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Found 7 results

  1. As the title states: A troll literally started swimming towards me ( center of the lake). It showed the troll walking underwater as if its walking on the ground and got to me. He is now stuck in the middle of the lake, as I swam back to shore fast and he could not swim back to me this time.
  2. Currently taming does not have too much use in PvE and pets don't really do much for us. So as your taming level increases you can teach animals tricks, essentially non-genetic traits that cannot be passed down. To teach these traits has a price, namely in loyalty, each teach attempt drains a certain amount of loyalty and a difficulty check is made against the player's taming skill. If it fails the loyalty is lost and nothing happens, if it passes the creature learns the trick. A couple of examples being: Herd : Allows the creatures to lead up to 3 passive creatures. Wolves (40 loyalty), Mountain Lions (40 loyalty), Dogs (30 loyalty) and Bears (50 loyalty) can learn. Difficulty : 40 Swimming : Allows the creature to swim. Small creatures (30 loyalty), medium creatures (60 loyalty), large creatures (80 loyalty). Difficulty : 30/50/70 Domesticated : Creature will be passive, even if untamed. (90 loyalty). Difficulty 60.
  3. The page linked above has a chart that lists what animals can be tamed, groomed, dominated, and can/cannot swim. Many of these are detailed in their individual wiki pages, but not reflected here. For example, the Bison ( cannot swim and cannot be dominated. If the chart could be updated to reflect the information, it would greatly help players looking for a consolidated resource on animal behavior. Thanks!
  4. On a few occasions today while out hunting, I've noticed bison and bulls swimming around, and even one with drowning damage, presumably from swimming when it shouldn't have been able to. I also saw a deer in a cave with drowning damage, possibly from similar causes. Screenshots:
  5. It´s perhaps an already known bug but since it´s the summer of bug fixes I´m making sure it´s getting some attention. Bug When you embark a ship or a cart from water or close to water the swimming or water splashing sound that was previously playing is stuck in an endless loop which makes the journey extremely loud and unpleasant. Replicate It is easy to replicate by just parking a cart next to water, walk or swim in the water and embark the cart. You will hear the splashing sound forever or until you disembark and reembark. Workaround Disembark onto dry land and reembark your cart, wagon, ship transporter or boat. The problem with boats is that if you are too far away from dry land and need to check the compass you have to jump in the water and when you get back on the boat you will be stuck hearing this endless loop of splashing. Solution would be a proper stopsound command from these lines, alternatively give ability to bind stopsound to a hotkey. You ride on the large cart as the driver. You ride on the large cart as a passenger. You ride on the ship transporter as the driver. You ride on the wagon as the driver. You board on the "[name]" as the captain. You board on the "[name]" as a passenger.
  6. Useless updates? Forges: At least 3 times in the past few years. Appearance change did not enhance function for the player. Guard towers: Appearance changed 2 times at least, and now a 3rd change coming. Why? Appearance change did not enhance function for player. Other Eye candy: How many changes do spiders, crocs, trolls etc need? Appearance change did not enhance function or enjoyement for player/customer. More trees, great, no new uses other than walnuts, and those give no enhanced or new function to players do they? Food? I get food from my crops and cooked meat/fish. Updates that have no use or funtion other than changing appearance. Sigh. Now we are going to be getting some "prettier" ships. Are they going to sail faster, hold more? Do the new ships add more function to the game? Bridges! How long have bridges been on the distant horizon? Years, if I recall correctly. What updates and additions have players asked for, for years, and yet time and resources are spent on more eye candy? Sure, we got multistory buildings, looks good, and they seem to have added some usefulness to the game. Planting BSB's seems to have helped usefulness. Here's a thought. Add some more usefulness to the game. More swimming animals. Stop putting limits on livestock and breeding, find a way for those who enjoy breeding and having livestock to have more. Or are you too busy redesigning the 4th, 5th 6th generation of Guard tower artwork? (Why are there animal spawns on impossible to climb rock cliffs? There's a waste of bandwidth/space. Every critter has mountain goat like capabilities on wurm.) Make a new weapon! How about Ballistas? How about Ships equiped with One or more ballista's? Or Wagons with a Ballista...etc. Hitch horses to catapalts or ballista... How about releasing something when it's ready, such as wagons, instead of waiting to release a HUGE update, which most assuredly will result in crashes and down time going on past performances. Smaller releases might make it easier to track down problems when they occur. When having a Q and A session (sadly,only once per year), how about better answers instead of dodging, or maybe's, or the one word we can all count on, "soon". Soon is half an eternity on wurm it seems. Giving a reasonable ballpark date of a month or six months or so would be nice. Example: Question: When is X going to be released? Answer: X is ready to to be released, but we want to wait and release X along with Y and Z. We expect Y and Z to be ready in about 30 to 60 days depending on complications. Someone suggested in game a non aggro server. I think that is a great idea. Would be a good server for new players to skill up on. Then they could sail to aggro servers when they feel they are ready. A similar idea was posted here. Titles or achievements. Rewards! How about instead of a useless graphic that you can do nothing with. The player gets something useful! Example: Say a player hits 50 blacksmithing. They get a very nice tool, such as an anvil, or pelt, high QL (99-100) as a useful reward? Those are my thoughts, ideas, and questions. I FULLY expect much of this post to be flamed, trolled, shilled, or just a lot of bad mannered replies. But, I felt like putting this out there. I'm sure many have the same thoughts as I've written here. Now it's out there. Take it or leave it. (PS, I really don't care if some or all of this has been mentioned a million times before, if so, make this a million and one. If some of this has been mentioned a lot of times before and nothing has changed or improved for the better, then this million and one mention needed to be done. Until "they" get it.) T
  7. Can we have a swimming skill please? A few ideas: We can gain body strength and/or body stamina by swimming. Swimming skill that increases the speed of swimming, or reduces the amount of stamina used while swimming. Maybe some items that increases swimming skill (basic webbed footwear made from leather or something?) so you can have Circle of Cunning cast on them. The equipment that increases swimming could lead me on to other things like diving equipment, etc, but I'll leave that for someone else to suggest or expand on.