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Found 12 results

  1. Brief disclaimer: I'm not going to lie, I'm sharing these mods in the hope that they'll be useful to you, but I can not guarantee continued support/development. I'm investing time in them because I'm admin on a friend's small private server at this time, that I play on as well. There's always the odd chance I'm up for taking requests, feel free to PM me about it. And don't hesitate to report bugs, I'm likely to address them! Development of the 1.4/1.4.1 update was kindly sponsored by! See the update post for details. The 1.4.2 update seems to have required only Pick More Sprouts to be updated. If you find some functionality broken, please post here or open an issue on Github. Ideally make sure that it really is one of these mods, a good way to find out is running the server with only one mod and confirming. Otherwise it might be a compatibility issue which requires the whole mod list (a ZIP of the mods folder for ease of access helps) to try and resolve the issue. All mods are built upon ago's server mod loader: Releases can be found here: Release 1.4.2 was built on ModLoader version v0.26.3-e9998cf Release 1.4.2 on Wurm Unlimited version Extract files into your server's mod folder. We're playing on an Epic settings, PvP enabled homeserver, and discussed some things, which I'm trying to implement. Its name is vaguely dedicated to a rubber duck, hence the name Unlimited Quacks (formerly Unlimited Tweaks). Epic mission hints Tree cut down missions will centre the tree on the tile, and set it to 69 damage (we don't want to raze our perimeters). Always shows traitor creatures like using the Locate soul spell when tracking (Note: traitor creatures seem to disappear on server restarts), not sure about performance issues with large numbers of players spamming tracking. Can customise mission generation, disable mission types (e.g. building pylons), and tweak numbers required. No holy ground Allows founding settlements, terraforming, and building structures (not even GMs can do it) near the white and black light altar (we're using them decoratively in the spawn town), also allows founding settlements despite aggressive creatures and creature dens. No mail cost Removes postage from mailing items, also removes postage from returned/rejected mails. Looking into placing 30 power enchants on newly created mailboxes. Newly created mailboxes will have a 30 power Courier enchant placed on them. Configurable (any feature can be toggled, and the power can be specified). The enchant actually works now. Well done, Ulvi, only took you forever to add that one line of code *self cynicism*. PvP surface mining slope On Epic, the slope limit for surface mining is 1.0 times your mining skill, this reverts it to 3.0 times (like on PvE). Ash produce Items that have cooling ticks can produce ash. Ash producing items are configureable now (don't want kilns to produce ash? no problem!). Chance per second is now configurable globally and per item now. Limit the number of stacks produced globally and per item now! Should no longer create ghost ash. Fire burn time Displays pretty much the exact time until a fire becomes a layer of glowing coals. Example: [17:03:54] It will burn steadily for about 72 minutes and 10 seconds. (50QL forge not inside a structure) Target temperature now configurable, see config file for further details and figures. Now displays target temperature specific messages (e.g. the fire will be a bed of glowing red coals in x minutes). Double bulk capacity Newly created BSBs and FSBs capacity is quadrupled (4x). All crates capacity is doubled. Both values can be configured. Crates trimmed their items back down to 150 and 300 respectively, because I overlooked another place that needed a change. Pick more sprouts Pick more sprouts with one action. Configurable (defaults to 5). Right now there's nothing else definitively planned, that isn't provided by other mods already. Feel free to fork the git repository, contribute, or build upon it. Always test new mods on a local test server before pushing things live, and make a backup.
  2. Strongwall service is now available. Get that mine fixed up (or close it up all together)! This spell, when cast on an empty cave tile, will revert that tile to a cave wall. The spell can be cast on mine entrances to close them, including from outside. This is the same effect as a shaker orb, but at a fraction of the price! Have a mine that looks like this? Contact me now! Stop losing your village miners into deep drop shafts. First tile cast is 1s to cover travel time, all additional tiles are 50c each. (Will discount on 5+ tile orders) Send a tell in game to Antirg / Anterg to schedule a visit. Pickaxes with Strone Strike casts Stone Strike is a spell cast on finished Pickaxes that increases your chance at surface mining. Up to an additional 10% chance at a 100 cast. The wiki states: "The chance for a surface mining action to lower the rock is related to skill, with a minimum chance of 20%, and a maximum of 50% at 100 skill" That means a low level miner equipped with a good SS pick has a 50% better chance at surface mining! (20% chance to 30% chance) Stone Strike Pricing Chart for Iron Pickaxes Pickaxe QL Cast Price In Stock? 25 61-69 Bundle 3 picks for 2s Yes 25 61-69 Cast 1s Each Yes 50 71-79 Cast 2s Each Yes 50 80-85 Cast 3s Each Yes (Very Few) 50 86-89 Cast 4s Each Yes (Very Few) 50 90-95 Cast 5s Each Yes (Very Few) All premium picks are sold first come, first serve. Very limited availability. Premium Stone Strike Pickaxes # QL Casts Price 1 81.54 81 StS, 83 WOA, 100 COC 7s 2 81.56 79 StS, 75 WOA, 80 COC 5s 3 81.44 75 StS, 72 WOA, 89 COC 5s StS = Stone Strike Cast WOA = Wind of Ages Cast (reduce the length of time taken to complete actions with that tool) COC = Circle of Cunning Cast (increase skill gained with it when used) Frost Protection Jewelry is very useful for all you rifters! Protect yourself from the massive AOE damage. Frost Protection Jewelry Pricing Chart Cast Item Price Current Casts Available: 80-89 50 QL Gold Ring 2s Each 84,86 90-95 50 QL Gold Ring 3s Each 91 96+ 50 QL Gold Ring 4s Each 99
  3. Now that we have the ability to flatten and level ceilings ( thank you! changes in the right direction ) ... Let incorporate the same principle to surface mining. It is about time to let us flatten and level above ground on rock.
  4. Is there a functional Surface Mining mod available out there? I've seen a couple of mining related mods available and only one or two Surface Mining related ones but anything Surface Mining appears to have been long since Abandoned and Broken. Does anyone know of, or can create a functional Surface Mining mod? I'm looking for something that can reduce the amount of actions needed to reduce the slope while Surface Mining. Nothing too complicated. Any help would be greatly appreciated! <3
  5. 1. Dredge should work same way as shovel- all goes to inventory. 2. Leveling/Flattening options on surface mining(70+ mining skill). 3. Marsh - Don't know why it exist in wurm. We should have more options to destroying it. a)some casts or b)cultivating/planting it 4. Clay tiles should be removable/plantable.(on freedom servers, 70+diging skill or casts) 5. Destroying pavings takes too much time. Clining up places after deeds taking all days. 6. Destroying hedges is too hard. 7. Option for picking up sprouts from hedges. Terraforming should be fun for people with premium account and repairing terrain after someone should be easy.
  6. I will take on surface mining jobs 20,000 shards or more, I do not do small jobs I dislike the travel. I am very fast and can do around 50k shards of surface mining a month and charge 5s/1k shards (can also turn your shards into bricks at a rate of 1s/1k bricks) Reply to this post, PM me in-game (TheUnknown) or forum PM me with any questions and to hire me.
  7. I propose that you add either a new effect to the Mining skill or a separate skill for surface mining which would increase the base chance of changing the slope. Basis: I've heard no one who's sure on how exactly surface mining works, all hearsay and supposition, but most seem to believe that there's a base 25% chance to mine a slope downward when surface mining. A lot of the time though, you can go 15-20 attempts without affecting slope. I propose that a new skill (or expansion of the Mining skill) takes the base amount and increases it up to a chance of 60% by level 100. Thanks.
  8. Close

    The Unknown's mining service Hello, I have decided to make a forum thread about my mining services, please PM me in game to Dralor or TheUnknown, forum PM me or reply to the thread for more information or to hire. Service - Cost / amount - Estimated time / amount In cave tile mining - 10c / tile - 1 day / 50 rock tiles * Surface mining - 5s / 1,000 - 1 day / 1,000 shards ** 90+ ql ore (This includes marble, slate, etc.) - 2s / 200 - 1 hour / 200 *** 90+ ql iron lump - 2s / 200 - 1 day / 200 delivered **** Please note that these times are subject to change based on my RL commitments. * Rock tiles only ** I do not do quotes for a whole job, I charge per 1k mined and round UP to the nearest 100 shards when the job is complete *** I do not melt the ore, you are responsible for providing the utmost iron vein and melting ore (On the + side you keep any ore that were mined below 90 ql average) **** I deliver the 90 ql lump to you, you do not need to provide a vein nor melt the iron (Down side you don't keep the ore I mine below the 90 average) Current work load (Short jobs such as mining ore will be completed ASAP and will not wait in the list) Banshee - 1,000 rock shard surface mined - Current job with remaining time expected less than 1 day Necromateur - ~1,500 rock shards surface mined - Expected to start in 1 day and complete in 3 days time
  9. I'm building a canal and came across some agitating rock. After lowering the rock, it doesn't appear that its maximum depth meets the depth requirements for larger ships. The folks in GA - Freedom suggested the sculpting wand, but I don't believe anyone in the Pristine/Release cluster has one, and it also seems a bit silly to have to purchase charges on the wand just to lower the rock one or two extra dirt to grant passage for larger ships (based on some bad luck). I wasn't sure whether this should be posted in suggestions or bugs, so apologies if this is the wrong forum section. Here's a screenshot of the issue. I made a strip of land at the same level that surface mining forces me to stop lowering at. The sand is 3 tiles across, 2 tiles deep, all flat (same height as the lowered rock). On either side it slopes into deeper terrain; needless to say, the corbita wont traverse over the land. After testing a bit it's either a 1 or 2-dirt difference from allowing the corbita to travel across it. It seems like this would be an easy fix by either reducing ship depth requirement on larger rigs, or to allow surface mining to continue a few dirt deeper. Is this an intended mechanic/prevention? It's a killer for my canal project.
  10. Looking for a miner to do some surface mining on my deed on Celebration, 37BG. On the map it is labeled as Semper Ubi Sub Ubi but has since been renamed to Calogero. You will not be required to mine all of the rock in the pictures below, just a straight line of tile corners and ones to the east of it. Ideally I'd like the rock mined to below the level that I'll be filling in with dirt. See below: Basically you will be mining the corners of the tiles on the red line down along with the area circled in red. I'm willing to let you borrow an 82ql pickaxe with 74woa to help speed along the mining if you do not own a better pick. Willing to pay 8s (negotiable) to get this done so I can move on with my life and begin working on more fun things. You can PM me or post here to accept the work .
  11. I believe that in many cases, looking at some situations on Pristine for instance, that the amount of random chance and fail to success on Surface Mining needs to be looked at or overhauled. I can understand preventing it from being every action automatically succeeds, or perhaps elongating the timer, but the current, maybe/maybe-not scenario is just too frustrating. In my Pristine Deed we're attempting to terrace the city out, layer by layer, and because of our mountainside placement, we're taking on more flak from the rock layer than is welcome, but we're hardy folk and unwilling to move. I just hoped to bring this to light and see what other players had to say on the matter.
  12. Hi, I am currently looking for someone who can do some Surface Mining/Terraforming for me as well as make some things around my place (Nova Port, cords. are P-40). Some of those things include ( Bsb's, floor boards, Fsb's, forges, ovens, Beds) and things of that nature also may be looking for someone who can make bulk items that will be good sacrificing like gold rings i have a gold vein on site. If you are interested PM me! Thanks, Novaflash