Romans. Of course there's the modern version:
  8. WEAPONS OF LIFE Lifetransfer is a FO preist spell that allows life to be transfered from a creature to you unpon successfully hitting. A % of the damage you do will go into your health. The larger your hit the more health you get! Along with cast power. Stocks are as seen. since mailing is alittle fickled, pick up may be required. Celebrating 90 Channeling: All New: Straight price 70P,4s, 80P, 5s, 90P, 6s Custom casts are available and are 1s more to the casting price since it's at your conveinence. Vyn chants are available at 70P. Forum PM me for more info. All goods can be found also at Puzzle Plaza Deliverence serverhttp://forum.wurmonl...ket-event-deed/ Click to zoom